Love Horoscope 2021 – Mid Year Analysis

Love is a feeling that is enjoyed by all, or at least should be. Whether you are in a relationship or you are looking for one, love is something you need for a happy and fulfilled life. Love life often determines the health of other spheres of your life – family, career, profession. Already 6 month into the year, find out how your life will fare in terms of love, for the rest of the year.

Love Horoscope 2021 – Mid Year Analysis

Love Relationships of All Moon Signs in 2021:

Love is the only emotion in this colorful web of relations, which is the most essential requirement of every living organism on this earth. Any relationship depends upon the trust, mutual understanding, compassion and respect for one other. Love relationships are blend of emotions and when mirrored in beads of expressions, will bring in lot of bridges to make new relationships, or add new depth to current commitments and marital relationships.

The kind of love relationship we engage ourselves with during the given time is due to the effects of the natal planets and planets in transit that are posited in our horoscope, which not only governs the pattern of behavior but also the way with which we deal with our emotions and relationships.

Let’s see how our relationships will organize in love frame in accordance to our Moon signs.


Mars is the personal planet of Aries native and love relationships of this sign receives their energy and passion from its fiery element. Any relationship of the Aries thrives on the thrilling element that sparks the physical and sentimental chemistry of two individuals.

Till June – You will see a low tide in your love relationships and to keep them cordial, you are strongly advised to keep a low volume of verbal expressions with your partner and also dear ones, as loudness of expression may bring in conflicts in all your relationships.

July to September – Your relationships will pick up momentum and you will have some cherishing moments with your partner, which will make your love life glowing. Your relationship will gain strength and mutual trust between you and your partner will grow, which will enhance your bond with more security and become enchanting with mutual romantic vibes.

October to December – You will move forward in your relationship and pay attention on strengthening your relationship, instead of emphasizing on your differences with your partner. Avoid being harsh on each other and at the end of the year, you will be rewarded with an approving association with your partner or some of you may even consider approaching a permanent commitment/marriage with your desired partner.

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Venus is your personal planet. The Love horoscope of Taurus natives reveals that the coming year will be a blessing for your love relationships as there will be flow of emotional sensitivity most of the year which will result in strengthening of your relationship.

Till June – You may face some challenging moments due to the difference of opinion with your partner. These relations will be cordial based on your sensitivity and patience. Try to sort your relationship struggles at any level of love during this time. Check your compatibility with your current partner through this customized Love/marriage compatibility report.

July to September – Your love will have a strong potion of attraction which will recharge you by enhancing your understanding and you will empower your mutual trust with your partner. This period will be like plunging into the ocean of love with your partner and bring out the treasure of strong emotional bonding and cordial relations.

September to December – This period will lack the stability of emotional equilibrium and you may face the overwhelming pressure due to some contradictions in your love relationships. Your partner may fail to understand your anxiety. You will regain all atoms of your trust in of your love relationships if you give your partner the assurance and security of his/her importance in your love life.

Saturn will be in your house of luck so it will give you the patience and Jupiter will give you the wisdom to maintain your status quo of healthy relationships.


Mercury is your personal planet and your Love horoscope indicates a mixed year in terms of your romantic calendar, this year. You will have a tough and adverse time in your love life as your partner will not appreciate your pragmatic [practical] manner in relationships as relations are bonded more by emotions and sentiments. Jupiter the planet of prosperity will bless you with wisdom of love poetry to sing to your partner for strong relations all the year round.

Till June – The initial part of year will be good for your personal life and love relationship. So, to maintain the harmonious status throughout this period it is best to avoid any kind of love contradiction. As per the planetary movements of your Gemini sign, it will be a good period for love and you will avail every opportunity to make the best of your love quotient with your patience and love.

July to September – Your health will demand extra care this year as your Saturn will be placed in the 8th house of hurdles which predicts uncertainties in the varied aspects of life. Check out our Saturn Energized Report. So pay attention to your health and try to cherish the warmth of your love relationship by manipulating your efforts in that direction. You can check out your Health Analysis Report for 2021. Your partner will feel the lack of your love quotient but will support you with his strength in your weak moments.

