Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope 2020

Sagittarius Marriage

This sign is well known for boldness and a dashing approach in relationships and conversations. This being a dual sign, the natives believe in the proverb that variety is the spice of life. For this reason, their keen desire to interact with the opposite sex is often misunderstood by their loved ones. They insist on their personal freedom and liberty and their loved ones will often resent their nature to dominate over their partners. Their romantic emotions are governed more by calculative and clever thoughts than by emotions.

Sagittarius 2020 Marriage Horoscope Predicts: Understanding and communication is the key for happy marriage!

Rahu, the troublemaker, will be placed in your seventh house of spouse till 23rd September 2020, thereby filling your married life with confusions and discordance. If you are a Sagittarius moon sign native, you have to be extra careful as Rahu has laid a rough path for you. You’ll be baffled up most of the times trying to find out the actual cause behind the pointless debates and arguments with your spouse. Understanding factor will be missing out from your relationship and you’ll feel helpless most of the times. Wait, do not lose hope. Take a deep breath and make an attempt to rectify these troublesome situations before it’s too late.

2020 Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope: Ketu brings a Ray of hope for married couples

Lord Jupiter is offering a helping hand to the Sagittarius natives. Jupiter will be positioned in its moon sign till 20th November 2020, along with Ketu in its exalted sign. Your initiatives will be taken into consideration and pleads to save marriage will be heard by Lord Jupiter. Ketu is going to bestow wisdom upon the natives. You’ll try to analyze the actual problems and hence misunderstandings will automatically find a way out of your life. You’ll once again build amicable relations with your spouse on the record of your dedicated self-efforts and mental stability.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope 2020: Troublesome situations ahead, needs to be tackled with wisdom

The period after 23rd September can bring forth certain issues as Rahu is transiting in your sixth house of health and disputes. Health of spouse requires great concern. Keep them away from any kind of stress or mental pressure else the situation could turn out to be worse.

There are high odds of you falling in a pit of disputes with someone over petty issues. At this point your aggression needs to be controlled. Keep calm if you would prefer not to regret and suffer in the near future.

Marriage Horoscope 2020 Sagittarius: It’s all about communication and comprehension

After 23rd September 2020, Ketu is moving to your twelfth house of bed pleasures. This will give you a kind of detachment from your spouse. Your energies will be dispersed and you’ll be distracted from your marital life. You’ll seek happiness and comfort somewhere out of your home. This impulsive behavior of yours can bring unpleasant results in your marital life. Take a hold on your emotions before your life-partner slips out of your hand.

2020 Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope: Disharmony at home front will be a reason of concern

After 20th November the atmosphere at home front won’t be that great as Jupiter will be depleted in the second house of family and finance along with Saturn in your birth chart. This will create disharmony among family members which will in turn build up stress and confusion. This period isn’t supporting finances by any stretch of imagination because Saturn, which is a slow moving planet, will bring about delay in the outcome process.


20th March 2020 to 5th May 2020- Couples planning a baby have a reason to cheer up. Your womb is going to be heavy soon and you’ll be loaded with happiness and joy on the arrival of this happening news. Lord Mars has an aspect on your fifth house of children there by increasing the progeny prospects. Medical consultation if taken properly will turn out to be very fruitful.

5th March 2020 to 5th April 2020- Lord Venus which represents Love and Romance, is moving to your fifth house of love relationships and influencing eleventh house in your birth chart which is for realization of inner desires. This combination is very much favorable for all single natives who are looking for a chance to enter into a new phase of life. This is indeed a great time to unveil your emotions to your crush ensuring that your feelings will be respected on a genuine note. If you see any proposal coming your way during this period, hold on to it. This can be your platinum ticket to happily ever after.

 Existing love relationships will be held by even stronger forces and the partners will turn out to be inseparable. In case you’re as of now in a relationship with someone, be set up to experience magical moments in your love life. Previous misunderstandings and conflicts will find a way out of your life thereby laying grounds for a jovial and satisfactory relationship.

20th May 2020 to 20th November 2020- This time can be utilized by those individuals who ended up being in an unsuccessful marriage but want to try out their fate in marriage for one more time. This period is ideal for exploring new options for remarriage. Jupiter is intended to be in retrograde/ revere motion during this period thus bringing a ray of hope in colorless lives of the natives.

2nd February 2020 to 2nd March 2020- Minor issues at home front can take up shape of a huge conflict. The placement of Sun and Saturn in your second house of Family will bring up a whole lot of awful situations which will be beyond your control. Hence, it is prudent to take precautions well in advance else family ties can be demolished to a concerned extent.

Overall 2020 will be like a seesaw ride for the natives, swaying them to and fro in a swing of relationships. There are certain uplifting points too but caution is required throughout this period. Singles will get an opportunity to meet their soul mate and in this way there will be a beginning of beautiful relationship.

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