Fundamental Ideology To Determine Profession And Income

This article explains the connection between your profession & the source of income. How the placement of the Sun and Mars in the 10th house affects your professional endeavors? Why are the lords of the 10th and 11th houses crucial to predict the stability of your career and income? Let's understand with a detailed explanation.

Fundamental Ideology To Determine Profession And Income


The income is the stepping stone in choosing a profession or career in recent times. It is all the way through the income that the financial stability of a person of person is weighed which turns out to be the scale on which one is considered and awarded the tag of either being ‘Successful’ or a ‘Loser’. But in order to have a good income status, one needs to get into a job where he or she feels comfortable and content and do not have to push oneself to work every morning like a slave. Even if one is in a job which is not as lucrative as to others yet the person is happy with the work and the environment then he or she is successful in his or her career as at the end of the day and that is exactly what matters than slaving yourself for few extra pennies and never knowing the feeling of contentment and happiness. Still, if by any chance you are curious to know how Vedic astrology can assist you to be acquainted with ways to perk up your profession and income status, keep reading ahead.

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In order to know the status of the profession and income in any natal or birth chart or horoscope, it is important to know about the Tenth House and the Eleventh Houses and their Lords. The Tenth House symbolizes”Profession or Career” whereas the Eleventh House stands for “Income”. Just in case, one needs to know the actual profession along with the accurate income of a person, one needs to get a detailed horoscope reading done from a good and learned astrologer.

Along with the above-mentioned Houses (10th and the 11th); responsibilities and roles of other houses and planets also need to be brought into contemplation for the calculation and computation of the accurate income and professional status of the native.

Here, we will talk about a number of significant conjunctions and placements formed with relation to the Tenth and the Eleventh Houses that give strong attestations of a good and substantial income and profession of the native.

Connection of the Lords Of The Houses

On the off chance that the Lords of the Tenth House (House of Career or Profession) and the Eleventh House (House of Income) have a conjunction or are interchanging Houses with one another, then this is a good Yoga and is considered highly beneficial from the angle of professional growth and success.

Placement Of Sun & Mars in the Tenth House

In the event that the planet Sun or Mars is placed in the Tenth House or both the planets have a direct aspect on the House then the native is assured to earn Name, Fame, Success, Stability, Financial Gains and the likes of it in his or her career.

Saturn & Rahu (Solely) in the Eleventh House

With the provision that Saturn and Rahu (where Rahu is the only planet in the House) is placed in the Eleventh House (House of Income) then it also creates a Great Yoga for the native. It is said to boost the Income and Professional Status of the person (native).

Exalted Saturn In the Tenth House

Just in case if the Saturn is exalted in the Tenth House (House of Career or Profession) or is placed in a friendly moon sign then it is an excellent Yoga that bestows the native with blessings of stability in career, success, increase in income status, promotion to a higher post and many more of the likes.

Conjunctions of the Lords of the Tenth & Eleventh Houses

On the condition that the Lords of the Tenth House (House of Career or Profession and the Eleventh House (House of Income) have conjunctions or placements in the Fifth House ( House of Intelligence, gain and Education or Study) or the Second House (House of Wealth), it makes the native a hard worker. This means everything that the native earns in his or her life is the fruits of their hard work, effort, and patience. Such people are able to achieve all they desire or wish for are known for becoming big, famous and powerful.

Conjunctions of the Various Houses Lords in the Tenth House

Allowing that there is a conjunction between the Lords of the Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Gain and Education), Ninth House (House of Fortune) and the Tenth House (House of career or Profession) in the Tenth House then it is the perfect recipe for a Great Yoga that is a guarantee for the stable and successful career and hence great income. Similar conjunctions of the Lords of the Fifth House (House of Intelligence, gain and Education), Ninth House (House of Fortune) and the Eleventh House (House of Income) in the Tenth House (House of Profession or Career) also bring out the same amazing Yoga for the native. In these Yogas, the native majorly benefits from his or her communication skills and hence, is able to fast track his or her career and income growth.

So just in case if you are wondering which of the above-mentioned Yogas will suit you and will prove beneficial in the long run, you need to get your horoscope checked and analyzed by some very good, experienced, genuine certified astrologer who is an expert on the subject.

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