Sun-Venus Conjunction : Yukta Yoga


When two or more planets come together or conjuncts, it creates a different destiny in your birth chart due to the coming together of special celestial forces. Such combinations can often make or break your life, as they are powerful. They can bring amazing results on one hand and on the other, can bring challenges and setbacks in your life. The conjunction of Sun & Venus in your chart gives you a rare ability to progress, on the basis of your perceptive & social skills and creative abilities, which would not have been as pronounced, if Venus was not in the same sign as that of the Sun.

The placement of Venus with Sun in the same sign, brings an intense desire in you to hang around with people of opposite sex and it creates the most unlikely relationships and affinity, due to the magnetic effect that you have on the others. It is interesting to note that when this change happens at a professional level, it turns into a boon. Getting appointments or grabbing attention of people simply by communicating, becomes a cakewalk for you. This conjunction also combines four very important house portfolios that enhances your luck as well as a deep instincts. It works in your favour when you are easily able to understand the needs of your colleagues/ customers or targets of the opposite sex and this knowledge definitely helps you progress at work.

Helpful Tips:

  • The report will feature how this conjunction shapes your destiny and your nature.
  • How you can use this conjunction to create a roadmap for success & progress in your life.
  • We will cover the periods when the results would show up along with predictions
  • We will also provide Vedic recommendations for success
  • Give you remedies to overcome negativity for you to fast-track on your path of success.

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12 Pages