Pisces Travel Horoscope 2020

Travel Horoscope

In general, Pisces moon sign natives are not keen travelers. But they do enjoy travel to peaceful places and for the purpose of rejuvenating and finding balance amidst the chaos of life. They also get to seek some inspiration from these excursions for their creative penchants. They are not at all a fussy traveler and will settle for a hygienic budget hotel in a coastal area. Why coastal areas? Because, they have natural affinity for water bodies and tend to find solace by the seaside.

If you are born in the rising of Pisces or are a Pisces moon sign native, few interesting travel opportunities awaits you in the New Year. According to Vedic Astrology, your travel plans, in the year 2020, will largely be guarded by Rahu and Ketu.

The transit of Rahu in your 3rd house after 23rd September 2020, will offer you ample short distance travel opportunities. This time period will also witness the transit of Ketu in your 9th house, which will offer you travelling opportunities to places abroad. Both these will be good periods for you to plan some great weekend getaways or autumn break vacations to some serene place or a Christmas holiday in Goa or Maldives. Ketu’s presence may also take you on some spiritual journey, during the end of the year 2020.

Other than this, you will have some other key planetary positions preparing your travel plans for the year 2020. These majorly include Venus, Mercury and Sun.

Transit of Venus: Venus is the lord of your 3rd and 8th house and it will be transiting in your 3rd house, in its own sign, during 29th March to 1st August 2020. This placement of Venus is considered favorable for your domestic odysseys. The influence of your 8th house will also bring you some unexpected or sudden travels in this period. However, these will be beneficial for the purpose for which they have been taken. So, don’t miss out on any travel opportunities that you might get in this period. You may also want to plan a trip with your siblings, as this period indicates this excursion to further strengthen your bond. While all is pretty well in this period, you just need to be a little careful about your health, during these journeys.

Transit of Mercury: Mercury’s movements during the year 2020 is going to present you with some really good travel times, both within and outside the country. Being the lord of your 4th and 7th house, the transit of Mercury in your 12th house, during 1st February to 7th April 2020, will be a great period for your overseas expeditions. You will get to embark on an exotic beach holiday with your spouse or will plan a long holiday with your family exploring the world. Your business may also take you across the globe, during this period. For some of you chances of abroad settlement are indicated, in this period. Another great travel period will commence when Mercury will be transiting in your 3rd house during 10th May to 24th May 2020. This period will offer you some great travel opportunities across the country with your family and spouse. Some exciting business related travel to nearby cities or states, is also predicted in this period.

Transit of Sun: Sun being the lord of your 6th house, will offer you a fruitful time to plan and progress your career through some inspiring and stimulating voyages, during 17th November to 15th December 2020. During this time Sun will be moving into your 9th house, which is considered a favorable placement of the Sun, and it will thus, bestow you with some good travel moments, especially, in the matters of employment. You shouldn’t be missing any work travel or interview opportunity that demand you to take a flight to some other country, in this period. It could just be that dream job that you have been waiting for all your life, and luck is definitely on your side, at this point in time.

While most of the year will bring you easy and rewarding travelling experience, there are few dates which doesn’t align well with your travel desires.

The time period from 14th February to 14th March 2020 is one such phase which will not favor your travel plans. During this time, Sun will be transiting in your 12th house, which is occupied by its enemy sign Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. Hence, no travel opportunity is going to prove beneficial, at this time. So, you may want to cancel your Valentine’s Day trip, or put on hold or postpone your birthday vacation for a better date.

Another unfitting time to travel will take place when Mercury will make a move into your 9th house. This will happen from 29th November till 17th December 2020, and will witness Mercury’s transit in its enemy sign of Scorpio. This will not be an unfavorable period, straightaway, but it will not give you any desired results. So, if it is not essential, it would be wise to avoid any sort of travelling in this period, as it will just be waste of money and energy, at the end the day.