Libra 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope

Libra 2020

Ruled by the planet of love itself, Libra moon sign natives can look forward to a year of stable and honest love relationships.

You will get the support of your love partners in bringing about longevity and strength in your love life. Besides, your romantic encounters and serious love associations will go on well, until you deviate from the right path or if and when you take a drastically wrong step.

Libra 2020 Love and Romance horoscope may look forward to a year full of surprises, solace and some setbacks on the love front. But, nothing of this will happen without a purpose or a valid reason. So, watch out for your actions and expressions, during the year 2020, as they will lay ahead the map for your love expeditions in the New Year.

Significant planets that are going to influence Love and Romance for Libra moon sign in the year 2020

  • Jupiter’s transit: It will be transiting in your 3rd house of domestic harmony till 20th November 2020
  • Saturn’s transit: It will be transiting in your 3rd house for a brief period till 24th January 2020, post that it will be moving to your 4th house
  • Rahu’s transit: It will be in your 9th house until 23rd September 2020
  • Ketu’s transit: It will be transiting in your 3rd house till 23rd September 2020

Year 2020 love forecast for Libra moon sign

During the year 2020, Libra moon sign natives will have a strong sense of self-worth and varied expressions of love. The influence of the moon sign lord Venus will be evident in the approach towards love and romance.

However, your actions will not reap in much of desired results as your partners will not share the same wavelength as yours and you both will have different ideologies as far as the matters of heart are concerned.

Exploring the Venus connection for Libra

The love lord Venus will have a tricky placement this year, where it will have association with both the 1st and 8th house of the Libra moon sign native.

This association will make the love life and domestic front comfortable but the expressions of romance will be subdued. Action will be missing on the love front, but care and concern will very much be there.

Libra 2020 Love and Romance horoscope will require more focus and efforts towards the spouse or partner. There is no fear of losing out on anything, in this year, but Venus will not even allow you to have a full blown romantic escapade in the year 2020, so you are not even going to gain anything, here.

To overcome this dullness in your love life, you have to ensure that your partner will get to feel special and loved. Not by doing the routine things but gong little extra and showering gestures, gifts and compliments on them.

The love period of Saturn for Libra

Placed in your 3rd house for the initial few days, Saturn is going to offer you a creative disposition at love. But be guarded of your ways and means and ensure not to undertake any false route to persuading your love.

Libra 2020 Love and Romance horoscope signals halt in the road to love and a happy conjugal life, when Saturn is going to move into your 4th house of domestic happiness after 24th January 2020.

You will be honest and loyal towards your partner or spouse but will not be able to offer them the warmth and contentment that they are seeking in their relationship with you.

Forget about making any new love relationships until March, where there are some chances of stumbling upon a probable love prospect. This could happen in on of the chance meetings at a social gathering or may be in a business meeting.

The influence of Jupiter on love life of Libra

After April 2020 when Jupiter joins Saturn in the house of domestic harmony, you will get the inclination to sort out your differences as a couple, as plan for a much calmer and serene future.

This period is going to last until the month of July and Libra 2020 Love and Romance horoscope shows that you can utilize it to add a new lease of life into your stressed love life.

There will, be lot of misunderstanding and miscommunications in this period, but if you can hold on to things with sanity and wisdom, the months ahead will help reap you the fruits of patience and strength that you would have showed in this period.

Subsequently, things will get better during July-November 2020 period, as your wisdom will start to get more refined. Better clarity of thoughts will help you see through things that actually matter and avoid the trivial ones. Some confusion would still be there but there will be no extreme tribulations or turmoil in your love life.

Concluding thoughts for Libra love life in 2020

Saturn being your love lord will demand efforts and patience in love and romance. Libra moon sign natives cannot be hasty in their love decisions and are restricted from taking any shortcuts to get to the love of their life.

What you need the most in the year 2020 to have a blissful and sturdy love life is ‘patience’. Go slow, maintain a steady pace in your existing relationships. In new relationships, perseverance and efforts both will be required in equal quantities.

Feeling secured and constant will be the most important thing in building and sustain a long-lasting and passionate love relationship, in the year 2020.