Searching for a Love Match? Vedic Astrology can help!

Vedic astrology says we fall in love and choose our partners, based on our planets and stars. Find out who your true love match is.

Searching for a Love Match? Vedic Astrology can help!


If there is one emotion that keeps us going in our lives, it is love. It is a prerequisite for us to have love in our lives, in any form or relationship- be it in a partnership or a friendship or anything else. We are all engineered genetically as well as astrologically to find true love in our lives. But we cannot just fall in love with anybody and everybody. We are all wired in a way to find someone who is suitable for us and compatible with us. This compatibility happens with the correct planetary placements and combinations, according to Vedic astrology.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

We all look for romantic love partners, primarily in two forms:

1) The person who you aspire for & have vision & ambitions about.

You just know naturally when you come across that person who you like. When you meet them, you don’t require any logic or explanation as to why you like them. It could be due to how they look or how they dress, or certain aspects of their physical features, like eyes, hair or even their mannerisms. These aspects are judged by the position of Venus & Jupiter in our birth charts.

2) The person who matches the description of your life partner

As described by various factors such as the 7th house, which is the house of marriage / relationship & your specific Navamsa reading (this is a special Vedic chart calculation that exclusively describes your life’s love / marriage aspects), you might also find the person of your dreams, who ticks all the right boxes and feels like your soulmate.

What role does Vedic Astrology play in finding out your love match?

Vedic Astrology can find out whether you are with the person of your dreams, have found your ideal person or you are still waiting. Some special Vedic clues are available to help you spot that special someone based on very specific guidelines like:

1) Physical traits - general height, body type, complexion etc

2) Profession / education

3) Specific mannerisms

4) Chances of finding your match in a specific Vedic sign

5) Other very special clues

You can get very specific insights, thanks to the Vedic Astrology guidelines like mentioned above. Reading your birth chart can enable an expert Vedic Astrologer to make in-depth suggestions and find out the lucky love dates for you as well.