Sade Sati Reading

Sade Sati Reading

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The transit & effects of Saturn are often treated with fear and apprehension. Saturn is one of the slowest planets in the solar system, whose effects are considered under the Vedic Astrology system.

Saturn is both a giver as well as a taker. Since its effects are very slow and powerful, people remember the sufferings more than the gains Saturn brings.

Sade - Sati is a Hindi term, which means ‘Seven & a Half’. It signifies the legendary seven & a half years of Malefic Saturn’s transit over your Moon sign. Saturn gives poor results when it is in the 12th position, on top of Moon Sign ie the 1st position and in the second position from Moon.

In the 12th position – expenses & losses rise due to excesses & over confidence of the past. Bad deeds rise too.

In the 1st Position – status & prestige could get effected. Finances & professional success would look down too. Health could suffer. Health of mother could suffer.

In the 2nd position – Finances remain sluggish, while realization about the mistakes of the past could come up. This period helps you realize the value of money & family and prepares you for the next cycle of growth.

Sade Sati, usually comes at least twice in each one’s life and even thrice for a large number of people. The first round and the third round are severe while the second round is usually benign.

Further, it has been observed that for people with beneficial Saturn, the Sade Sati period sometimes catapults them to the heights of success & fame.

You could get your chart examined to check:
  • Effects of Sade Sati on you.
  • Period when Sade Sati would operate.
  • Remedies to tone down the evil effects, if applicable.

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