Marriage and Relationship Horoscope 2020 Virgo moon sign

Marriage and

Virgos are blessed with natural agility that makes them brisk and quick in their work. In the matters of selection of a spouse, they look more for intelligence and grace rather than mere good looks. They are polite, yet firm. Though at times they tend to be tough and difficult, yet this remains on surface. So they are always virginal and pure in their hearts and make faithful companions.

Virgo 2020 Marriage Horoscope: Slow and steady wins the love and trust of their partner!

After 25th January 2020, Saturn will transit in the fifth house of love relationship in your birth chart. Such a combination initiates long-lasting relationship. Love birds will invest quality energy and time in each other. There will be a No entry sign for hastiness. Do not expect your partner to open up that soon. It is prudent to go with the flow and let things take shape of their own. These slow and steady moves will lay grounds for a beautiful and passionate love relationship.

2020 Virgo Marriage Horoscope Predictions: Longing for commitment from your partner’s end? Here you go….

After 20th November 2020, there will be a very colorful and joyous period in your life. Jupiter, the Karaka of Husband, increases the propensity of settling in a long-term and committed relationship. There are great chances of your partner bring totally dedicated towards you. You both will be knotted in such a strong tie that none will have the power to break it by any means. This relationship can further take up shape of marriage and thus it can be your ticket to happily ever after! This period carries great chances of Love Marriage and so it is the perfect time to introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents ensuring that they will provide their agreement to your choice.

Virgo 2020 Marriage Horoscope Predicts: Baby’s on the Board! Decide a destination for your Baby-moon.

2020 is an amazing year for all those who are planning their family. The prospects of progeny are great till 23rd September 2020. If you’re intending to have a baby, you should spend quality time together. Your married life run on a smooth track and you would soon get blessed with a baby too.


15th March 2020 to 13th April 2020- Due to the transit of Sun in your seventh house of spouse, there are chances of confusion cropping up between married couple! If you are a Virgo moon sign native you have to be extra careful during this period. Your spouse’s ego and aggression could be a major reason for arguments and misunderstandings. All this while you’ll be required to maintain your calm if you would prefer to keep up amicable relations with your beloved.

17th September 2020 to 17th October 2020- This period alarms you to be additionally cautious of your conduct and at the same time maintain a strategic distance from brutal and unreasonable tone as Sun is moving to your first house. Your anger and rage could create a bridge between you and your spouse. Self initiative and proper control over aggression will work towards betterment of your relationship.

1st January to 15th January and 16th December to 31st December- Sun will transit through your forth house of family environment during the initial as well as the last phase of 2020, thus creating disharmony in relations at home front. This situation will prove to be distressing for you and it can have an adverse effect on your love life as well. Hence, it is reasonable to be extra cautious of your tone and language in order to make sure that things move on the right track.

2nd September 2020 to 28th September 2020- Venus, the lord of Love and Romance will transit into your eleventh house and aspect/influence your fifth house of love relationship. This combination will bring forth an erotic and romantic relationship where the couples will be attached both physically as well as emotionally. Your fantasies will be fulfilled during this time frame and you’ll be satisfied with your love life. There are loads are lovey-dovey moments in store for you.

1st March 2020 to 28th March 2020- The transit of Venus in your eighth house of sexual organs depicts that certain bodily changes will bring about an enhancement in your sexual desires. Hastiness will be observed in sexual matters and this could result in you being inclined towards someone of your contrary sex in order to fulfill your physical needs and desires. Although these affairs could be tempting but they are more of damaging in nature.

29th September 2020 to 23rd October 2020- During this period Venus will move to your twelfth house of bed pleasures. Your sexual orientation will be on the peak and you might take a wrong turn in the course of self satisfaction. There is nothing wrong in sharing your desires and fantasies with your partner. Maybe then you won’t have to seek someone else.

29th March 2020 to 1st August 2020- Venus, the lord of the ninth house is transiting in your ninth house of Re-marriage. In case you’re divorced, there are good chances of you tying knots with someone else once again and there’s nothing wrong in this. Do not give up, there’s still ray of hope in your life! The new partner will bring in plentiful of colors which will be enough to fill in all the empty and boring spaces of your life.

Overall, 2020 will be all sunny and gay for Virgo moon sign natives with some ups and downs. However, this testing period will examine the strength of your bond and you’ll be expected to pass this test with flying colors so as to pave a smooth path for beautiful and successful love/marital relationship.

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