Lunar Eclipse on 26th May 2021: Astrological Analysis and Impacts

Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth casts a shadow over the moon, when the sun, moon and the earth are in close vicinity. Lunar eclipse has a large bearing on the astrological world and often the placement of these three important planetary bodies cast an effect on the individuals of different zodiac moon signs. Find out here, what impact this particular Lunar Eclipse has on you.

Lunar Eclipse of 26 May, 2021

What is Lunar Eclipse?

The earth is placed between the sun and the moon. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth gets in the wayzoda of the moon, causing the direct rays of the sun to be prevented from reaching the moon. The earth’s shadow covers up parts or the full moon, leading to a lunar eclipse. We can observe the shadow of the Earth transforms the light in bright shades of red, brown and then grey. A total Moon eclipse takes place when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth and the light of the Sun passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, which filters blue light and reflects on the Moon’s surface, coloring it in shades of red. This is referred to as “Blood Moon”. The year 2021 comprises of 4 eclipses in total - 2 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses.

26th May, 2021 is the day for a Total Lunar Eclipse [Blood Moon] – Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse will be visible in Australia, parts of the western US, western South America, or in South-East Asia. Today we will discuss the innate events of lunar eclipse.

Astrological Significance of Lunar Eclipse of 26th May 2021:

Lunar eclipse on 26 May will occur when the Sun in Gemini forms an opposition to the Moon in Sagittarius. This phase of both Moon and Sun occurs at 5 degrees and 26 mins of both Gemini and Sagittarius zodiacs. Respectively. It will affect the plantary combinations of individuals born with planets with degrees up to 10 degrees of Mutable signs [Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces]. The Full Moon is square to Jupiter which gives an air of exaggeration to all events which cannot be considered fake or dramatic but will be considered real as they will be based on true feelings of humans. The Lunar eclipses when they occur, help us to discover our real selves and not in the manner we project ourselves to the outer world.

The 2021 Lunar eclipse will bring changes in these cosmic adjustments which we think, may hinder our path. But on the contrary, they will help us to find the right path, which is connected not with our minds but with our souls. At this juncture, the emotional balance of all Moon signs is not balanced. The Lunar Eclipse encourages all individuals to analyze their problems and find the correct way of solutions with connectivity through communication, movement of action and interaction with others by using correct form of dialect with each other.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on all Moon Signs:

Lunar eclipse generates many emotions with strong strength but they will also reveal the inner truth of our personality i.e. high and lows of our emotions. The eclipse tends to have personal effect based on our Moon in the horoscope and initiate our pent up energies for release but it is wise for us to relax on this particular day as relaxed constitution of mind will bring the truth of your emotions in the light, bringing your soul to the forefront of your observation for inner strength of your core.

  1. Fire Moon signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will become conscious of their existence in this world and their purpose of life. Fire moon signs always have an exploding quotient, which always has its roots with possessiveness of protecting your loved ones from the adverse impact of this mortal world.

Aries – This eclipse will be positive based on your reflexes, so try to remain calm and express your love and affection to your loved ones especially your children or siblings, by making clear communication levied with your wishes and not with your dominance of controlling them. Avoid any kind of mental stress and take care of your health, especially of your mother. Professional and financial prospects will be good.

Leo – This eclipse is very supportive in terms of maintaining good social and familial relationship and you are advised to avoid any kind of misunderstanding by mutual cooperation and verbal communication. Call is for prosperity in career but check over finances is beneficial. Take care of your mother’s health.

Sagittarius – This eclipse will be beneficial if you will avoid being impulsive in your attitude towards little issues in your scheduled life. You are advised to express your feelings over any matter to your loved ones or your colleagues in a very positive gesture with control over your expression of words and gesture of communication. [COMPATIBLITY ANALYSIS REPORT]. Observe your finances, as chances of financial losses are visible. Take care of your health and follow good diet and exercise regime.

