Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2020

Aquarius Finance

Aquarius 2020 Wealth and Finance Horoscope gives an insight about your financial life and the matters involved with it. Reason for not attracting money is also discussed at length. These predictions will help you overcome the challenges and you’ll emerge powerful and financially stable.  

2020- The Year Ahead

The 2020 Wealth Horoscope of Aquarius predicts favorable year for the natives. Opportunities of gains will be highlighted and you’ll be able to add sufficient amount of funds to your saving account.

Excellent sources of income will enhance your financial status and you’ll have the power to fulfill your dreams and desires.

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Property related investments will prove to be productive.

Be prepared to invest a good amount on your child’s education and career. There could be some health related issue and you will be required to make expense on treatment and medications.

Pilgrimage trips with family and friends are most likely during this year.

Saturn and its influence in 2020

Saturn, the ascendant Lord will move to your twelfth house on 24th January 2020 and will stay there till the end of this year. This transit marks expenditure on betterment of heath conditions, foreign travels and home front.

You’ll make efforts to fulfill the needs of your family members. You may plan out an international trip with your family/partner/spouse. Plan everything in accordance to your budget and avoid pointless expenses.

Mars and its influence in 2020

Mars will be transiting through the second house of wealth from 18th June 2020 to 16th August 2020. According to the researches of Aquarius 2020 Wealth Horoscope, you’re going to receive handsome gain opportunities. Moreover, the constant support of your family will enhance your career and financial status by great means.

Yoga trainers belonging to Aquarius moon sign will have excellent sources of income during this period. Keep working hard and get hold of fascinating opportunities.

Jupiter and its influence in 2020

With its presence in your eleventh house of gains, Lord Jupiter will bless you with whole lot of mesmerizing points of career growth and success. You’re going to witness enhancement in your bank balance during this year. You are likely to get opportunities which would increase the inflow of money.

Till 23rd September 2020, you need to be calm and maintain patience. There might be some unplanned and unexpected expenses, but right tactics and proper planning will help you get through them without incurring losses. 

Overall, Aquarius 2020 Wealth and Finance Horoscope predicts that you would get steep growth in your finances and become prosperous with the help of favorable planetary placement.

However, avoid placing assets in a new business from 14th May 2020 till 13th September 2020, as Jupiter will be in retrogression and could reverse the situations from positive to negative. Let this phase pass by, and then you can proceed with your plans.

Mercury and its influence in 2020

This December, the placement of Mercury in the eleventh house will make you incline towards learning something new. This is going to be a wise future investment, which will give monetary gains later on.

You may likewise put your feet back in a project which was left incomplete in the past. The completion of this venture will prove to be really beneficial for you. Aquarius, a great deal of financial gain is envisaged here for you.

Major movement of planets for Aquarius moon sign and their impact on your financial status

Saturn will be in retrogression from 11th May 2020 till 29th September 2020. Signs of unplanned expenditure are marked out by 2020 Wealth and Finance Horoscope of Aquarius.  

A personal or family member’s health issue will require medical emergency and you should be prepared with enough funds to carry forward with the treatment. The 2020 Wealth Horoscope of Aquarius says that there is nothing to stress-about as right observation will improve the health conditions without triggering major difficulties.

Jupiter’s transit will increase your personal habitual expenses during this year. You’ll put resources in organizing parties and get together at your place. According to the predictions of Aquarius 2020 Finance Horoscope, there is a possibility that a relative of yours might tie knots with someone.

 This event might shake off your financial position if you do not make budgets and spend in accordance to them.  In case of financial crisis or difficult times, you can look upon your family to seek their support.

Till 23rd September 2020, Rahu and Ketu will be transiting into fifth and eleventh house respectively. Moreover, Ketu will conjunct Jupiter during the same period.

This conjunction is likely to bless you with abundance of opportunities. You won’t be cash deficient by any means. Proper planning and right tactics will further increase chances of making good lot of money.

Some important dates which shouldn’t be left unnoticed

Mercury will be in retrograde movement from 17th February 2020 till 10th March 2020. During this period, you may purchase a new communication device.

 In case, you’ve been planning to buy a new phone/or any other gadget, your desires will be fulfilled. Just make sure that you match all your requirements so that you do not have to regret later on.

The eighth house Lord, Mercury, will get debilitated in the second house, on 7th April 2020 and it is going to stay in the same state until 25th May 2020.

Be very particular about the information you disclose to other people. Do not share your plans and ideas with anyone and maintain strategic distance from controversies. Be mindful about your language as well. This could possibly have a negative impact on your professional life and you may drop your hands off wonderful income opportunities.  

Mercury will get exalted in Virgo, from 2nd September 2020 to 22nd September 2020. Past investments and policies are likely to be proven profitable for the Aquarius natives as they’ll fetch you appealing profits, which would be beyond your realm of imagination.

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