How to Mend a Broken Heart of a Cancer

Mending a broken heart is not easy. It takes time, patience, and constant assurance that things will only get better. Cancer zodiacs are sensitive and emotional people. Things often go south for them when dealing with a heartbreak. This article focuses on how a Cancer zodiac can deal with a broken heart and cope with the devastating emotions.

How to Mend a Broken Heart of a Cancer


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Life is not always a bed of roses. There will be times when we would have to face situations so tough that the pain that we are left behind, is hard to cope up with, and we are left with a heart that aches and feels irreparably broken. Such is the aftermath of a breakup, after being in love with a person and living with them for years, or even lesser, and after sharing life’s smallest and biggest of memories together.

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No matter how strong we are and whichever gender we belong to, love is a feeling that is successful in making us vulnerable, and puts the deepest and softest of our emotions at stake, thus risking our mental state when we do not get what we expect out of that feeling.

At times, the emotional turmoil is such, that it has the power to leave us scarred for life. The journey that we had taken to delve in the joys of finding true love turns into a path of suffering that does not leave you alone. It is thus important that we try to understand how important it is to cope up with all the atrocities that life presents us with, and just try to go ahead without looking back.

A Cancer in Love and after a Break-up

Though Cancerians are deeply intuitive by nature, they are very attached to everything around them, and are the ones who might be greatly aware of what devastation actually feels like when you lose something you adore. This happens when they lose someone they dearly loved, and have to now face a bad break-up, divorce or even life without them if they have died.

A Cancerian would thereby need to work out their feeling in such a condition, and open up to someone so that they try their best to come out of the despair and pain, and even find ways to prevent them in future. They also try to find art in every human, are overly emotional, and quick to give their feelings due recognition and address them, as they need a lot of time to process things. Thus, it is believed that a Cancer will definitely find their way to healing themselves, if they get the avenue to direct their emotions and cope up, so they can yet again gain the ability to love unconditionally.

It is rightly said that time is a great healer, and so, in cases with Cancerians, this proves to be the best option, along with other, in the face of a break-up.

Just remember the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “There is peace even in the Storm’.

We have jotted down the ways that a Cancerian can try to mend his/her broken heart, and come out of the trauma.

  • A Cancerian would need to talk their grief out

One of the most evident of all the signs that would wallow after a break up would be Cancer. Being sensitive and emotional to the core, a Cancerian would be devastated after a break up, and would need the physical as well as mental support of their friends, so that they cope up with their loss. You would like to get the emotional support of your friends as you whine away your sorrow and speak up all that you have buried in your heart. You would love sharing every detail of the break up, how your relationship was, and how you felt after he/she left.

Talking about your break up would definitely calm the Cancerian in you, and it might even reach a point where it could be obsessive. Remember that no matter what you do, the only thing that matters is that you need to move on and come out of your past. Even jotting down on your journal about what you feel when your friends are not around the corner, or have no time, could help.

  • Surround yourself with people who love you

Cancerians get hurt easily, and are very vulnerable when it comes to emotions and feelings. They forgive and forget very easily, and because of this they are easy preys to be hurt, and are at times used by ones who fall in and out of love easily and due to their own selfish reasons.

When a Cancerian is hurt, and their heart is broken, they need to be around ones who love them and support them, so that they know that they are being loved and wanted. It is important to take care of yourself, if you are a Cancer, and stay protected among near and dear ones, and not trust someone blindly. This would help you gain the confidence and strength to deal with any challenge, and also help your overcome your grief.

  • Bring along a little Drama – Entertain Yourself and your Friends

Being a Cancerian, you have the innate need to be dramatic and need entertain yourself, so that you stop thinking too much about your break up and come out of this paining phase. You should hold on to people who love you and plan a couple of activities with them, that would keep you and them entertained. You could plan date nights with your boyfriends/girlfriends, go out for movies, or even take a short trip together.

The times when you are busy at work or in college will not matter much, but at times when you are left all alone with yourself, try to keep yourself busy with new activities or plan interesting outings with your friends. This will help you deviate your interests and thoughts, and would definitely be helpful in coping up with your mental crisis and mend your broken heart.

  • Get outside of your comfort zone and try something new

Do you remember the last time you cleaned the guitar and strummed it chords? It is time that you get that decade old guitar from basement, and clean it to get yourself a new skill. Get out of your fear and your comfort zone of trying to make yourself think that you would not be able to handle something new amidst such a crisis. In fact, you would give your best shot and try harder to achieve what you aim for in much lesser time than you normally would.

Go join that gym, that belly dancing class, that horse riding class, or even try out swimming, and let your inner self discover what all you are capable of doing, once out of your comfort zone. Just make sure to not let your broken heart get the better of you.

  • Join a wellness center or a group counselling session or see a Therapist

If all of the above options have failed to let go off the emotional turmoil you feel, and you still cry your nights out, we advise you to take professional help. You could join a therapy center and share your feelings with other fellow people who have shared the same. Understanding that others have faced the grunt too, might awaken your emotional soul and make you understand that it is not just you, and thus help you recover from the loss.

You could also visit a therapist, and share your feelings with him/her and let them help you come out of your grief. Be it any way, just try to give your best to come out of this demanding and sickening situation, so that your broken heart can be mended and you be on life’s right track soon.

Now that you know, just get up from your comfort zone, get dressed, and put

on a little bit of confidence, and storm out of your break-up phase. Because, we believe, bad phases in life do not deserve to be treated well for long! So get set, and kick that sad phase straight out of your life’s window, and start life afresh!