Capricorn Man Personality

Although an Earth sign, Capricorns are a blend of watery elements. It is represented by the sea goat which indicates a higher level of consciousness. Capricorn Moon men are resourceful, determined and responsible individuals.

Capricorn Man Personality


A Capricorn is one of the hardest nuts to crack. It is not easy to get their trust and you will be under a radar even if you’re married to them. This means that they’re with a world-view which involves understanding the complexity of human nature. They know that people can at any given moment change according to their circumstances or for their own interests and this makes him a good judge of character, but at the same time, not as open with his emotions. They are possibly the least impulsive ones with Saturn’s effect of patience and perseverance ruling them.

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Capricorns happen to not be very lovey-dovey, they’re practical and sometimes pessimistic. They tend to get lazy and sit in their oblivion due to this nature. However, these are also people who will get things done once they set their mind to it.

He needs a woman who can encourage him and take him out of his own dilemmas. He is not afraid to face himself, so a woman who reveals to him his not-so perfect qualities yet chooses to stay and help him out is basically what he needs. He doesn’t like fluff and drama and instead a mature person he can be comfortable with while he’s spending his time with her. That is not to say that he’s no fun, but he’s only so once he gets comfortable with you.

Behavioral Constitution of a Capricorn man

Capricorn are shrewd and calculative. They know what they want and how to get it. They are extremely goal-oriented and are focused on their aim even in a lost crowd. He is slow and steady like all Earth signs, but way more cautious and dependable than the rest. He is a man of his words. These men have a practical maturity in life which means they’ll hardly be in a situation that is tough to resolve or come out of. Loving this man is hard for many woman, except for one who will understand him without any special guide to know how to ‘crack this nut’. He dislikes anyone who is not transparent and has no room for people being over-smart. If you are in a relationship with a Capricorn man, rest assured that he’s stable financially for a rainy day or his retirement years, and he will not take a woman who involves in playing around with him or invading his privacy.

Capricorn falls under three constellations which derives specific attributes depending upon which constellation one belongs to:

Uttarashada: Uttarashada in Capricorn is slightly different than how it is in Sagittarius, considering it has more earthy and slightly watery energy as it enters in Capricorn, than fiery and impulsive as it is in Sagittarius. Here, Uttarashada last phases act like a proper goat, forging through the toughest of situations, climbing uphill on the steepest of slopes in life, and sometimes coming at you with its blazing horns. However, in Capricorn it is represented by a half goat, half fish which brings attributes of deep romanticism and steadfastness than in its first two phases.

Shravana: The birth star of goddess Saraswati, one who represents education, Shravan is gifted with the skill of learning by listening. They excel at their work, studies and in general life, because they’re quite the listeners and wouldn’t interrupt you unless they have a point to make. They generally let the other person speak and try to understand where they’re coming from. They have educational proficiency and intelligence.

Dhanishta: Dhanishta are quite the one with a huge level of skills in life. They’re intelligent, empathetic, skilled, and the birth star of some of the greatest musical prodigies. They are Martian by nature and constitute the 8 elements in Hinduism, namely: Water, Polestar (unmoving star), Earth, Wind, Fire, the Sun, Sky, and the Moon. Each represents a certain skill or value which their personality imbibes.

Style Sense of a Capricorn Man

Bottle-green, black, grey and similar shades which are dark make his persona stand out and he often prefers these colors since it reflects his serious and strong nature. He is classic in the way he dresses and has a strong influence even with his quiet disposition. His style and attire speak for himself, and he has a huge regard for quality products and will never treat himself with anything average or below he bar he has set for himself. He treats himself with a lot of respect and this goes for his attire too. His tastes are exclusive, and he doesn’t follow trends that come & go with time.

Personal Life Roles

A Capricorn doesn’t allow anyone with flaky or fluffy attitude around him. He’s serious natured and any sort of over-the-top behavior doesn’t go well with him. He’s a no-nonsense person. He carries a sense of duty and will be responsible in all the roles he plays in life. He is cautious about every step forward and doesn’t loosen up easily. He likes people of substance, just as himself. His realism goes a step ahead and can become pessimism.

As a Son

A Capricorn is a down-to-Earth, humble human being. He takes complete care of his parents and shares a cordial relationship with them. He’s shy and reserved therefore, not as open with either of his parents.

  • As kids, these are quiet and studious. They are slightly introverted and don’t change their opinions for anyone. Every thought comes out of keen observation and nobody and nothing can manipulate them to think otherwise. This might make his teachers and parents hard to deal with him, but they should be aware that this child will mature much before the rest of his peers and handle him with care.
  • He loves his home, and his parents will never have many issues with raising him right. He probably is stubborn, but always after enough thought put into any decision.
  • He has the tendency to fall into bad company since his bonding with his parents isn’t as open therefore, proper guidance is needed as an effort of the parents.

As a Brother

Capricorn men are people who go by their own rule-book. This makes them dominating and stubborn. He’s also quite conservative therefore, he expects his siblings to conform. However, all of this happens in gentleness and mindfulness. He is very reliable and there is no way a Capricorn brother will not feel responsible for their siblings well-being.

