Capricorn Virgo Compatibility

Capricorn and Virgo respect each other’s ways of working. A business or professional partnership between them will be peaceful and beneficial one.

Both Capricorn and Virgo are industrious, skilled and resourceful, earthy signs. They are very dedicated towards their work and avoid taking short cuts. They are great at risk management too. The seek security and stability in life and thus, aim for achieving the same heights in professional ventures.

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There some differences between the two as well. Capricorn is significantly more ambitious and focused in their work as compared to the Mercury governed Virgo, who is more practical and analytical. Virgo has a taste for socializing and making new connections, but Capricorn prefers being reserved and self-sustained. Capricorn may not be as impressive and expressive talker as is Virgo. Predictably, their conversations are short and limited, with an intrinsic understanding between both the partners doing the magic.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Capricorn-Virgo love match is mostly a peaceful and cordial affair. Both the partners are grounded, straightforward earth signs, who prefer simplicity. Falling in love with each other is very comfortable for them.

Both Capricorn and Virgo lovers are affectionate, respecting and dutiful towards the partners as well as their families. This love match has a high potential to stay strong and unnerved over long periods. Their stubborn and rigid natures can bring in frequent disagreements, yet the stable foundations of their bond allows for an unmoved love relation.

Ruled by planet Saturn, Capricorn wishes for stability and structure. This often makes them tougher and more rigid than Virgo. Virgo prefers going by routines and discipline in life too, though has a softer and calmer nature. The planet of communication Mercury makes Virgo inclined towards nice, brainy conversations. Capricorn, however, prefers to talk less and thus, they may not have very engaging conversations.

With lusty and healthy sexual appetites, both Capricorn and Virgo enjoy a satisfying physical compatibility. Sexual chemistry between them will most likely be wonderful and can help them overcome the minor differences in their bond. Moreover, both Capricorn and Virgo are naturally dutiful towards their family and kids, making them a mature and responsible couple that equally distributes responsibilities and do their part sincerely within the family.