Sun Transit Reading

Sun Transit Reading


Sun moves into a new sign of your horoscope every 30 days. Being the life force and the 'king' planet of your horoscope, this transit assumes a great importance in your changing fortune. Solar months are named as per the transit of Sun in the different zodiac signs of a horoscope. Sun completes revolution through one zodiacal belt in one year time.

Sun is your soul energy and signifies your health, authority, status & respect in society and how you are benefited by the people in power circle, supported by your father or a father figure and how relations would be with your boss or superior at work. These elements and some other aspects of your life undergo a change with every movement of Sun. Scanning the Sun transit is a very good technique to find out how every new Vedic month that begins on the day of Sun's change over to new sign, would go for you.

Benefits of Sun Transit Reading:

This reading will give incisive analysis of result of movement of Sun in particular sign in your horoscope. How that movement will influence which parts of your chart and what it means for your health, finances, career and relationships will be covered in the reading.

Helpful Tips:

  • The lordship of Sun in your horoscope
  • Transit of Sun with respect to your Moon sign & ascendant both - for each month
  • Influence of other planets on the transiting Sun in your chart
  • Influence of transiting Sun over your natal planets.
  • The house (the bhava) being influenced by the transiting Sun in your chart and how the significations of that house will manifest in that month.

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