Capricorn Boss

Capricorn boss is a very career oriented and hardworking individual. He dedicates a large part of his life to his profession and wants to meet success really fast. In his quest, he often becomes very serious and solemn. Fun and enjoyment might be lacking in his life as a result.

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Capricorn boss is known to work at very odd hours in the office. When he works, he gets distracted by nothing else. He might not be very social, outgoing and friendly. He is not very fond of polished and dressy office wear. He likes to keep things simple yet smart. He tries his best to stay away from the limelight.

Capricorn boss can handle crisis situations and difficult clients efficiently. He can handle and manage a team responsibly and smartly. He doesn’t lose his cool very easily.

How to impress the Capricorn Boss
Capricorn boss will admire you for your past achievements and recognition. He likes hardworking, devoted and sincere employees who do not waste their time at the office. He is not impressed by flattery.

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