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Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is hardworking, determined, ambitious & driven. Do not dare to push him, or he will push back ten times harder.

A Capricorn moon sign born man is ambitious, determined, and responsible. They are very protective of their emotions and thus, may appear distant and aloof, at times.

If you are friends with a Capricorn man or married to him, you know the kind of effort it requires to gain his trust. They take a pretty long time to open up and express their feelings and share their thoughts. Patience and perseverance is the key to deal with this man represented the goat.

They are generous, disciplined, and wise with a great deal of self-control. They are a pessimist, though, and will not commit to anything unless they feel that they do justice with it.

They make for good managers but can be lazy if not been motivated enough, often.

Physical attributes of a Capricorn man

They have a slender constitution with a lean and tall physique. A Capricorn man will typically have a prominent jawline and coarse hair.

Behavioral constitution of a Capricorn man

Ruled by Saturn a Capricorn moon sign born man is prudent, thoughtful, and practical-minded. He is slow and cautious in his approach towards life but has his eyes firmly set on the top. He wants to achieve something big in life but not risking too much in the process. He is quite calculative and careful with good organizational skills. A Capricorn man will always think much ahead of his age and has abundant maturity. He is super dependable but not the one to shower appreciation, compliments, or love on you. He is good with money and is focused on gaining a lot of wealth.

Style sense of a Capricorn man

Representing his mature and serious persona Capricorn man has a certain liking for dark colors, such as deep shades of green and blue. He has a classic and timeless taste in fashion and surprisingly is sort of head turners of their group. They love possessing high-end brands and have niche taste in styling and dressing.


Being a no-nonsense and grounded being, a Capricorn moon sign born man performs his duties rather diligently. He is very responsible and carries a sense of duty. While he will be loving and caring as a son, father, brother, and husband he would still need his time alone. A Capricorn man would be a tough nut to crack if you are trying to figure out the cause of his worry. He is a pessimist of sorts and will be extra careful in taking any critical step which has an impact on his family and personal life.

Capricorn as a Son

A Capricorn moon sign born man makes for a caring son. He is humble and responsible for his parents. Even as a young kid, he is a disciplined child. He is shy and reserved and can be stubborn, at times.

  • He prefers to stay at home, so as parents not much supervision and control is required over him.
  • He is vulnerable and may get under bad influence easily. So he needs to be warned and guarded, as he could turn lazy, cynical, and tend to ignore parents, under deleterious dominance.

Capricorn as a Brother

As a brother, a Capricorn man will always take care of his siblings. He could be a little conservative, especially as an elder brother. He could be dominating and persistent in his approach, but will never hurt the feelings of his siblings. He is the most modest and trustworthy sibling of the zodiac.

  • He could be stubborn as a young sibling, but will not be unruly or disrespectful towards the elder siblings.
  • As an elder brother, he could be overprotective and possessive of his siblings and will be happy to help them and stand with them in times of need.

Capricorn as a Friend

While they seem somber and detached, there cannot be a dull moment in your life if you have a Capricorn moon sign born male friend. They have a killing sense of humor and the loyalty to die for. They are intelligent, stable, reliable, and are a pillar of support for their friends.

  • They are your guiding light and will be there to advise you and remind you of the important things in your life, in case you forget about them. More than friends they will be like an old, wise man of your family.
  • They do have a crazy and fun side that comes out only around with his close friends. They will make you laugh and will be there to wipe your tears also. Trust them to have your back, always.

Capricorn as a Lover

To begin with, it isn’t quite easy to get a Capricorn man to fall in love. They have built a boundary around them which is not easy to break. Getting into a relationship with this guy is challenging, but once he is in it, he will be there for a lifetime. They are highly emotional and love for him is a deep bond that will remain forever.

  • At the outset, he can come across as a strange person, because of the feeling of love and romance sort of alien to him due to his reserved and shelved nature.
  • He is the most stable, loyal, and deeply emotional sign of the zodiac, but could be very possessive and rigid in his approach.

Capricorn as a Husband

A Capricorn man will make for a dependable and loyal husband. For him, a marital relationship is forever and he has a strong sense of responsibility and cares towards his wife. He will provide his spouse with a nice, comfortable, and high-end life. He is not the cuddly romantic guy but will be there with you till the very end in all his strength and capability.

  • He would need a partner who is an optimist to balance out his pessimistic nature and who can lend him necessary emotional support through difficult times.
  • He is obsessed with discipline and order and can be very possessive for his wife, which may cast some trouble in his marital relationship.

Capricorn as a Father

A Capricorn man may not be the father who will express his love through hugs and cuddles, quite often but he loves his children a lot, nonetheless. A Capricorn moon sign born father is headstrong and responsible. He takes care of his children with tenderness and kindness. He will still good values of fair play, perseverance, and discipline in his children. He makes for the best providers in the entire zodiac spectrum.

  • They are generous, encouraging, and sympathetic fathers, who will provide the best of everything in life to their children and will expect them to grow up as good human beings, in return.
  • He lay down a lot of rules and regulations for his children, making them feel controlled and bound. This may become an issue of dispute when the kids start growing up.


Capricorn man is hardworking, determined, and ambitious in their professional roles. They set high standards for themselves and channelize all their energies in achieving these objectives to reach the pinnacle of success. They pursue their career with the utmost dedication and perseverance. They are driven by money and are self-motivated. They will do well in all kinds of service and jobs. Areas in management, finance, programming, and finances will suit them best. They also make for good business professionals.

Capricorn as a Student

A Capricorn male student is sort of an overachiever. He is hardworking and extremely focused on academics. He is studious and aims to get good grades in examinations. He is dedicated to studies and is very clear in his approach.

  • He is an obedient and disciplined student. He will be happy to contribute to his educational institute beyond academics by helping out teachers with important work.
  • He will not have many friends and even if he does he is not the part-going type, so, there will be lesser distractions and it will be easier for him to concentrate on achieving academic excellence.

Capricorn as an Employee

Capricorn moon sign born employees are highly determined and ambitious with great strength of perseverance and patience. They have a strong sense of responsibility and will need limited or no supervision, at all, to perform their task optimally. They have superior organizational skills and have good observation and analytical abilities.

  • They are practical, down-to-earth, and humble but they won’t settle for anything less than what they expect in terms of pay raise and promotion.
  • They are highly concerned about their financial and social status and will be most content in holding a position of authority in an organization.

Capricorn as a Boss

Behind the cool and collected exterior of your Capricorn boss lies a determined and gritty soul, who will not show a desire to be at the top but is driven by this passion to work hard and outperform others. A go-getter himself, he would expect his employees to be focused and hardworking. A Capricorn man sets high standards for them and expects loyalty, dedication, and honesty on their part.

  • He is not the cool boss who will through impromptu parties, plan outings, or just chat around with his subordinates. He is very serious about his role and position and may seem a little unapproachable.
  • He has a great sense of responsibility and you will be glad to have him around in challenging and emergencies as he would know a rational way to get out of it, effectively.

Capricorn as a Business Professional

The methodical and organized way of doing work clubbed with a highly active analytical mind, makes Capricorn moon sign man a successful businessman.  They are efficient, committed, and effective leaders. They have a refined business acumen with the ideal managerial skills. They have firm work ethics and emphasize getting the job done within the set timelines, without compromising on the quality.

  • The skills in financial management coupled with their ability to handle the most complex parts of business make them effective business professionals.
  • They have the necessary knowledge, intellect, and business acumen along with the sheer grit to carve a niche for themselves, to make it big as an entrepreneur.