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Hobbies you should pursue as per your Zodiac moon sign

We all enjoy different recreational activities for fun, during our leisure time. We use principles of Vedic Astrology to determine the ideal hobby for each zodiac moon sign, depending upon their innate personality traits. Find out about yours and your peers in much detail. Read ahead…

Hobbies you should pursue as per your Zodiac moon sign

All of us are working relentlessly to build our lives. We work continuously to sustain ourselves, whether in a professional or a family set up. To break the monotony of our daily lives, we take up an interest or pursuit of pleasure, during our leisure time. Hobbies vary from person to person depending on their taste and preferences. Your zodiac defines your innate personality and hence is a great reflection on your hobbies and interest.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect hobby for yourself, you have come to the right page. Go ahead and give it a read to see which hobby suit your personality the best.

Hobbies that interest you as per as your Zodiac:

  1. Aries:

You are energetic, outdoorsy, and enthusiastic. You are a fire sign and have that flame of energy brimming inside you. You would not like any stationary activities like reading, gardening or watching movies. You like the surge of adrenaline, no matter how less or more.

You prefer playing a sport, to a video game. But, if situation is such you are unable to go out, a fast paced adventurous video game is a good choice of hobby for you. You are eager, dynamic, and vigorous. Outdoor sports like football or cricket, motorbike riding, gym and Zumba activities are the preferred hobbies for Aries.

  1. Taurus:

You are a homebody. You follow a ‘live and let live’ policy. You are not the adventurous kind and find beauty and aesthetics among simple and little things in life. You usually have an indulgent life, spending it comfortably curled up with a good book, good music and of course good food. You are artistic and are quite close to nature. If you have to go out, you will prefer a nature walk, gardening, or fishing.

You adore indoor activities like reading a book, watching movies, listening to music. To satiate your creativity and the artistic side of your personality, you are quite drawn to painting and sculpting. Thus, cozy indoor activities are best-suited hobbies for Taurus.

  1. Gemini

You are outgoing, love to talk and socialize, and are always up for new activities and adventure. You can multi-task like a pro. You need both intellectual and physical stimulation. In both these regards, you are exceptionally active. You do not like the monotony of life and thus constantly strive for a change. It goes same for your hobbies as well. Instead of calling these recreational activities as hobbies, you refer to them as new skills. Therefore, the world is your oyster. 

You enjoy outdoor activities like sports. For you, it is learning a new game of table tennis, badminton, or poker. The adventurous you will even sign up for surfing and sailing, if situations allow. Activities that mentally stimulate you like puzzles, learning a new language or a musical instrument, even reading novels spark up your life. Thus, for Gemini natives, hobbies are versatile and varied.

  1. Cancer

You are emotional, nurturing, and sensitive. You have humanitarian tendencies and love to help people. You are usually an indoor person and relish activities that you can enjoy from the comforts of your own home. You like reading books, which brings you great peace and calm. You also enjoy activities like gardening, interior decoration and cooking. Your creative side comes out really well through your culinary skills, as you love to cook for your friends and family.

Apart from these indoor activities, you love being involved with an NGO or some charitable organization. This caters to your emotional fulfilment. You like to keep yourself busy with yoga and meditation. If you go out, you prefer going to museums and art galleries in your spare time. Still, the most preferred hobbies for a Cancer native are mostly indoor activities.

  1. Leo

You are strong, assertive, and passionate. You are optimistic and blessed with charisma and charm. You love being in the spotlight and be the centre of attraction. Anything that allows you to showcase your talent is a good hobby for you. Your creative side is evident through your talent in dramatics and theatre. Indoors, you enjoy activities like dancing, singing, painting, and reading.

You are confident and outgoing. Thus, you enjoy all the outdoor activities as well. You are fun loving and motivate others. Taking a dance class of your choice or even gym and Zumba class is a good outdoor hobby for you. You love sports as well. Cycling is another of the activity that really appeals to you. Your interests and hobbies keep on changing from time to time. Therefore, one cannot quite pinpoint just a few hobbies that Leos like. You seem to enjoy anything new that comes your way.

  1. Virgo

You are the serious kind. You like professionalism and proper etiquettes. You are ambitious and drown yourself in work. You enjoy knowing about new things and are extremely passionate about gaining knowledge. Scholarly exercises are more suited to you as hobbies. You prefer reading, watching a documentary, and writing and you sometimes enjoy arts and crafts. You are detail oriented and intelligent. You would rather surf the internet for new skills than actually go out surfing.

Being an earth sign, you are naturally drawn to gardening and agriculture. You enjoy getting your hands dirty as much as intellectually learning about different tenets of organic farming or kitchen gardening. You like household work especially like arranging books or your cupboards, especially if it requires your organizational skills. Therefore, hobbies that Virgo likes are mostly cerebral and scholarly.