  1.  Air Moon signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will lose sleep over their past activities, which will turn back upon them and dissipate their confidence. Air signs tend to live in the world of their own creation and you are a victim of your follies if you do not evaluate your scheduled events with a practical eye.

Gemini – The eclipse will fare for you beneficially if you will balance your negative energies and replace them with positive attitude in all your activities by donating some time for yourself in meditation. Your personality will reflect an aura of confidence but stress will prevail over some unexpected events. So try to take things easy and avoid arguments of any kind for smooth sailing of all events.

Libra – You will be notified with good romantic feelings [LOVE ANALYSIS REPORT] with your partner as this eclipse will cater to your heightened emotions, which will pave way to make your relations cordial with your partner. Take care of your and your partner’s health with routine checkup and medication. Financial arena will also demand regular attention and caution is advised against lending or investing money in any pursuit. [Financial report]

Aquarius – The eclipse will bring in a link of positive and negative trends with mixed strength and a success is possible by little effort, with steady tread of events. The positivity of new love relationship is on the astrological cards for you and it may blossom into a perfect commitment if handled with care [WHAT WILL MY LIFE PARTNER BE LIKE]. This is not a progressive time for you, therefore maintain your professional decorum at work place. Avoid any kind of travel prospects and take care of your health on routine basis.

  1. Water Moon signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces all will face sentimental setbacks if they do not balance their emotions with practicality, over their mental management.

Cancer – The eclipse will offer you increment of emotional expressions and you will be on the onset of mental turmoil over all aspects but you are advised to listen to your unconscious mind and you will get all the answers to all your queries. You will get spiritual enlightenment which will help you to resolve your emotional issues. Good professional gains are visible. Take care of your health. [HEALTH REPORT

Scorpio – The eclipse will not be very progressive for your sign as you are an impulsive Scorpio native, who reacts over all situations with surge of emotions. You are cautioned to avoid arguments with your partner, family and friends. Be practical in your professional pursuits and keep a check over your finances. Control your anxiety by mediation and work for the betterment of your spiritual upliftment.

Pisces –The eclipse will bring about the turmoil in your emotional pool where your wisdom will also be dominated by your emotional feelings and your wisdom will take a secondary seat. So you are advised to avoid any major changes in all aspects of life. Take care of your mother’s and children’s health. Clear communications will bring the clean pool of emotions with your loved ones and misunderstandings will be avoided in a positive manner.

  1. Earth Moon signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will focus on their financial gains and the methods of attainting financial gains and success. You have a good focus on your goals with strong dedication towards hard work with your feet grounded to the earth.

Taurus – The eclipse will be beneficial for your financial prospects. Your long waited desires will be fulfilled but your personal relations will demand your attention to avoid any contradictions in relationship. Keep a check over your expenses and chalking out your financial budget over expenses will be beneficial. Be gentle with your words and communication expression with your associates and family to restore harmony in relations.

Virgo – The eclipse will disrupt your natural balance even in positive scenario. So, avoid hasty decisions and keep your patience barometer higher with people around you. You will be appreciated by your associates and your family. You will get an increment and stability in your job with luck in the profession and your financial gains will be strong.

Capricorn – The eclipse will enhance all your attributes of this mortal world comprising in the gains in personal relations as unexpected new love relationship may develop. It’s a progressive time for professional and financial gains but caution is advised, not to overlook personal relations as relationship with spouse or partner may be affected. Practice meditation for patience as your behaviours’ virtue

This Lunar Eclipse including the other eclipses in the year 2021 will impose certain strong changes and we will be forced to adapt to these changes, which will impact our ways of thought process and will bring in solutions and new ways of reaching our goals successfully. 

Faq About Moon Eclipses:

- According to Vedic Astrology, eclipses are considered inauspicious time to start or make key decisions about projects, relationships, jobs, or any other important thing in the material world.

-So what is the best thing to do during an eclipse?

-Eclipses are a great time to stay in, meditate, and do your inner work.  In fact, they provide an especially rich opportunity to connect with spirit because the ‘veils’ are thin.