Capricorn – Aquarius Compatibility

(Moon Sign Based)

Capricorn is associated with form and structure with a practical approach and without creating any emotional fuss. Whereas Aquarius is spiritually inclined and visionary and is always focused on the future and towards achieving goals.

Capricorn – Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius are cerebral signs and are the problem solvers. They are committed in a relationship and will expect the same from others. Both Capricorn and Aquarius signs believe in working hard by proper utilization of resources and time.

Saturn is the lord of both the signs and possesses a practical and serious nature with a grounded personality. Capricorn’s determination and Aquarius partner’s intelligence will go hand in hand to create miracles in life.

The ruling planet Saturn represents strictness and one pointedness, and its influence makes Capricorns responsible and ambitious. Whereas Aquarius are air signs, giving them unconventional thinking to break the boundaries of Capricorn partner.

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Capricorn being an earth sign take time to open up with others whereas Aquarius the Air sign would like to be surrounded by friends. With their free-thinking, Aquarius will help Capricorn partner to work on their fixed point of view.

Capricorn has the symbol of Goat of Fear with the tail of a fish. This symbol represents one pointedness to achieve the desired goal whereas Aquarius holding a pitcher will have abundance of knowledge to serve humanity.

Basic Equation Between Capricorn Moon Sign & Aquarius Moon Sign:

  • Both are matured sign with significant goal and committed to each other. Capricorn is comparatively more serious than Aquarius partner.
  • Aquarius being an air sign is flexible and gets easily bored with monotonous work, which helps in implementing innovative ideas to entertain their Capricorn partner.
  • Capricorn partner cannot take immediate decisions and quick actions, as it creates anxiety and nervousness for them. Whereas Aquarius is flexible and can adjust their decision-making ability as per the situation.
  • Both signs are committed to their life goals and take full responsibility which can make them rigid, flexible, and self-centered.
  • Capricorn has a strong need to be respected by others, which will put them into a miserable state. Aquarius being a free bird from all these expectations will teach Capricorn partner to step out of their ego and rigidity.

When Capricorn is the Man & Aquarius is the Woman

Aquarius prioritizes bonding and friendship whereas Capricorn looks for stability and solid relationships which can make the journey interesting. Aquarius will light the fire and will grow their passion towards each other. This combination will cherish every moment and create beautiful memories together.

When Aquarius is the Man & Capricorn is the Woman

Aquarius might be curious to know more about partners owing to their rather rigid persona. Once opened, they will share some beautiful moments together in their relationship. The intelligence of Aquarius and determination of Capricorn will create a harmonious life with each other.

Positive Aspect by Capricorn - Aquarius Match

  • Aquarius are extrovert individuals. With Capricorn, they develop trust and gradually start relying on each other. Capricorn takes time to mingle with others but are friends for lifetime. Capricorn looks for long term commitment and their hard-working caliber together will bear fruits in life.
  • Saturn, the lord of both the signs will give determination and courage to overcome limitations and challenges in life. However, for Capricorn, being an earth sign, the craving is for steadiness and solidification of love. Whereas Aquarius being an air sign, look to explore things in a flexible and empathetic way.
  • They are born leaders with demanding and delegating properties to maintain a give and take relationships with others. Capricorn with a mature approach and Aquarius with their cleverness.
  • Capricorn’s disciplined and responsible nature makes them a reliable leader who can inspire Aquarius partner to follow a disciplined life.


  • Capricorn’s self-discipline and rigid personality will make Aquarius partner suffocate in their relationship. They both are of a rigid nature in various aspects of life which will not allow them to enjoy life to its fullest.
  • They put restrictions and boundaries in each other’s life and will hardly match any similarity to lead a happy life.
  • They will be extremely anxious and fearful about the future, which will make their life difficult and struggling. They are often pessimistic, workaholic, and cold at times as Capricorn doesn’t care about other’s feelings and emotions. Aquarius being an empath will want to serve the world which makes both signs apart.

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  • The Capricorn star constellations are Uttarashada Pada 2, Pada 3, Pada 4, Shravana Nakshatra Pada 1, Pada 2, Pada 3, Pada 4 and Dhanishta Nakshatra Pada 1 and Pada 2.
  • The Aquarius star constellations are Dhanishta 3rd and 4th Pada, Purvabahdrapad 1,2,3, pada, and Satabhisha 1,2,3,4 padas.