  1. Libra

You are extremely social, charming and fair minded. You adore versatility. You have an eye for beauty and aesthetics. You find beauty in little things in life. You like being indoors as much as being outdoorsy. In this regard, you have achieved the perfect balance. You enjoy watching movie in the comforts of your own home, as much as you love a movie theatre experience. You are always a part of different social clubs in your community, workplace, or school/college and actively participate in the functioning of such clubs.

You are not very high on adventure, neither are you averse to them occasionally. You prefer peace and calm, good aesthetics and beautiful décor. You have a long list of friends, with whom you would enjoy myriad activities. You are open to rock climbing, as you are to a baking class. Being such a social person, you enjoy what you think gives others happiness. You are such a person who attains happiness making others happy. As for hobbies for Libra, you enjoy what your fellow friends enjoy.

  1. Scorpio

You are ambitious, intense, and enjoy your freedom and independence. You are adventurous in our own way. You do not follow the path that has been often taken; rather you would carve a new path for yourself. You usually enjoy quirky hobbies, which may not be enjoyed by others. Offbeat activities like star gazing, hiking, crystal reading, and tarot readings interest you. You do not like large groups. Therefore, the activities you prefer have an element of freedom in them.

You are drawn to yoga and meditation, since these activities tend to calm your inner turmoil. You like to read in your spare time. However, you do not like casual reading. You are interested in philosophy, morality, astrology, and occult. You are not a loner but you really know how to enjoy your own company to the fullest. Therefore, the best-suited hobbies for a Scorpio would be something that allows them to grow as individuals and are often offbeat.

  1. Sagittarius

It seems that there are roller blades attached to your feet. You love being constantly on the move, discovering new places, people and new passions. You detest the monotony of life and always want to embark upon new journeys and adventure. You love the outdoors and love nature. You love nature trails and spending that quiet time by yourself. You also prefer writing, camping, adventure sports, and trekking.

You are jovial and free-spirited. You love learning new skills and gaining knowledge. You too are drawn to intellectual pursuits. You love reading philosophy and history. Another great thing about you is your love for animals. If you have a pet, all your energies and efforts are directed towards them. You love to play with them and help them. Often in your spare time, you like to engage yourself in these pet care centres, helping strays and caring for them. Thus, for you Sagittarius, the hobbies that you prefer are outdoor activities with a tinge of humanitarian efforts.

  1. Capricorn:

You are very practical, logical and business like. You do not have much time for hobbies. Even in your spare time, you would like to devote it to strengthening your career. You are ambitious and very career oriented. For hobbies, you would prefer to pick up new skills, which will enhance your career growth somehow. You would rather a new language or a new coding program, which is your idea of fun. You usually do not like loud and noisy places; instead you prefer the warmth of your home or work place and put your time and effort into something productive.

Among indoor activities, you prefer activities that are viable and useful. Gardening, reading, imaginative ventures, painting and sculpting are few hobbies that a Capricorn enjoys. You are conscious of your external image and therefore you enjoy a good gym workout session as well. Cycling, mountain climbing, gymnastic and golf are few of the outdoor activities that you enjoy.

  1. Aquarius:

You are quirky, progressive and fun loving. Things of the future attract you the most. You are quite obsessed with gadgets and futuristic games. Your favourite hobby would be gaming and game designing, where you can combine your love for sci-fi and technology to create something amazing. You are innovative and offbeat. You are quite creative and love designing new things. Your interest runs so deep that even on the internet, you surf the most quirky gaming related stuff.

You are also quite an intellectual and cerebral things attract you. You think deeply and are often found immersed in books on philosophy, culture, and history. You also have a special interest in astrology. You like to star gaze when there is an opportunity. You are also humanitarian by nature. You like to be engaged with an NGO or charity organization, catering to the deprived and the underprivileged. You like part of different clubs, especially if they are driven by social causes. Thus, hobbies that suit Aquarius are mostly innovative, creative and humanitarian.

  1. Pisces

You are extremely creative, artistic, and the most adaptable among all the zodiacs. You are blessed with many talents. Singing, dancing, painting and sculpting are some of the ways through which you channel your inner creativity. You are very musically inclined. Not just as a vocalist, but you are extremely talented when it comes to writing lyrics and composing music as well. Often as a hobby, you pick up learning new musical instruments as well.

You are a person with varied interest. Writing, music, dancing, reading, watching movies, fishing, water sports, cooking, collecting furniture, or dishware, etc. all holds your interest. You have a special affinity for water and water related activities. You are very gentle and caring and have a wide range of emotions. This often makes you the agony aunt among your friend circle, who flock to you for advices. However, mostly art and music are the preferred choice of hobbies for Pisces.