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Capricorn as a Person

Capricorn as

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac which rules over the karma (actions) of man. It is a moveable sign. The element is earth, which is on the move. Capricorn being an earthy sign is also cardinal, making the natives global.

The Lord of this sign is Saturn. Saturn looks after the practical side of our being and Capricorn helps Saturn to establish his grip on this world because of the element, the Earth. Obstacles and hindrances might depress them for a while, but you will not give up. People who dive in the sea or even mine excavators are governed by Saturn. Till the find the spring, you will keep digging as well.

So Capricorn, being the tenth sign of the zodiac, can help mankind to make the best use of the possibilities, the environment and the situation. 

In general Capricorn is symbolized by ‘The Goat’. The front shape of this sign, which represents the horns and head of an animal, clearly indicates that to achieve something significant, one has to bring oneself to the surface to rise. At the same time, it is not easy to focus on the aim without getting totally absorbed. The head and the horns also indicate an inner urge to bring one’s ego to the highest level and prove a point.

Physical attributes of a Capricorn moon sign native

Physically speaking, Capricorn people are quite slender, bony and of small to average height. However; much depends on the placement of ascendant in your birth chart. Click here to know where your ascendant is placed according to Vedic Astrology.

You seem to have sharp facial features such as a strong jaw line or high cheek bones.

You tend to tan well and are quite often seen having olive-toned skin.

The general appearance gives an impression of sternness, solidity, deepness and maturity.   

You often look like a scientist or a philosopher, a scholar or a wise person, and one perfectly understands that yourinterests always involve long term goals.

Behavioral pattern of a Capricorn native

Being a feminine sign, governed by Saturn, gives them a reserved temperament and a fear of ridicule. You will not entertain any hope on other’s promises, nor will you be optimistic till you come out successful or realize yourambitions.

It is not at all easy to cheat the Capricorn people.   You will take a long time to test the individual and finally make a permanent tie of friendship.

These natives will appear to be modest and polite and will not strike associations quickly.

Obstacles and hindrances might depress them for a while, but you will not give up.

A certain amount of pessimism is set deep inside them, which does not allow them to open up that quickly.

Career suggestions for Capricorn moon sign

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Organizers
  • Event managers
  • Harbors
  • Administration
  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Civil servants
  • Dentist
  • Engineer
  • Farmer
  • Responsible executive jobs
  • Finance Programming

Professional qualities

Capricorn natives are serious, business-minded person, overtly jolly and do not get carried away easily.

Some of them may be witty but at the core of yourbeing, you remain methodical.

You believe that if one has to grow in stature, total deviation is required.

Most of them are firm believers in the saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’. However, there are exceptions everywhere.

 Even in the worst eventualities, you are capable of maintaining yourcool, without demonstrating the inner feelings.

You work with a missionary zeal towards power and authority.

You are more at ease when do not have to lead from the front. You would rather take the charge of the situation from behind.

You are hard working and dedicated. Once you take up a task, they’ll do yourbest to complete it.

People easily depend on them. However, on the surface you do it with pure intension, but the hidden desires remain to gain control over others.

The only disadvantage is that you will be slow and steady in yourventures. But with the blessings of the providence, will ultimately meet with grand success.

Capricorn Love and Marital relations

In relationship matters, you suffer due to lack of verbal or physical expressions.

You have boundaries built around them which are not at all easy to break as you do not trust someone that easily. But once the trust factor is set, they’ll be loyal to that person for lifetime and beyond.

You do not show yourlove by gestures but youractions speak louder than yourwords. Though expressions of love are at times negligible but deep care and understanding balances it out.

A Capricorn love partner/wife longs for the attention, love and care of her partner and loves to be pampered by her lover/husband. At the same time, she is the perfect example of a true loving, caring and extremely supportive girlfriend/wife.

Capricorn Family and Friends

In family matters, Capricorns are headstrong and responsible person. At the same time you are also very caring, humble, honest and encouraging.

You like to maintain discipline in the family and want everything to be done in a systematic manner.

They’re the best providers and can go to any extent to fulfill the needs of yourfamily members.

Styling and Dressing sense of Capricorn natives

 Being a mature personality, you’ve a liking for dark colors such as deep shades of green and blue.

You have a classic taste in fashion and love to wear comfy attires.

You love possessing clothes and accessories of high end brands.

You have an excellent taste when it comes to styling and dressing and your fashion advice can do wonders for others.