October to December – Love is that divine emotion that cannot be handled by everyone, so this is the good time to move forward with compassion and tenderness in love connection at every level. Those who will move forward to the next level in their love relationship will be blessed with permanent love partner. Claim out our personalized Relationship Analysis Report for enhancement in your current relationship or deep bonding in marital relations.


Moon as your personal planet, you are one of the most sensitive and emotional signs of the zodiac with the unique quality of nurturing and expressing your love and affection with clarity. Your love life will have less of low and more of high phases of emotions in the year 2021 as Saturn will be placed in the house of partnership [marriage] and Jupiter in the house of [hurdles]. But the positivity of your love, will bring the best in you even in your tough times due to the purity of your sentiments.

Till June – This time will be progressive in terms of your love relationship and you will be completely engrossed in each other’s love bundle of emotions that it would be very heart breaking to detach yourself from each other. You will reflect each other’s blend of love with strong bonding and mutual understanding.

July to September –Your romantic pyramid will be at soaring heights where your love caliber will be intense and caring towards your partner and in return, your partner will revert back your warmth of emotions with tenderness and care. Your personal life will be intimate at both physical and mental level, which will be characterized by your strong bonding with your partner.

October to December –The last phase of the year will develop some concerns in love relationship as the transit of planets will bring some stress and conflict in your relationship, which will be mild in nature. Your cheerful efforts will keep your partner content over the whole year and that nature will follow in the end of the year with a reduced degree. So try to maintain harmony of relations with your wisdom. Check out your Love Cartography Report to better understand the bonding with your partner.


Sun as your personal planet will keep you moving fast and glowing in your love relationships. Your love life will move like a see-saw, where your love will be deep and strong with your partner but it will take all your strength and stamina to convince your partner for making a love angle in his/her heart. Jupiter the progressive planet, will prosper your love ladder if you will be sublime in your love moves with patience and take your love tread slowly through the year.

Till June –This the period which is positive but less progressive as the major planets Saturn and Jupiter are placed in the 6th house of enemy and 7th house of partnership, which may bring about some delusions in relation to your love relationship with your partner. New relationship will also prosper into commitment after lot of efforts of convincing your partner as the relationship may not be appreciated by the people associated with your partner. Marital relations will require caliber of understanding for its harmony.

July to September – Your strength of the bonding with love for your partner will let you give strong stand to prove the inclination of your love and depth of your love relationship with your partner. The natives born under this sign who are in love relationship will have a good opportunity to marry their partner during this period. To know more, claim your What will my Life Partner be Like Report.

October to December – This will be a progressive period in terms of your love relationship and to make more advancement in your trust and depth of your relationship both in personal and marital relations it is essential to devote quality time to each other for better and greater understanding with expressions of love and verbal conversations for the clarity of love relationships. You will win the heart of your loved one with wisdom and the sincerity of your emotions.


Mercury your personal planet of intellect and communication will bring mixed positive results for your love life and love relationships. This year will be beneficial for your love relationships. Saturn will be posited in the 5th house of love relationships, where you will get tangled in love emotions with your partner and the placement of Jupiter in the 6th house will give reduced leverage to love potion in your life but as the year will progress its retrogression in your love house will coax you to tie knot with your partner. Claim your Marriage Astrology Report for better understanding of what is to come.

Till June – Your love inclinations will be strong but your partner may not respond with the same intensity to your love signs and will add an element of delay in response due to the presence of Saturn in your house of love. So wait and watch as your partner will knock your love door if you are true in your affection and your love life will prosper.

July to September – This will be a progressive period when your love flute will entwine with each other very well with good bonding for each other and your relationship will progress with the enhancement of love and affection. Your bond will strengthen with mutual trust and communication, which will help you to create a special love place in each other’s heart.

