Astrological Analysis of Sun transit in Capricorn on your Moon Sign on Makar Sankranti 2022

The festival of Makar Sankranti is considered to be extremely auspicious because this day is dedicated to Sun God. This year the festival will be celebrated on January 14. Sun will transit in Capricorn and bestow the natives with good fortune and great health.

Makar Sankranti 2022

Makar Sankranti in the year 2022 will be celebrated on 14 January, which falls on a Friday. The word Makar refers to the zodiac sign of Capricorn while Sankranti, traditionally means movement from one zodiac to another.

Makar Sankranti is an extremely auspicious festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent in the second week of January each year. This festival denotes the Sun’s transition into Capricorn (Makar). A traditional Hindu festival, it is celebrated as per observations of the solar calendar. This day marks the end of winter season and the beginning of longer day time.


Sun Transit in Capricorn 2022

Sun is a fiery sign and Capricorn is an earthy sign, so the transit of Sun through the Capricorn sign signifies the blend of hard work with patience. This will be the basic ingredient of everyone’s success in the year 2022. Sun is the source of accomplishments of desires, but Saturn is the task master that supports disciplinary action in any native that is needed to attain success. Sun in this transit will not force his commanding but will strengthen your endurance to increase the capacity of working hard will make you succeed and prosper in life.

On Makar Sankranti, the Sun changes its apparent direction of motion, as it begins its northward journey. Therefore, Makar Sankranti is also known as “Uttarayan”. This change is visible for 6 months. After 6 months, Sun begins its southward journey and moves to the Cancer sign, which is known as Dakshinayan. Hence, the year is divided into two parts that are Uttarayan (the first half) and Dakshinayan (the second half).

Ideally, Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival which has its roots in different cultures and regions all across India.

  • In north Indian states, this festival is known as Lohri.
  • In Assam, Makar Sankranti is called Magh Bihu.
  • It is known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu.
  • In West Bengal, this festival goes by the name of Poush Sankranti.
  • In Madhya Pradesh it is called Sakarat and in Gujarat, it is fondly known as Uttarayan.


What makes Makar Sankranti different from any other Hindu festival is that, while most of the Hindu festivals are based on the movement of the moon or as per the Lunar calendar, Makar Sankranti follows the solar movement and thus the Sun based calendar forms the basis of this harvest festival.


Happy Makar Sankranti 2022 

On the occasion of Makar Sankranti day, the father (Sun) visits his son (Saturn). Since both Sun and Saturn are inimical, this event signifies the importance of a father-son relationship. It also signifies the love and bond between a father and his son. Even if there some disagreement between the father and son, the father will always be there for his son to support him. This day signifies the endless love of a father towards his children. No matter how far the wrong road you’ve gone, your father will never leave your side and support. He will bring you back to the right path. 

This is the reason why Makar Sankranti holds a major significance in the life of yogis, saints, and holy men who choose the path of spirituality.

The tradition of making ‘til laddoos’, sesame sweets (signifying the Saturn) on this day and eating it with ‘Gur’ (jaggery) (signifying the Sun) is a mark of shedding away our ego. The amalgamation of objective and hard work helps the native follow a divine path in life. On this occasion, sesame sweets are also donated to ward off sinful thoughts and to bring our karmic cycle in sync with cosmic energy.


Cultural and Astrological Significance of Makar Sankranti:

In Vedic astrology terms, ‘Uttarayan ‘is considered as ‘the day of Gods’ whereas, Dakshinayan is considered as ‘the night of Gods’. According to Hinduism, the period of Uttarayan is considered auspicious as it is known to be the period of the Devas. Various kinds of auspicious works are carried out during this period.

This fact can be practically implemented through the thought that after this Sankranti day, the daytime gets longer, and the nighttime reduces. This allows more time for work and hence, good work, in a traditional sense of way and therefore it is considered auspicious. There is more time now to work the land for the farmers and thus, the celebration of proper harvest is observed.

Historically, this was the day chosen by Bhisma Pitamah in Mahabharta, the Hindu classic, to leave his mortal body to get salvation. Also, in the Hindu Vedic texts, this day signifies the battle between God Vishnu and ‘Asura’ where Lord Vishnu won the battle. In simple words, this say signifies the victory of good over evil.


Effect of Sun transit in Capricorn 2022 on zodiac signs:

Sun will transit in Capricorn on 14th January 2022 and this day is also considered auspicious as it is observed as Makar Sankranti, that is celebrated across India with reverence. So, we can say that this transit is important due to the relation of Sun and Saturn as this transit in Capricorn sign intensifies the qualities of Sun.


The effects of this transit on all moon signs:



Sun is the lord of the 5th house for Aries native and will transit in the 10th house of career, name and status which will be a beneficial transit for you. Benefits will be in terms of personal relationships and professional gains. Aries natives those are involved in government jobs or politics will get favourable results in their career with good name and hike in salary. The students studying law or political science, mechanical engineering will get good results. This transit will give you direct focus on your immediate goals along with success in all your ventures with good health.



