How to get your crush to like you?

Making the first move in confessing your fondness towards your crush may seem a lot mentally and emotionally. But at times, you have to lay your cards out to know the outcomes of your feelings. If you are in love with someone 'special' - then you can try these easy and helpful tips to get your crush to reciprocate your feelings.

How to get your crush to like you?


Everyone has the right to choose the ‘one’ for Love

Every human being is different when it comes to emotions, feelings, sentiment, and opinions related to any kind of view. Such is the case with relationships and marriage, and while having your first love affair as well. The worldly norm that instincts at males to put on their best foot forward, woo woman, and propose to them, is not always right in every sense. Women should also have the liberty to choose their own love partner, and with whom to share their life with. Moreover, different people have different views, and it is not necessary that everyone thinks in the same way. Men and women, especially, differ a lot in their views about marriage. Some believe marriage has to do with the right time, while some believe it has to do with the right and perfect partner.

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The Power in making the one you Love Propose to you

Not a very unheard thing nowadays, a woman also can choose whom to crush on and how to get him propose to her, if she does not want to take the first step. Making the first subtle move is not something that should not be done by women, and making the one you like get down on their knees and propose to you, all by themselves, seems to be a perfect and interesting option as well. Your partner will in fact thank you later, for making your intentions clear, as they realize what they would have missed out on, had you not made them realize that you love them and that they do too.

Here are some subtle ways to let your crush know that you are into them. These subtle hints will intensify his feelings for you, and might even make him fall head-over-heels in love with you, to the extent that he might even propose you. Use them at your own risk and for your own benefit, so that your love life might see the light of the day!

Act natural

When you are around him, try not to act like an immature kid and throw tantrums. Act very natural and after the proposal, do not act as if he has committed some crime in delaying it so much. It would not be good to expect excessively and forcibly letting him pop the question to you.


Introduce him to your family and friends

Bringing him to family affairs, and your close friends, be it some celebration or just an evening out might spark the light in him. He might realize his importance, and thus know that you are interested in him. The same would be true for you as well, if you are let in at his family’s surroundings. Being comfortable in each other’s families would really give him the hope of having a future with you.

Share your future plans with him

Share what your visions are for the coming future and also tell him that he is also a part of your long term plans. Talk about things like your dream house, the car you want to own, your career expectations, and also where you would love to spend your retirement days. Although such hints might not immediately make him propose to you, but will definitely make him realize that you do see him as your future mate and living a life together.

Let him feel insecure at times

Do not always make yourself secure and let him feel that you are away from other distractions. Men take it for granted when they know that they have an admirer awaiting, and try to keep it easy and slow. Let him know that you have admirers waiting for you to show their affection, and who are interested in knowing you. This would make him realize that you are not a forever thing and might be won over by others in the line, if he did not act fast. He would the know that his prized possession might not stand a chance to be all his, if he did not show his lover soon.

Try to put in more efforts to how your interest

If you are sincerely think of having a serious relationship with your crush, and want to make him propose you at the earliest, you would have to really work hard to show your interest for him. Even if he is ignoring you, try to make small talk with him like you would normally do, but not up to the extent of stalking. Make him realize that you really want him to be there in your life, and want him to know that straightaway.

Live a life beyond him

Having a crush on him does not mean you indulge your entire time and energy into him. Do not allow yourself to let your life be revolving around his, and then isolating yourself from your own friends, and things that you loved to do. Live a life of your own, which is not attached to him. Do not be dependent on the belief that only he can satisfy and make you happy. Being in a relationship anyways does not mean that a partner can let your life be steered in any direction you would want to.

Keep your feelings in check and let them be casual

Even if at times you realize that your feelings for your crush have become too obvious, then take care to keep them casual and not overdo them, as many a times it might so happen that your intentions might seem too obvious. So try to keep a check on them and hide them by going out with friends and filtering what you say and express.

Go out with your friends and have fun

If you feel that your crush is ignoring you and that is affecting you, take some time off from the entire scenario and go out with your girlfriends. They are anyways your saviors and spending time with them would definitely give you a breath of fresh air. Besides these, they would be there to listen to everything you have to say, and give you ways to attract your crush or even move on if they see him as a lost chance.

Don’t let it get to you

If you feel ignored and not taken seriously by your crush, you might feel that there is something wrong in you. You might even face a mental breakdown and self-esteem issues, more because girls are comparatively not let down by guys if they take the first step. But remember to not let this happen, and always remember that there is nothing wrong with you and everyone happens or a reason. You should in fact strive harder to fulfill your goals, and do things that make you happy.

Try to have a face-to-face conversation

A sure shot tip on what to do when your crush ignores you, is to have an open, sincere, and no-nonsense talk with your crush, and share what you think about each other. Pick an appropriate time to talk, and also take care to not rush into things, while expressing your feelings and confessing them. It would obviously take a lot of courage to confront your crush, and confess your feelings, and also ask why you are being ignored. Just be prepared for any kind of answer that he might give, especially if they hurt you, as you should be prepared.

Golden rules to remember – When to let go off your crush

Apart from this, it is important that you know and realize that if your crush is ignoring you way too much than it is natural, it hints at the fact he is not into you, but you could still try for that one last time to make things work out the way you want them to. However, if the below written things happen even once or more, know that you should really let go and move on for brighter pastures:

  • If your crush is in love with someone else, and vying for them, or is already dating someone else. Breaking someone else’s relationship and trying to get in, should not be on your cards.
  • If everyone close to you and all who know your crush ask you to back off, whatever the reason be, until it is valid. It is nit untrue when one says that onlookers see clearly what is evident.
  • If you crush insults you at the slightest hint, or is even mean to you t means their attitude towards you would never be good, and that they deem themselves to be superior to you. No one deserves to be with a person who looks down upon them, and treats them badly.
  • If you have done everything under the Sun, and tried every way to get your crush’s attention, and yet nothing happens, know that it’s time to move on, and the sooner you realize this, the more easily will you move on and cope up.