October to December – The last phase of the year will bring happiness, peace and joy where you will be ethical in your personal relationship and will proceed in all your personal connections with care and affection based on your moral values prompting to help your partner in need. This art of duty and love will promote and reinforce love for each other with strong empathy that will form a concrete base for your relationship with warmth and closeness for each other.


Venus your personal planet is the illustration of beauty and love and this planet brings prosperity of relations which will be favorable for you for the entire year of 2021. Saturn and Jupiter the main planets of the zodiac will posited in the house of stability will bring about the enhancement of your love relationships to the next level.

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Till June - Your love life will favorable during this period and you will be romantic in your love approach where you will find a space in the heart of your beloved which will be very enticing. You will have total dedication in your love prospects towards your partner and you will surprise your partner with gifts and your feelings will be replicated with warmth and affection.

July to September – This period offers a good chance of you getting married to the partner of your choice as revealed by the planetary placement in your natural Libra horoscope. This period offers strong dynamism in your love life and you will be content with blessings of the lady luck of your partner that will bring prosperity in all your aspects of life including your love prospects. Claim your Love Cartography report for proper mapping of your love life.

October to December – Your romantic life and bond will grow stronger and healthier where your love life will be enhanced and you will be in cloud nine with the achievements of your partner. These achievements will vary from romance to professional accomplishments, which will bring more joy to love relationship with financial stability. Overall the year 2021 will be auspicious as planetary transits will bless you with prosperity in all arena of life.


Mars as your personal planet is an epitome of impulsive behavior which will bring contradictions in your personal life and you will see grey and colorful shades of your love life throughout the year. The reason for these contradictions of love expression will be that Ketu will be posited in your zodiac sign which create a veil over your partner’s sentiments and make it hard for him/her to understand the gist of your feelings to maintain harmony of relations.

Till June – Despite you being warm and romantic at heart but the impulsive streak that you have will give lot of challenges to your partners, who will have to struggle to maintain the depth of the bond and keep the strength of the relationship. These contradictions will bring lapses and lack in mutual understanding and communications that may make you distant with each other in your love relationship.

July to September – Saturn will be posited in the 3rd house of your zodiac sign, which will have its aspect on the 5th house of love for the whole year of 2021 which indicates the birth of depth in your love relationship with your partner. It will build trust with slow and steady pace with patience and correct mode of behavior based on your situation. Any conflict will help you to sustain the bond with your dear ones and any erratic behavior during this period will impair your love relation with your partner and loved ones. So caution over behavior pattern is advised.

October to December – The last phase of the year will be prosperous and you will have the intelligence to overcome your difference with mutual verbal conversation, where you will preserve the dignity of yourself and your partner. This will be an auspicious time to unite with your partner by maintaining decorum of relationship or by tying a marriage knot with your partner and give a larger meaning to your love relationship.


Jupiter is your personal planet and the wisdom in your love relationship will keep reflecting on the whole of the year of 2021. As it is clear from the Sagittarius love horoscope, this year will be full of love emotions for the Sagittarius natives and you will have to balance your emotions between your family relations and love relations with your partner for the smooth sailing of your love boat.

Till June – Mars your love planet lord will provide the immense energy and passion in you which will prompt you to make efforts in your relationship to strengthen your love bond with your partner. You will have to create patience in your love attitude towards your spouse to maintain the personal space and mutual respect for the spontaneous flow of sentiments of warmth and tenderness for each other.

July to September – This period of the year will bring in volumes of love, which will fill your love life with happiness and contentment. It will bring in feelings of warmth and tenderness for each other. The basic ingredient of the depth of your love will depend on the mutual understanding with each other by creating space and mutual respect for each other.

October to December – The last phase of the year will be progressive and Sagittarius natives may get married to the person of their choice as marriage prospects are very strong and you will enjoy each other’s company. The basic strength of the compatibility of both partners is entirely based on the maintenance of peace and harmony in any love relationship. Look out for our Love/Marriage Compatibility Report to know how you will fare with your partner.


