Taurus 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope

Taurus 2020

Overall, Taurus 2020 Love Horoscope indicates a peaceful year for the natives. This would be a right time for the singles to settle down. You might have to take some significant decisions regarding your love life, so be prepared for the same.

Fifth, seventh, twelfth house play a significant role in instilling love, passion and pleasures in a relationship.

Significant planets included are:

The transit, aspect and placement of Jupiter and Venus, is very significant while calculating love and romance portion of Aries moon sign natives.

Primarily, you seem to be guided by Lord Jupiter’s positive influences on your moon sign. As a result, you’ll have the power to bring your love life on track.

Have a sneak peak at these astrological predictions which will give you an idea of how your love and marital life is going to shape up in this New Year, 2020.

Jupiter and its influence on the love life of Taurus moon sign

Intensification of love relations is highlighted

Jupiter will be transiting into the Ninth house on 20th November and will stay in the same position for the rest of the year.

 During the same, it will also influence your fifth house of love relationships. Such a combination is supposed to intensify new as well long term love bonds. 

The year 2020 speaks of as a love-filled time for you. Singles have good chances of finding their soul mates.

 Existing relationships will flourish with love, passion and romance. Any sort of past issues will be resolved by this time.

 Jupiter will significantly affect your love life by blessing you with tons of happiness and luck in love matters.

Venus and its influence on the love life of Taurus moon sign

Singles, a happy time’s waiting for you

Venus, the significator of love and marriage, is supposed to transit into your Fifth house from 23rd October 2020 till 17th October 2020.

Taurus, your chances of getting married in 2020, are boosted as per your 2020 Love Horoscope.

This year looks blissful for you to take the plunge and enter into a new union of marriage. 

Existing love relations will find themselves in a happy and satisfactory position, and you are going to thank your stars for blessing you with such a loving and partner.

Commitment related issues will discover a way out of your life

Venus will move to your seventh house of marriage on 11th December 2020 and will stay there till 31st December 2020.

This is indeed an auspicious time for the couples engaged in long-term relationships. Your partner seems to be even surer about you.

 In case there was some sort of commitment related issue, you’ll be relived of it as your lover will provide clarity to you.

By this time, your relationship will get intensified by a great extent and the couples won’t be together, merely for the time-pass purpose.

 Even, flings will get converted into real life commitments. 

Marital relations will be dreamy and magical

Couples tied in knots of togetherness will live a dreamy, enchanted and ecstatic marital life. 

Your partner will give you all the attention in this world and you’ll be on cloud nine! Love and romance factor will be extremely high. Your understanding level will be phenomenal and you can expect even more exciting time in the coming future.

A dive into sensual experiments could affect your existing relation

Venus is intended to transit into your twelfth house of bed pleasures from 29th February 2020 till 28th March 2020.

Taurus 2020 Love and Romance Horoscope indicates a rough patch and you should proceed with care, wisdom and patience.

Your partner will start expecting a lot from you in physical matters. Love making will get converted into addiction and habit.

 This would create issues in your marital life. In case you fail or refuse to act in accordance to their wishes, they could possibly move out of the house and search someone else for the purpose of sexual gratification.

 Odds of extra marital affairs are highlighted during this period.  This will be a delicate situation and you should handle it diplomatically if you would prefer not to part ways with your partner. 

The Influence of Rahu and Ketu

Odds of disputes are highlighted by Taurus 2020 Love Horoscope

Rahu will move to your moon sign after 23rd September 2020.  The impact of Rahu will create fuss and confusion in love as well as marital life of Taurus moon sign natives.

You’ll be mentally under stress as Troublemaker Rahu is going to aspect your fifth and seventh house, thereby bringing about negative consequences. Love portion will be missing out.

Such misunderstandings may be created which could be hard to resolve. This could likewise affect your professional life.

Ketu is likely to cause detachments in the year, 2020

  During the same period, Ketu will also moves into your seventh house of marriage.

 Ketu causes detachment and you may feel like taking a break from your spouse. 

As per the guidance of Taurus 2020 Marriage Horoscope, this is the time to step in the shoes of your spouse and start considering the situation from their point of view.

Be careful with your words and language otherwise petty issues may convert into explosive clashes!

Patience will be the key for a happy marriage

Sun will be transiting into your fifth house from 16th September 2020 till 17th October 2020.

Your partner will all of a sudden turn out to be an aggressive beast, exploding out very frequently at minor issues.

 He’ll be out of control and none of your emotions will have the power to melt them by any means.

All this while, you need to be the mature one, acting as glue for your relationship.

 If you love them for the bottom of your heart and believe the same from their end, at that point you should handle this extremely delicate matter with a lot of patience and tact.

Though outcomes will be slow, yet positivity will once again make a way in your life and relationship.