Health Horoscope 2020 for Scorpio moon sign

Health Horoscope

Scorpio moon sign natives are ruled by the planet Mars, and are thus super active, restless and hurried in their actions and thinking. Being a water sign, you carry a low esteem and are highly emotional which puts your health at risk, most times. Your insensitivity towards your dietary considerations and eating habits adds another layer of risk to your health. Your hastiness and proneness to stress, due to taking up more than what you can chew, makes you more vulnerable and weakens your resistance to fight off diseases.

The health horoscope 2020 for Scorpio moon sign shows that they will be blessed with a good health spell, during the year, where their physical health will more or less be on the right track but the emotional well-being will require care and attention.

Some important health periods during the year will be:

  • During the start of the year, too many things in your personal and professional life may tend to consume a lot of your emotional energy. You will feel low and drained out, and an adverse impact of this on your physical status will also be visible.
  • When Rahu will change its position post September, a sudden health problem may arise, which will be stress induced. You are advised to take rest and avoid getting unreasonably hassled over petty matters.

Physical health will be good, emotional disturbance is indicated

In the months of January-February, when Mars will be positioned in your moon sign, you will kick start your year on a healthy note. Scorpio moon sign born people will be in a good physical shape, which will reflect on their mental well-being also. However, family, career or finance related issues may surface soon after, which will cause some emotional turmoil. Anxiety levels, at this point will be pretty high.

You are advised to avoid unnecessary tensions and take the help of your family members, friends and colleagues in sorting out the issues. Also, keep yourself hydrated, as this will help you in staying calm and escape any major ailment.

As Jupiter and Ketu will move into your 2nd house, they will aspect your 6th house of diseases, this placement will bless you with good health and recovery from any health complications will ensue.

Health of your children will be of concern

During March to April, sudden health issues may crop up, but they will not have any significant effect on your overall health and well-being, indicates your health horoscope. The placement of Mars in the house of family and finance and its aspect over the house of children and 8th house of sudden and chronic illnesses, will be a matter of worry for your children’s health. So, you are advised to take extra care of your child’s health, in this period.

If you are unmarried, the affliction of your 5th house may result in mental stress and anxiety. You will tend to overthink on various trivial issues straining your mind and impact its state of wellness. A little caution, in this period by putting rationality into your thought process will go a long way in saving you from unnecessary health troubles.

Expenditure over health is apparent

Most of the health concerns of the Scorpio moon sign natives, in the year 2020 will largely root from their distressed state of mind. If ignored or kept unchecked, these psychological disturbances will also affect your physical wellness. In severe cases, you may require medical assistance for speedy recovery.

When Mars will begin to transit in your 5th house, in the months of June-July, stomach related issues will become common. This will be caused due to stress over health issues of family members or worry over business partnerships. The ailments that you will encounter in these months will require medical attention. Therefore, a rise in expenditure over medical procedures is clearly visible, in this period, for your moon sign.

Unknown health issue may arise

Between September and December, Mars will be placed in its own sign in your 6th house and Rahu will be placed in your 8th house. This placement is an indication of some sort of health problem, the root cause of which will be unknown. Such healthcare issues where diagnosis will be tough are going to be difficult to be treated, as well.

To treat health conditions, in these months, Scorpio natives would require effective medical care and a healthy diet plan, along with a check on their physical exercise regime. Do not forget to drink lots of liquid, since it is important to stay hydrated during stressful periods and otherwise also, to stay emotionally balanced, energetic and healthy.

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