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Signs That Someone Is In Love With You

We explore the different ways a person indicates that he or she is in love with you. Also, find out how Vedic astrology can reveal the right love match for you.

Signs That

“Love” can be expressed in a thousand different ways. There is no rulebook when it comes to expressing our love for a loved one. Everyone loves differently, and every one of its kind has a beauty unique to it. But it is not just loving that can make two people b with each other, but the expression of their love for each other that will let them be together and rejoice in the feeling. The words “I Love you” have a special meaning for every one of us who has fallen in love and drowned in its vastness. As quoted by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

The Wonders of Love

Everyone understands the language of love, and that there is nothing as special and beautiful as being in love. Love has the power to cross boundaries and live life in the best way possible. The feeling of love can be compared to no other, and one who has once tasted its magic would know the power it has.

But, being sad and done, it is not always easy to confess your feelings to the one you love. Many of us dread expressing our feelings and being rejected. This is one reason among many others due to which some of us do not disclose the feelings we harbor for a certain someone. We feel that it would be better to be by them at all times and be close to them, as confessing might disturb the relationship we have. However, we still try out ways to make them understand our love for them indirectly, through our actions and gestures. These indirect ways to show that we love them, can be know if we notice the slight hints, and try to understand the motive behind the actions.

Crack the Deal!

If you think you have someone in your life who loves you secretly, and is not disclosing it to you, then check out for these telltale signs in them. If they display some of them or even all, you had your Romeo or Juliet right beside you, waiting for you all this while. Every doubt you have whether that someone is in love with you, will be cleared once you to give them the green signal. Show them that you acknowledge their love, and that they can come up to you and kneel down in front of you in no time!

  • They want you to be the first one they share any kind of news with
    Someone who is in love with you might not be open about his or her feelings for you. However, in their heart the might have already taken you as their partner. This would mean that they give you priority and share each detail of their life with you. You would realize this when you know that you were the first one they informed about any news of theirs. Be it their college result, promotion in office, buying a new bike, or even something as small as updating about their daily lives, you would be the first one to know.
  • They would remember almost every single detail of the times you spend together
    You would notice that all those times you already spend with them would be etched in their memories. They would also remember every coffee date, shopping haul, movie date, bike ride, long drive, or night out that you spend together. This is also one hint that they might be passing onto you. Only someone who would love you totally would have these qualities. Who knows it is your crush who has been your secret admirer since all these days?
  • They make you feel special in their lives, and that they take pride in it
    Some who has feelings for you would make every moment they spend with you count. They would not be ashamed of introducing you to their friends or colleagues, and that would be a hint that they do not plan to just be your friend. They would post photos on social media with you, and always smile and feel proud be
  • They enjoy and look forward to talking to you about the future
    If at any point of time, if there is a discussion about your future, they would happily take themselves in. They would in fact plan things in future together, and much they would have in doing things together. They might even plan outings together in the future, or plan how you could be spending your next birthday, even if that was many months away. They would happily share their dreams and aspirations with you, and try to involve you if they see you interested.
  • They would say “I Love You” in indirect ways
    It is rightly said that the most loving relationships have the perfect balance of loving words and actions. When it comes to relationships, it is anyways true that actions speak louder than words. They might not directly show their love or say those three magical words, but their loving actions and gestures would make you understand that they are just beating around the bush, and are just nervous to say it on your face.
  • They show empathy to you whenever you need it
    No matter how strong we are mentally, or however skilled we are in pulling ourselves through a bad phase, there comes a time now and then when we need empathy from someone. One who loves us deeply would always empathize with us and feel sad if we are not in our happy selves. Also, having empathy is one of the most important characteristics a good partner, and if you find them showing it, count yourself lucky.
  • They would care for you much more than others around you
    All those times when you felt a little down in health, or were not feeling well, you would always found them standing by you. Someone who loves you would never leave you alone when you need care the most. Even at other times, they would always show their love and concern for you, even if others act indifferently to your
  • They might even make an effort to touch you and feel close to you
    If someone loves you, they would definitely like to be touchy at times so that they get the feeling of intimacy. This touch would not be sexual, nor would it have any hidden motive behind. However, they would still like to stand close to you or be in close proximity when you both are together or in a group. The sense of touch would definitely give them a kind of satisfaction and a feeling of being with in close intimacy with the one they love.
  • They would be around you when you need them
    There are so many days when we feel out of place and aloof. We feel we have no specific purpose to be alive and that we have not done anything worthy in our loves. The feeling of sadness sinks in and you feel the need of someone who would be there to make you feel better. In all these times and others, the person who is in love with you, would be with you and try to make you feel better and cheer you up. Know that they are to be cherished and their efforts recognized.
  • They would try to be in contact at all times of the day
    It is said that people who come and go in your life as per their choice, are selfish and do not feel deeply for you. They just use their free time to be with you, as nothing else seems better and interesting. Someone who would genuinely love you would take out time specifically to spend with you. Treasure such people, and know that they would have a soft corner for you. It is a true that when it comes to successful relationships, consistency is the key. Ones who make an effort to stay connected with you, some way or the other, would respect the relationship as well.
  • They would take care to know your favorites in everything
    Remember the last time you had your favorite blueberry cheesecake at the new cafe? Or that loose boyfriend jeans you so wanted to buy? You would be surprised when you see them recollecting your choice the next time you visited those places with them. It means that they care and totally adore you. Remembering someone’s favorites would only be done when someone really felt deeply for you and regarded you as someone very special in their lives.

Now that you have the guide on how to know whether someone has a crush on you or likes you, we would love to help you delve deeper into it. Vedic Astrology has the power to predict the way a person would show his/her love for through the actions, based on their zodiac signs. If you already know the zodiac sign of your admirer, then read here to know how they would show their love for you!  Astrology can surely help you out!

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