Health Horoscope 2020 for Cancer moon sign

Health Horoscope

Cancer moon sign natives are highly emotional. And, if you are one of them, you know that your mind and heart work in unison, and you find it difficult to separate logic from sentiments. Being a water sign your physical and emotional turbulence are deeply connected. You are very emotional but not much expressive and tend to hide your fears, worries and apprehensions more often. This is largely the fundamental reason for your health problems.

Issues related to digestive system are a common thing for Cancer moon sign people, and they usually crop up due to extreme levels of stress and anxiety. If you can try to be expressive about your feelings, you will be able to win half the battle of your life’s health problems. 

The heath horoscope predictions for the year 2020 shows that you will have a rough beginning. But things will be much better as you will approach year-end. Special attention will be required towards keeping a healthy mind, as it will help you to attain good physical health. This will also aid in speedy recovery in the event of any major health troubles. Meditation, yoga, brisk walk and good dietary habits will help you stay away from major health concerns, this year.

Some important health periods which may require greater attention are:

  • Chances of physical injury are there in the months of May and June. The health of spouse could also be a matter of concern, during this period.
  • General fatigue will be there for most part of the year, as you may have lower vitality and immunity. Maintaining a regular exercise and meditation regime will help you overcome such problems.

Beginning of the year: Emotional stress will cause unrest

There is an indication of some emotional turbulence during the start of the year 2020, for Cancer moon sign natives. The months of January-February may cause you mental unrest due to friction in family and love relationships or disturbance due to personal matters. Such emotional instabilities will directly affect your health.

According to your health horoscope, the presence of Rahu and Ketu in your 6th and 12th house of disease and hospitalization, respectively, are going to cause you such health troubles. But presence of Jupiter in your 6th house will try to nullify these effects to certain extent and will help you revive your physical and mental condition by handling the personal and relationship mattes with tact and diplomacy.

During March-April, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be placed together in your 7th house, where Jupiter will be debilitated, Saturn will be comfortable in its own sign and Mars will be exalted. The combined effect of this may result in some sort of unrest in marital relationships, where the health of the spouse may cause you mental anxiety. Apart from your spouse’s health, your own health will also come under scanner with the presence of Moon and Rahu in your 12th house, during this period.

Mid-year: Mental sturdiness will help overcome health issues

Post April till June, the overall energy levels of a Cancer moon sign native will be low. Stomach disturbances, intestinal pain or infection, pain in lower spine, body ache and headache may surface due to high stress levels and low immunity. Though your state of health here, will not call for any medical attention but having good control over your emotions, sharing of thoughts with near and dear ones and personal wisdom will help you in resolving these health issues, effectively. You should try to keep a logical approach in dealing with life problems to combat any emotional stress that may prove injurious to your state of health.

Your health will be largely good during the months of July-September, indicates your health horoscope for the year 2020. Some issues related to physical well-being might arise, but your mental strength will help you overcome these ailments. This will be due to the combination of Ketu, Moon and Jupiter in your 6th house in Sagittarius sign, which will bless you with a stable and practical mind to look at the problems of life with a much more balanced perspective.

Last quarter of the year: Healthier you will result in a happier you

When you enter the last quarter of the year, you will be in a much healthier space. The months of October to December will be beneficial for overall health and vitality of the Cancer moon sign born person. The presence of Rahu in your 11th house will bless you with general health and well-being. Jupiter and Saturn in your 7th house, will also bestow you with a healthy and prosperous period. You will have the right amount of wisdom and strength to stay happy and healthy.

Overall, if you will be able to keep your emotions in check and stay away from negative and pessimistic thoughts, you can stay hale and hearty, for the entire year, in 2020. Some minor health issues may not be ruled out but most major health problems can be easily avoided by bringing about a positive change in the thought process. Your physical health will also be closely related to your emotional state, and thus, putting attention on the later will automatically take care of the former.

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