Sun is the lord of the 4th house for Taurus native and will transit in the 9th house of luck, spirituality and long journeys which will be a mixed strength transit for you. While career aspect shows strength and growth, your personal relationships may not flourish well. So, it is practical to handle these personal relations with love and understanding. Professional front will be progressive in both job/business ventures but keep vigilance over your behaviour pattern as it may create problems in your work front. Take care of yours and your father’s health especially due to the extremities of temperature.



Sun is the lord of the 3rd house for Gemini native and will transit in the 8th house of sudden gains/loss and inheritance which will be a less progressive transit for you. Challenges in both your personal and professional front is visible during this time. Avoid taking any major financial decisions during this transit. Your personal and family relations will erupt like volcano over any previous issue which may create hassles for you. Health wise you are advised to balance your dietary intake along with your work and rest hours to balance the strength of your immune system.



Sun is the lord of the 2nd house for Cancer native and will transit in the 7th house of marriage and partnership, which will be an average beneficial transit for you. There will be progress in your professional front, but your personal relations may suffer a setback during this time. You will have to make efforts to revive the excitement and spark in your personal relations and happiness in your family bonding. Your professional prospects will be with normal progress as your opponents will give you tough competition on the work front, whereas your financial stability will be good if your expenses are kept in check. Take care of your personal and professional relations with vigilance.



Sun is the lord of the 1st house or ascendant for Leo native and will transit in the 6th house of debt, disease and enemy which indicates that it will be a beneficial transit for you. Your personal, professional and health quotient will remain strong throughout this time period. This transit will be supportive in your career options that will give you name and recognition along with the repayment of your debts, financial stability. You will have good health immunity and recovery from old ailments is clearly visible.



Sun is the lord of the 12th house for Virgo native and will transit in the 5th house of education, love and children which will be a mixed trend transit for you. You may have to work extra hard to achieve your professional success. Domestic life will see some troubles as well. You will be disappointed in personal relations, so it is advised that you should maintain balance in your relationship for strong personal bonding. Take care of your children’s health in a general way with maintaining their healthy diet regime.



Sun is the lord of the 11th house for Libra native and will transit in the 4th house of mother, domestic peace and prosperity indicates it will be a beneficial transit for you. You will gain success in your professional endeavors and your personal life will also see a bloom. You will have financial gains through rented property but avoid any kind of speculative investment in the buying of new property. You will have to maintain your behavior and decorum at your professional arena, or it may obstruct your daily schedule.



Sun is the lord of the 10th house for Scorpio native and will transit in the 3rd house of courage, short trips and siblings which will be a beneficial transit for you. This will be a gainful transit where you will see growth in all your life dimensions. Professionally, your efforts will pay off well and you will be recognized for all your efforts. Your love life will be prosperous with good mutual understanding. You are advised to spend quality time with your partner for making your personal bond stronger. Good health and vitality are indicated.



Sun is the lord of the 9th house for Sagittarius native and will transit in the 2nd house of wealth, family and speech which will be a beneficial transit for you. You will be in a position of power in regard to your professional ambit. Your domestic life will also be fulfilling. Your father will influence your ability to make your professional life successful with his experience and guidance. This transit will also be beneficial for the natives linked to government jobs and politics. Relationships will also mark the influence of your father’s affection. You may proclaim your love relations with domination and harsh speech which will not be beneficial.



Sun is the lord of the 8th house for Capricorn natives and will transit in the 1st house of self and personality, this will be a beneficial transit for you with correct actions and good conduct in behaviour. You will see steady rise in all your professional endeavours but you will have to be diligent in your personal affairs. There will be gains in your career ventures with your timely efforts especially those involved in government jobs, or any venture related with research. Personal relations will be marked with clashes with your partner hence be vigilant and avoid arguments over petty issues. The presence of Saturn and Sun in your sign suggests that you will be able to balance your approach.



Sun is the lord of the 7th house for Aquarius native and will transit in the 12th house of salvation, expenditure, and hospitalization and this will be a less progressive transit for you. There may be conflicts in both your personal and professional relationships and overcoming them can seem like a task. Your professional ventures will not be gainful due to your egoistic behaviour that may prompt you to miss opportunities professionally. Your rivals will give you challenging time in your professional life. Your personal relationships will not endure your negligence and may give rise to conflicts with your spouse/partner. Take care of your health.



Sun is the lord of the 6th house for Pisces native and will transit in the 11th house of desire, income and gains which will be a beneficial transit for you. You will thrive in all spheres of life. Career and love life will see a smooth sailing. Your career prospects will grow, and you will get unconditional support from your superiors that will give you good gains in your career. Your relationship status will have smooth blend of love and you will have chances of developing a strong bonding by spending quality time in each other’s company. Your health prospects will be good, and you are advised to follow good diet and exercise regime for strong vitality.


Makar Sankranti marked by the transit of Sun in Capricorn, is thus the beginning of the first major transit in the year. This will help you to put forward a platform as to how you could venture about in this year and set a positive note for the times to come. The Sun transition in Capricorn sign with Saturn as its lord indicates that this transit will be beneficial for all signs by practical and fresh approach towards all aspects of life with strength and patience for their overall success


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