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The Capricorn Woman Personality

efined by a goat, a Capricorn woman usually is all coy & quiet but if challenged she will be ready to charge with her horns

Ambitious, persistent, responsible, and reliable, are the traits that sum up the character of a Capricorn woman. They are a simple and meticulous woman with a strong and balanced mindset.
They are conservative and are deeply connected to their family roots. She will have a logical approach and will never take any impulsive decisions basis instinct or enthusiasm.

She is resourceful and resolute, with a lot of emotions inside, which are seldom expressed. She sets high standards for herself from the beginning and diligently works towards achieving them every single day.

You may find her distant and cold, but that is her way of safeguarding herself from getting hurt or cheated as she is extremely sensitive as a person.

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Physical attributes of a Capricorn woman

A Capricorn moon sign born woman has a petite body and attractive physique. She had a thin and slender look with a long neckline. Her cheekbones are quite prominent and her eyes are deep and dark.

Behavioral constitution of a Capricorn woman

A Capricorn moon sign born woman has immense survival instincts. She is a go-getter and achiever and her perseverance and hard work pave her way to greater success in life.

A Capricorn woman can see things in the broad frame and apply rationality in challenging situations to move ahead towards her goal. She is not the one to give up under tough situations, be it in personal life or professional life.

She is driven yet delicate, cautious yet carefree, and firm yet feminine in her disposition. With superior skill sets, she does make mistakes but will also learn from them and start all over again.

Style sense of a Capricorn woman

She has a sophisticated yet stylish taste in fashion. She likes dark colors that depict her personality. Comfort is a fundamental part of the style. She has a thing for traditional and old-world dressing sense but is also comfortable in flaunting designer brands, whenever required.


Capricorn woman is sensitive and caring towards her family and friends but will seldom show her soft side to them. She is possessive and protective of her loved ones and feels responsible for their well-being, safety, and security.

She has big dreams in life and she would want her family, friends, and partner to support her in her professional endeavors. When in love, she is the most loyal and dedicated wife and lover, but it is a challenging task to get her into the committed mode.

She may take ages to lower her guard and accept your love proposal so you have to be patient and persistent with her, in a gentle way.

As a Daughter

Fiercely protective of her parents, a Capricorn daughter is a born fighter, in a good way. Represented by a goat, while she will all coy and reserved in a normal situation but if challenged she will be ready to charge with her horns blazing.
Capricorn women are one of the most caring and responsible daughters of the zodiac and a firm foothold in her family life.

  • You will need to exercise limited supervision and control over your toddler Capricorn daughter. Just be there in her down moments to console her and cheer her up, as she is prone to pessimistic thinking, even as a child.
  • She is loving, caring, and has an outlook that is beyond her years. She is strong and is the backbone of her family.

As a Sister

As a sister, a Capricorn woman is protective of her siblings and their desires. She wants to see them happy and safe. She is not the fun-to-be-with type of sister, but she does have a dry sense of humor which is only understood by her siblings.

  • A Capricorn sister is sensitive but is also stable in her opinion. Being conservative she might have differences of opinion with her younger siblings, but she will only wish the best for them.
  • As a younger one, she will be respectful and reserved, but could also be stubborn, at times.

As a Friend

If you have a Capricorn moon sign born female friend, you have her for life. You can lean on her as she will always have your back and she will be your guiding force with her brutally honest disposition. Just remember to never hurt her, in any way, because she can be unforgiving and no amount of apologies is going to get her back.

  • Capricorn woman will treat her friends like her family and will love to spend time with them. Believe her when she tells you that ‘she will always be there for you,’ because she does mean it.
  • She can be difficult at times with her stubbornness but that comes from the fact that she is extremely cautious and careful in her approach. She will never mean to hurt you but she cannot rebuff the truth, either.

As a Lover

A Capricorn moon sign born woman longs for attention, care, and love, but she will not let that happen easily, not until she is extremely confident about you and her feelings. She has trust issues, but once she is committed to loving she isn’t going anywhere. She will care for you, she will be affectionate towards her partner but will also be very jealous and insecure.

