Quality of life is embedded in 4 Pillars:

Your horoscope rests on 4 Pillars that could either be the recipe of your success or reason behind your shortcomings. If the pillars are strong individually and as a unit, they mean substantial progress in each area they stand for. The ability to use the strength of the strongest pillar to compensate or compliment a weaker pillar is the way to activate your fortune by free will & Karma.

Understanding the 4 Life Pillars:

Pillar 1
Your personal confidence, health & personality is the first pillar. The strength of your first pillar determines your ability to react to opportunities & challenges that life throws at you. The basic strength of the first pillar determines the magnitude of success & resilience you will have in life. This pillar is insulated by family, wealth, your expression, spirituality & ability to dream & imagine. This pillar is the canvas & marquis on which your life story is enacted. It is your identity.

Pillar 2
Your home, wealth & name your create for yourself is the second pillar. This determines the real happiness, peace of mind & depth of your comforts and confidence. The experiences & affection given by parents, self assurance & value system is also determined by this pillar. The level of self reliance, satisfaction & confidence on your abilities is covered here. A strong second pillar gives you a happy & long life. This pillar is insulated by your extended family like children, siblings & all abilities coming out of your psyche. Your guts, instincts & communication skills come from this pillar.

Pillar 3
Your spouse/ love partner, business partner, skills of being an entrepreneur & taking up mammoth challenges in life are determined by this third pillar. The ability to survive in hardships, to coexist in this world, being truly secular & tolerant, doing business in all parts of the world are determined by this very important pillar. Your health, longevity, ability to handle stress, unknown and unexpected events are covered by this pillar.

Pillar 4
Your profession, career & your actions, whether good or bad are determined by the fourth & the most important pillar. Your karma & the footprints that you would leave in the sands of time are determined here. What profession you will follow, level of success and prominence in social & work circle is an integral part of this pillar. Your luck, travels, income, financial growth, social success & religious inclinations get determined by this pillar.

Your Foundation Pillar Reading:

Giving up work for love or love for work, when actually planets are supporting your first pillar of focusing on self is a classic mistake & a case of wrong priorities in life. People focus on family by leaving career or neglect family for career. In the twilight of life, they sit back with regret at times on their wrong focus and missing out on life's goals. It is here that Foundation Pillar Report could be your guidance note. It tells you the strength of each pillar of your life. It carries advice on which pillar to focus and which one to play down. Advice on how each pillar of your life would fare over the next 2-20 years is also covered.

This report is a guidance on which aspect of life to focus on at what stage of life. There would be different times in life when you should focus on work, marriage, home or self development. It would take you through these phases depending on the time period of the report requested by you.


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