Capricorn Temperament

Capricorn Temperament - A box full of mysteries, you look cold & distant but actually, your life is emotional trauma.

native is a person of paradoxes. You are as serious and disciplined as you are humorous. Which side of you one gets to see, depends upon the situation.

Nonetheless, Capricorn has an innate need for foundations, follow rules and protocols, thus never cross the line. Your need for security and disciplined nature keeps you grounded.

If Sagittarius is an open book, for Capricorn one can say that there is more to them than what meets the eyes. You are emotionally complex. Capricorn does not like to be pushed for something, they are a hard rock to move.

You can do wonders with your leadership abilities, will power and talent, provided your self-esteem is high. You have the temperament to become great leaders because you lead by example and not orders.

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Capricorn appears very cold, self-sufficient, reserved, and calculative to someone who meets them for the first time. However, that is not essentially true.

Spontaneous emotional connections are not natural for you. You take time for realistic assessment, which may not be taken as intended and you may come off as calculative. You do assess how compatible emotional involvement is with your ambitions but that is not because you are materialistic but because you see the bigger picture, and when get involved, it has to be for the long haul.

You have the temperament to take time to build relationships, but once committed, you remain loyal and generous. Thus, initial magnetism is not your forte, which you tend to compensate for with the longevity of the relationship.

This sense of practicality gives you a more realistic attitude towards life, thus you rarely keep any idealistic expectations saving you from emotional ebbs and flows.


You are workaholics. In an attempt to work hard and build a secure future, you tend to ignore your feelings and needs. Alternatively, this can be put the other way round. In an attempt to suppress your feelings and innermost emotions, you keep yourself busy by working towards ambitions that can be fulfilled.

Nevertheless, you are a responsible and capable person, with an innate sense of duty towards your loved ones. Moon in Capricorn often has to step into the role of responsibility quite early in their life, which also contributes to their lack of childish spirit.

You have the temperament to be the provider, and often take responsibilities that rightfully belong to others. Your way of nurturing others is more practical than emotional.

Realistic and Resilient

You are mentally sharp, emotionally stable, psychologically realistic, and physically strong. You have a strong survivor spirit in you and have the temperament to face challenges and obstacles with patience, hard work, practicality, and determination.

You are very ambitious, set high expectations and standards for yourself. You do not compete with the world, but yourself. You are in it to win it. And the virtue of patience and a realistic approach towards the future help you slowly and steadily win the race.

You know how to play it safe; do not move an inch unless you are sure of success. You always have plans to move further, to ultimately reach your goals, and never strive from the path.

Highly intelligent, you have tremendous respect for knowledge and know-how to use it to your advantage. You weigh the pros and cons of every step and then move ahead, which ensures success.

Roadblocks in life

The biggest hurdle for you is that your life is an emotional trauma, an escape from the softer side of you. You find it difficult to deal with emotions and have fear of rejection.

In situations when you need a shoulder to cry on, you tend to suppress your feelings to avoid coming off as weak. Your pragmatic approach towards making emotional connections and tendency to be self-conscious makes you appear cold, calculative, and unavailable to others. This is to say that often you are too harsh on yourself.

The burden of responsibilities and the habit of over-work crush your inner spirit. Your constant quest to reach the top of the mountain makes you vulnerable to purposelessness once you achieve your ambitions. “Now what?” is the question that remains unanswered.

This temperament to never get satisfied with what you have often become a roadblock to happiness. When sad, you often isolate yourself on the mountain peak of work and get consumed by pessimism, life becomes boring.

And when you accomplish something, you often tend to hold yourself as more capable and look down upon others which affects your relationships. Keeping these things in view will help you come off as a more down-to-earth and approachable person.