Taurus 2020 Marriage Horoscope: What does your marriage stars say?

Taurus 2020

Venus commands over Taurus and passes on few of his charterstics to the natives. Taureans are emotionally attached to their spouse. They are peace loving and do not like to pick up a fight. They hate confusion and chaos. They will always fulfill their duties and obligations towards their spouse, be cordial, sweet tongued, affectionate and warm. Their patience in personal relationships ensures them stability which pays rich dividends. If they have money, they are extra generous to their loved ones and sweetheart. They are dependable, grounded, loyal and practical.

Continue reading to know about the 2020 Marriage Horoscope of Taurus.

2020 Taurus Marriage Horoscope Predictions: You’re about to meet your Soul mate

The New Year brings forth bright opportunities for Taurus who are single and ready to kick start their love life. Jupiter will transit in your Ninth house of Taurus which is the House of Luck and Fortune. Jupiter is likewise having an aspect/influence on your fifth house of relationship. This planetary placement increases the chances of meeting a partner with whom your relationship could turn out to be long-term one and you could even think about settling down together in the later years.

Taurus 2020 Marriage Horoscope: What does your marriage stars say?

In 2020, Venus is supposed to move towards your Seventh house of Marriage. Venus being significator of Marriage will increase propensity of getting marriage proposals in 2020 for you. This planetary combination is perfect to tie knots with that special someone ensuring that you won’t be disappointed by your decision as Venus, the lord of Love and Romance is going to shower happiness and love in your life. Taurus, your 2020 Marriage Horoscope predicts bright chances of both love as well as arranged marriage.

Taurus 2020 Marriage Predicts: Great time to start a family!

In order to wave off the negative energy, Taurus, you have your Jupiter favorably aspecting/influencing your fifth house of relationship and children. 2020 is a great period for couples who are planning a baby. Your married life will be peaceful and you would soon get blessed with a cute baby. Plan your Baby-moon accordingly!

Taurus 2020 Marriage Horoscope Predictions: Disharmony in marital life would be upsetting

Sun which signifies fire and aggression, is suppose to transit into your seventh house of spouse as well as your own moon sign. Aggression and ego should be kept aside in order to lay grounds for a happy and sound relationship. Minor arguments can turn into severe disputes. If not controlled, could bring about unfavorable consequences. You’ll have to low lie at times else your relationship could be demolished. Precaution and deep thinking is required before uttering words out of your mouth in the light of the fact that these could have a negative impact on your married life and existing relationships too.

IMPORTANT Dates for Taurus 2020 Marriage Horoscope: MARK THESE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR

1st March 2020 to 28th March 2020 – During this phase, you’ll have a strong sexual drive as Venus is meant to move in your twelfth house of Bed pleasures, thereby increasing the need for sex in your life. In order to satisfy your intimate needs and desires you may turn out to be inclined towards someone of your opposite sex. In case you’re married or dating someone, it is prudent to maintain a strategic distance from such relationship hampering activities keeping in mind that “Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.”

15th May 2020 to 14th June 2020 – This period is going to be somewhat challenging for you. As per 2020 Marriage Horoscope Predictions, Sun will transit into your moon sign which will instill a lot of aggression and rage in you. You need to keep one thing in mind that a single unimpressive word can ruin the whole scenario and cause marital disharmony. Try to kiss and make up if you would prefer not to be distant from your partner.

17th August 2020 to 16th December 2020 – Relations at home front will be cordial and stacked with harmony and serenity. Sun will transit into your forth house of Family which will strength your personal relations.

24th October 2020 to 17th November 2020 – Chances of meeting your dream partner high as of now. Singles; if there is any proposal coming during this period, you’ll be required to pay utmost attention to it. There are high chances that this person is going to adore you for the rest of your life.

In case you’re already in a love or marital relationship, your love/marital life will be brimming with sensuality and intimacy. You’ll be connected with your partner so deeply; you could feel like you can see into their soul.

17th November 2020 to 15th Dec 2020 – There could be some hurdles on a way to a perfect life on account of your partner’s misconduct. The reason behind this illogical behavior is the transit of Sun in your seventh house of spouse, thereby creating some obstacles which could affect your love as well as marital life.

20th November 2020 to 31st December 2020 – In case you’re trying your luck in marriage for a second time, Jupiter’s transit in your Ninth house of Second marriage will increase your chances of remarriage. It is advisable to wind up your first marriage legally before signing the documents of your second marriage.

This phase of 2020 is ideal for those couples who are planning a baby. If you’re planning to start a family, GO AHEAD! Taurus 2020 Horoscope shows the chances of having a healthy baby without any major complexities.

Overall 2020 seems like a positive and an eventful year for Taurus moon sign natives. A little caution is required in relationship matters and rest everything will continue running on a smooth track.

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