The Capricorn Man Personality

Capricorn man is known to make a responsible and devoted partner in committed relationships and marriage. He is, however, not extremely romantic, carefree and fun loving. Since he is ruled by the planet of structures and discipline, the practical, sincere and serious side of his personality is always strong.
Capricorn males are very hardworking and persistent in their efforts. They always run after success and money. They are never really satisfied with what they have achieved in their professional sphere. This makes them somewhat serious and boring.

Capricorn man might get involved with many women out of sheer lust, but when it comes to marriage, they want a solid and stable partner from a good family background. They are unlikely to make a long term commitment based on impulses.

Family and relatives are dear to Capricorn man, and he would expect his partner to respect and love them completely after marriage. Bad chemistry with his mom, dad and siblings can be an instant deal breaker.

When he decides to form long term ties, Capricorn man will choose a partner who even if is not very glamorous and stylish, but is dependable, faithful and smart with good morals and respectable background.

Positive traits of Capricorn Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Capricorn love partner makes a sincere, devoted and dependable husband. He is extremely hardworking, ambitious and career oriented, but that won’t let him neglect his home and family life.

Negative traits of Capricorn Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Capricorn men have an out-and-out practical and pragmatic nature. This could mean that dreamy and cheesy romantic moments will be a few or none and your married life might spell boring vibes after sometime. Capricorn males also have a tendency to detach sentiments from physical love making, which could disappoint you if you are an emotional and romantic lover.

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