  • All Earth signs are stubborn in general, but this one doesn’t get angry or disrespectful towards his elder sibling.
  • As an elder brother, his sense of duty and responsibility towards his younger sibling might come off as possessiveness and being over-protective.

As a Friend

While they seem somber and detached, there cannot be a dull moment in your life if you have a Capricorn Moon sign born male friend. They have a killing sense of humor and the loyalty to die for. They are intelligent, stable, reliable, and are a pillar of support for their friends.

  • They are your guiding light and will be there to advise you and remind you of the important things in your life in case you forget about them. More than friends they will be like an old, wise man of your family.
  • They do have a crazy and fun side that comes out only around with his close friends. They will make you laugh and will be there to wipe your tears also. Trust them to have your back, always.

As a Lover

Capricorn is a complete package of things a woman wants in a man, and is easy to fall for him. However, it’s not the same for him as he doesn’t fall in love easily.

  • He goes by his own rules, so you can try all you want, but what clicks him is something you don’t have control over. He’s alien to the idea of romance and love and does not flirt, which means getting this man’s attention is ultra-tough.
  • However, once he chooses someone, he can make her stomach hurt with laughter given his uncanny and witty, sometimes playfully sarcastic sense of humor.
  • He is very sensitive as well, which means he’s not someone who’ll play around with your heart. Once you find out what lies under this serious disposition, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the magnanimity of love he is capable of.
  • He is THE most loyal of all men in the zodiac. Once he’s dating you, it’s hard for anyone else to try on him, which means a woman can trust him blindly.
  • He believes in old-school love, therefore, as classic his approach is, so are his expectations. He’s quite the traditional.

Most attracted to: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo

As a Husband

A Capricorn marries for life. He’s dependable, loyal, and fidelity is never an issue with him. he’s not a romantic man in conventional terms but will choose to give you the best of anything you desire. He will stand strong with you in good times and bad, and he’s not someone who gets flaky or fickle so no matter where he is, it’s you who is in his heart. And more often than not, you’ll never feel the need of being suspicious ever.

  • He needs someone who can balance out his pessimism with her optimism. A woman who’s practical and solution-oriented can bring him out of his dilemmas.
  • He doesn’t like messy things, messy places, or messy people. This simply means that his house needs to be in order.
  • He might get possessive of his wife, and this may create some trouble.

Most compatible with: Cancer, Taurus

As a Father

A Capricorn father is a disciplinarian and doesn’t express his love in hugs or cuddles, but he treats his children with kindness and understanding. He upholds the qualities of righteousness, fairness and perseverance in his children and expects them to grow up as good human beings. He is the best provider in the entire zodiac range and a very responsible father.

He lays down the rules and regulations around the house and expects his children to follow them, this might become an issue in the adolescence and teen years when children are exploring themselves and new emotions around them.

Professional Life Roles

Capricorn man is hardworking, determined, and ambitious in their professional roles. They set high standards for themselves and channelize all their energies in achieving these objectives to reach the pinnacle of success. They pursue their career with the utmost dedication and perseverance. They are driven by money and are self-motivated. They will do well in all kinds of service and jobs. Areas in management, finance, programming, and finances will suit them best. They also make for good business professionals.

As a Student

A Capricorn is the over-achiever of the class and the one who all his teachers can depend upon with responsibilities. He is extremely focused on academics.

  • He is an excellent student and doesn’t get carried away with what most of his peers do. He might not have a huge friend-group and his introvert nature helps him in concentrating more on studies and self-educating than getting distracted with other things.
  • He aims for the bull’s eye and hits it.

As an Employee

Capricorn Moon sign born employees are highly determined and ambitious with great strength of perseverance and patience. They have a strong sense of responsibility and superior organizational skills and have good observation and analytical abilities.

  • They are humble but know that they only deserve the best for what they bring to the table in terms of work and will not settle for anything less than that for their hard work.
  • Their financial stability and social status matters to them and therefore, they will never be doing jobs which are not influential or in positions of superiority and authority. They expect their position to speak for themselves rather than them having to speak a word.

As a Boss

Capricorn has a grit and determination which is hard to come by. One can’t look at tell what this man is made up of unless they work with him.

  • As calm as he seems, he’s a perfectionist and expects the same from his staff. He shows no desire to be at the top, instead he outperforms everyone to make it subtle that he’s the best.
  • He’s the one who sets the bar high. He’s confident, unbothered by anyone else, secure, determined and dedicated without showing off.
  • He appears cool but his Saturnian traits makes sure than no time is spent wasting and everyone’s doing their work efficiently.
  • In challenging situations, he keeps his cool and deals with it appropriately and on time.

As a Business Professional

The methodical and organized way of doing work clubbed with a highly active analytical mind, makes Capricorn Moon sign man a successful businessman. They are efficient, committed, and effective leaders. They have a refined business acumen with the ideal managerial skills. They have firm work ethics and emphasize getting the job done within the set timelines, without compromising on the quality.

  • The skills in financial management coupled with their ability to handle the most complex parts of business make them effective business professionals.
  • They have the necessary knowledge, intellect, and business acumen along with the sheer grit to carve a niche for themselves, to make it big as an entrepreneur.