  • She is passionate and sensual in love and is romantic at heart, but she will securely conceal these expressions and will seldom show them to her lover.
  • There is no such thing as ‘love at first sight’ for her, but because of her sentimental nature, it is quite easy for her to fall in love with a long-time friend or acquaintance. However, a Capricorn woman will not be the first to make the move.

As a Wife

She is not just a caring and loving wife but the ultimate provider, too. A Capricorn moon sign woman would love her husband and will be devoted to him. She will not be only an effective homemaker but would also support her husband in building and sustaining the financial status.

  • She is loyal, honest, and mature in her thought process and craves acceptance and admiration for who she is and support for her ambitions.
  • She can be too serious and aloof, at times and her professional life may tend to distract her from focusing on her marital life. She needs to be more patient and open-up a bit more on emotional grounds.

As a Mother

A Capricorn woman makes for an awesome mother. She has maternal instincts and knows how to spread love and warmth in her family life. She loves her kids, unconditionally and will do anything and everything to protect them and give them a secure future.

She will be a balanced mother and will not give in inappropriate demands of her children.

  • She is traditional and will instill family values in her children. She would w3ant them to be disciplined and respectful towards elders.
  • She can be too controlling, sometimes and that might create differences between her and her children, especially when they grow up to be young adults.


A Capricorn woman is ambitious, to say the least. She has the desire to carve a niche for herself in the work world from a very young age. She likes stable and secure jobs and would mostly be looking for jobs in the government sector.

She is averse to changes and thus job security and continuity are quite important to her. But she is also driven by money and more than that her position in the organizational hierarchy.
Her career aim is clear and she knows how to make her way to the top. The most intriguing part of her professional personality is that she isn’t afraid of failures, she knows how to get back from them easily. She can do well as a banker, athlete or politician, or even as a business owner.

As a Student

She is the serious, somber, and studious student of your class. Capricorn woman has the things clear and pretty well organized in her mind and she has a schedule prepared to study, learn, and also have some fun in between. It is not apparent but Capricorn moon sign born female students do have a wild and fun side to them.

  • She is never going to skip her lessons and classes unless she seriously can’t afford to attend them. She is a disciplined, well-behaved, and obedient student.
  • She can be stubborn, at times and require to loosen up a bit to enjoy her student life because these years are never going to come back again.

As an Employee

A Capricorn woman is committed, sincere, and diligent towards her work. She will never misuse her official timings and will take on one task after the other to keep herself occupied. She will not work for the sake of working but she has her goals quite clearly sketched out in her mind and every step she takes is a progressive step towards her career goals.

  • She is devoted and loyal to her work and organization. She desires to earn well and hold a position of repute.
  • She is tenacious but can be too rigid, at times, and may appear rude to her co-workers and colleagues. But she can never be mean to anybody and believes in fair play and hard work.

As a Boss

A Capricorn woman is born to hold the position of authority, so to say. She makes for an effective manager, who has the technical knowledge and also the patience to listen to her employees. She is forgiving in the first instance of an error but is not very accommodating if mistakes are recurrent.

  • She had an eye for detail and thus it is next to impossible to cheat her on anything, she catches you quite easily. She loves honesty and if you are loyal and upright, she will not hesitate to give you enough room to improvise and prove your worth.
  • She is responsible and accountable and can turn out to be a good mentor for her subordinates.

As a Business professional

Capricorn moon sign born woman has it in them to make it big in the entrepreneurial universe. She has the right mix of organizational and analytical skills coupled with determination, hard work, financial skills, and clarity of thoughts.

She will ensure structure and administration in the work environment and will have the eye to spot the right talent for better business functioning.

  • She can make wise investment decisions with her refined rational, calculative, and logical sense.
  • Capricorn woman isn’t afraid of failures and no business can sustain without tasting failure. With her undying attitude, she will pick up the pieces time and again to reach where she deserves to be.