Saturn will be your personal planet and for Capricorn natives this year will bring happiness in your life with your partner. Your personal planet Saturn will be posited in the ascendant along with the placement of Jupiter which indicates that you will be generous in your love relationship and Saturn the planet of discipline will work towards the honesty in your relationship.

Till June – This period will be a perfect time for your love relationship and you will have cheerful and rejoicing moments with your love partner as Rahu posited in the 5th house of love will give intense relationship with your partner and your partner will reciprocate your feelings with the same intensity of love emotion.

July to September – According to your love horoscope of year 2021, you will have to be careful in your personal relationships as there may be a veil drawn over the love relationships with your partner as Rahu continues its journey in the 5th house of love. This association of Rahu with Saturn will deliver contradictory situations with your partner, where the gist of dispute will not be clear and irrelevancy will slide in your nature. So caution is advised against such situations.

October to December – The last phase of the year will bloom with love for you, where you will create sound understanding with your partner which will be the effect of Jupiter progression towards Aquarius sign after retrogression.You will have all the love and warmth from your beloved where all the misunderstandings will stand clear with mutual effort and you and your partner will be basking under the glow of love showers in your personal life.


This sign acquires Saturn as its personal planet and as most of the signs, the partners who are conjoined as a couple in a love relationship will have the blessing of goddess of Love. You will have flourishing love prospects this year. Saturn will be posited in the 12th house of loss throughout the year with Jupiter progressing in both 12th house and ascendant, which will bring natural separation between you and your partner but you will have sound personal relationship with each other.

Till June –You and your partner will have mutual attraction towards each other and you and your beloved will keep each other relaxed and content by your long and revealing conversations which will bridge the gap of understanding and your relationship will be progressive and you will move forward in your love life.

July to September – You will have to face some hassles of separation from your partner due to the fact that you may have to go out of the place of your residence to attend some professional commitment. The other reason may be that your partner may face some health issue so you or your partner may have to take care of your health or professional commitment for advancement in life. Mutual understanding can withstand this separation with frequent long verbal expressions of care and use of technology to cover up long distance which will enhance your love potion with logic. You can check out your Health Horoscope Report, 2021 here to understand and know what is in store for you for the rest of the year.

October to December – The last quarter of the year will bring starry dreams in your love life and some of you may be united with your beloved with your nectar full of love and those have their love cups brimming to the top will move ahead and unite themselves in permanent commitment of marriage. Marital relations will be dreamy eyed and will move ahead with unification of passion and care in one basket of love and appreciation.


Jupiter as your personal planet always blesses you with wisdom but you have to motivated to stand with stability in your attitude for the flourishing and nurturing of your of your love sector and love relationship. Saturn will be in the house of gain for the whole year and the aspect of Saturn on Pisces sign in the ascendant may bring in some rollercoaster effects in your love life and the positive aspect of Jupiter will blanch your love relationship through every fluctuation of life

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Till June – You will have a good, strong and cordial love relationship with your partner but there may be some good and bad times in your personal relationship so you will have to manipulate your efforts to resolve your differences and your partner will take full initiative in mounting the disputes to welcome cordial relations with mutual understanding.

July to September – The Piscean natives will need to put some deliberate and consistent efforts to maintain their love life as this period will bring in mixed results in regard to your love life and you will have to take extra care to avoid any kind of debate with your partner over petty issues. The position of your stars will also bring in some approving moments of good signs of progressive love pursuits which will be good omens for your love relations. Marriage prospects are available for single Pisceans with due consent of partner. Check out your personalized Marriage Astrology Report to know in detail.

October to December – The last slot of the year will be progressive based on your love attitude with your partner and the early slot of this period till half of November will be controversial with your partner in love relationship. The return of blissful and contentment in your love relationship will be with your wisdom and staying grounded in your love relationship with mutual love, trust and cordiality of relations. You can make your love relations flourishing by the display of depth of your emotions whereas single natives may tie a marriage knot at the end of the year 2021.

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