Capricorn Boss

Capricorn Boss

Capricorn is the tenth sign in the series of zodiac signs and is ruled by Saturn. As per vedic astrology, Saturn is the planet of hard work, limitations, justice and perseverance and Capricorn moon sign manifests these qualities as a Boss.

The Saturn effect

As per vedic astrology, Saturn is considered to be the planet of karma and time and is known to be a hard taskmaster. It is the planet of responsibilities and restrictions and imparts life lessons to all individuals without any discrimination. It rules over the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, hence natives of these zodiac signs exhibit Saturn’s qualities to a great extent.

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An individual having Capricorn as their moon sign is extremely industrious, tenacious, sincere and somewhat strict as a boss. They are effective planners and believe in planning for the long term. However, they do not like to go in for immediate execution of their plans, rather believe in waiting for the right moment or opportunity to initiate the next step.

They are highly determined, self-assured and achievement oriented. They are known for their practical and pragmatic approach at workplace as they like to set realistic goals for themselves and their employees or subordinates.

Since Capricorn is governed by Saturn, it becomes important to study Saturn’s placement in the birth chart to understand the nature and temperament of a Capricorn boss.

If Saturn is placed in the tenth house, the individual will be very strict with timelines and would expect their employees or co-workers to meet the deadlines no matter how stringent they are.

Such a Capricorn boss will not be very social or outgoing and would prefer to work extra hours at their desk planning their strategies. Structure and order will play a key role in their working style and they are highly methodical and well organized. Punctuality is a virtue to them and they value time as much as they value money. Their behavior reflects a great sense of responsibility and sincerity towards their work.

If Saturn is placed in the fourth house, the Capricorn boss is almost detached from their home and devoted to their career. Highly authoritative, they are committed to their work and work hard and diligently to achieve their goals. They are materialistic and desirous of acquiring a healthy bank balance as financial security and stability is important to them. They have a coherent and systematic approach towards their work and are driven by logic and analysis. They expect you to be reliable and adhere to the rules and policies set by them. They are disciplined and steady in their working style and well equipped to handle difficult situations at workplace.

Rahu’s role

Rahu plays a significant role in determining the personality of a Capricorn boss the sign of Aquarius falls in the second house in the birth chart of a Capricorn moon boss. Rahu is the co-ruler of Aquarius and expresses its energy through this sign. If Rahu is placed in the sixth house of the chart of a Capricorn moon boss, they are highly dominating and controlling in their temperament.

They have a strong will power and steadfast in their approach, which helps them to accomplish their tasks with ease. Overcoming challenges to them is a like taking a walk in the park as they are blessed with a great deal of mental strength and firmness of mind.

Highly practical, they might come across as harsh in their communication. However, they are a storehouse of creativity and ideas and are always appreciative of novelty and innovative ideas from their employees. They involve themselves even in the smallest of tasks and projects at workplace and don’t shy away to offer a helping hand to their subordinates.

Venus’ touch

Venus is a planet which represents beauty, aesthetics and harmony. As per vedic astrology, Venus is a highly auspicious planet for Capricorn moon natives and generally bestows favorable results unless extremely weak or poorly placed in the birth chart.

If Venus is placed in the third house, it gives politeness and effective communication skills to the Capricorn boss. They possess good networking skills and are able to establish important contacts, which are instrumental in their success.

A Capricorn boss having Venus in the third house possesses professional brilliance in the form of creative and unique ideas along with a fine aesthetic sense. They are courteous and somewhat diplomatic in their interactions at workplace and are known for their pleasing manners. They dislike impulsiveness and take thoughtful decisions after careful consideration. They appreciate when their employees take initiatives and possess a high degree of accountability themselves.

However, if Venus is placed in the ninth house, such bosses tend to be critical at the workplace. They are perfection oriented and have a habit of nitpicking, which does not always go down too well with their employees. They are overly concerned about the quality of the work which leads them towards micromanaging their employees. They are not impressed by flattery and possess great discernment abilities. They are not very expressive which gives the impression of their being unapproachable and reserved.

The mercury magic in a Capricorn boss

Mercury is the planet of intellect, reasoning, analysis and logic as per vedic astrology. The placement of Mercury determines the bent of mind, thought process and the ability to take decisions of a Capricorn boss.

If Mercury is placed in the ninth house, the Capricorn moon sign native as a boss is highly resourceful, realistic and meticulous. They have a refined personality and are able to impress everyone at the workplace with their sharp intellect and witty nature. They are excellent communicators and quite receptive to new ideas and suggestions from their subordinates. They are caring towards their employees and set attainable goals for them, which makes them well disposed towards their employees.

However, if Mercury is placed in the third house, such natives are fixed in their mindset as bosses and are not very open to implementing new plans easily. They take long to take decisions and are sometimes incoherent in their thought process. However, they can play the role of a mentor to their employees very well and make their employees comfortable to develop an emotional connect.

If Mercury is placed in the sixth house, they are very talkative and genial personalities and like to have a friendly attitude towards their employees. Communication at workplace is important to them and they believe in engaging with their employees to understand their working style and level of productivity. They have highly effective management skills and their subordinates and juniors are comfortable having discussions with them.

Jupiter’s wisdom

Jupiter is considered as the Guru or divine teacher in vedic astrology. For Capricorn moon sign, it rules the third and twelfth house and if placed in the first, makes the Capricorn boss highly philosophical with a steady determination. They are calculative and thoughtful and have a learning attitude.

Jupiter’s placement in the third house makes the natives of Capricorn moon sign optimistic as bosses. They prefer a spacious working environment and like to be more involved in foreign projects.