The Capricorn Woman Personality

Capricorn woman is sensible, practical and pragmatic and she looks for similar qualities in her mate. She doesn’t really believe in dreamy fairy tale romances and, thus, would not burden herself and her partner with unrealistic romantic expectations. All she wants is a reliable, responsible and dependable partner who can bring security in the relationship.

Financial stability and security and professional success are important for Capricorn females, and most of them are highly career oriented and ambitious. This often leaves a small portion for love and romance in their life.
For Capricorn woman, marriage is a well thought off decision that she would rather take using her mind than her heart. She is emotionally stable and grounded. She might not have mastered the flashily seductive moves like other women, but she is definitely well mannered, graceful and polished.

Positive traits of Capricorn Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Capricorn woman adores her family and can make huge sacrifices for it. She is extremely hardworking, persistent and emotionally stable person who can deal with most challenging problems in life.  She also has an incredible lusty appetite that lasts long.

Negative traits of Capricorn Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Capricorn women might not be deeply sentimental, romantic and seductive. They tend to sweat the small stuff, which often makes them anxious, depressed and tensed. Their unnecessary worries over finances might wrongly make them appear as gold diggers to some.

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