Note: Different Capricorn- Aquarius couples would have different results because a Moon Sign is always associated with a Nakshatra (constellation), which is determined by the presence of the Moon in a particular Nakshatra at the time of birth. Hence, people of the same Moon sign would have different Nakshatra.

UTTARASHADA / DHANISHTA: Both the nakshatras understand each other’s emotions and expectations which allows them to lead a friendly life. They even share their darkest secrets with each other and still respect the relationship.

UTTARASHADA / PURVABADRAPAD: They both are focused on physical intimacy and pleasures and if that doesn’t get fulfilled, they might not take the relationship further.

UTTARASHADA/SATABHISHA: You will lead a wealthy and courageous life, and often do not express your disagreement with others. You are socializing and easily adaptable as per the situation.

UTTARASHADA / SHRAVANA: Both couples are devoted to each other, Uttarashada will enhance the qualities of Shravana nakshatra. Shravana will respect Uttarashada’s viewpoint, and both will achieve success.

SHRAVANA / DHANISHTA: They both share a glorious compassionate relationship. They both like to explore many new things and are always open to inculcating knowledge. They believe in expanding their intelligence.

SHRAVANA/ PURVABADRAPAD: Both the nakshatra have different tastes and likes in life, so marriage compatibility will not work. They will have conflict of thought.

SHRAVANA / SATABHISHA: Shravana nakshatra will not understand the feelings of Shatabhisha and they will not respect each other’s decision. They may not be able to lead a peaceful life.

DHANISHTA / PURVABADRAPAD: They will be very generous and committed in a relationship. They will have high perseverance and determination to achieve success and will lead a courageous lie.

DHANISHTA / SATABHISHA: They may suffer from sexual incompatibility and dissatisfaction in the act of pleasure. This might increase frustration levels and create disharmony in marital life.

UTTARASHADA / SHRAVANA: Both are devoted to each other, and their belief system also matches their traits.

How to Have a Happy and Healthy Relationship:

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is known as a strict father who follows discipline and is particular about time, which is in contrast with Aquarius. Also ruled by Saturn, they are courageous, visionary and are keen to create a future with creative manner. If they both let go of their rigidity and reach a middle ground, they can lead a stable and happy life.

Capricorn should work on being less practical and Aquarius should use less cerebral thinking to cope with each other. Capricorn should opt for smart work and Aquarius should be grounded to deal with the real challenges in life.

Love Compatibility Score

Capricorn’ and Aquarius’ relationship can be a unique combination if they both have same ambition in life. If not, they will not care about love and emotional bonding to choose over their goals. Aquarius might get bored easily with Capricorn partner as there might be less action and exploration in love and romantic life. It’s not easy to satisfy both the signs as they both have trust issues. They can be a wonderful couple for a short span of time but not for long term relationship.

Score: 5 out of 10

Sexual Compatibility Score

Aquarius always looks for surprises and different moves to have pleasure in life. The Capricorn partner might not understand Aquarius partner’s demands. Capricorn might take time to put effort into the demands of their Aquarius partner. The problem with both the signs is one likes to be fast but the other prefers being slow and steady, which makes things uncomfortable for them.

Score: 5 out of 10

Communication Compatibility Score

There will be a huge gap between Capricorn and Aquarius partners. They both might have cold approach towards each other. It can only be sustained if they both have mutual interest and ambition to work upon. Otherwise, either of them gets opinionated about matters which can end up into a conflict.

Both will have a strong ego and it is not in their nature to mingle with other people. And both become too engaged in what they want to achieve in life which makes them apart.

Score: 5 out of 10

Overall Recommendations

The Capricorn Aquarius combination has the potency to fulfil each other’s flaws in a mature way if they are ready to deal with each other through communication and understanding their needs.

They both bring different traits and combinations to the table, but if Aquarius understands that Capricorn is inclined towards traditional beliefs and if Capricorn understands that Aquarius needs free thinking, it can make wonders.

Therefore, a relationship between Capricorn Moon Sign & Aquarius Moon Sign will not work and is not recommended.


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