Earthquake outlook during 2020

Earthquake outlook
India besides many other parts of the world have been experiencing earthquake tremors many time during this year. India in particular has been experiencing minor shocks in its northern region since March 2020. This has led to widespread speculation of an impending major earthquake in this region.

Vedic astrology is a highly developed science that works on empirical evidence as well as standard rules that help understand and predict a major earthquake in a region. Since minor earthquakes take place every day all over the world at different levels of the tectonic plates of earth, a predictable earthquake is one that brings in major changes & noticeable effect in the region that is effected by the earthquake.

What is an earthquake & how is it caused as per Vedic Astrology

An earthquake or a tremor is the shaking of the surface of the Earth resulting from a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s lithosphere(upper most layer) due to which seismic waves are created. Earthquake is an outcome of the strain caused by the movement of the plates which comprises of the earth’s outer shell and are directly related with the activity that occur at ocean ridges, trenches and faults. This geological activity is caused due to the rupture of the planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock across which there has been a significant displacement and this initial point of rupture is termed as the Hypocenter.

Famous Indian scientist CV Raman had also said earthquakes may occur due to disturbances in the earth's field force, which are brought about by incessant planetary motion.

Vedic Astrology correlation

If we correlate the above statement, major aggressive transits that disrupt the earth’s crust are needed to generate an earthquake. Further transit of Earth, Sun and Moon, the situations when the three attain such position that these are almost lined up at 180 degrees and Earth is caught between Sun and Moon, the interrelation of the gravitational energies of the three would also cause a change in the speed of rotation of the Earth on its orbit, due to this the motion of the tectonic plates would also get affected causing earthquakes.

As per ancient Hindu science, there are documented records that ascertain that there is a likelihood of earthquakes was most during new & full moon, particularly after midnight. Some basis factors that trigger earthquakes are:

  1. Earthquakes usually follow eclipses. This is an important factor especially in the countries where eclipses occur in the 10th or 4th house of the country’s natal chart  
  2. If in a country’s chart, the malefic planets are placed or have aspects on the fourth house, then there are chances of occurrence of seismic disturbances in the form of an earthquake.
  3. Concentration of planets at the beginning of moveable signs [within 1 deg] Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn is favorable for an earthquake.
  4. The 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 10, or 12th houses of an effected country have been found to be afflicted at the time of an earthquake.
  5. A major planet among Saturn, Jupiter, or Mars has been found to be retrograde at the time of an earthquake.
  6. When retrograde Mars aspects the retrograde Saturn or Jupiter (or both), it can expected to experience some kind of seismic disturbance.

    When major planets such as Jupiter, Mars and Saturn move to retrograde, there is a chance of earthquake

  7. Timing of the new moon is an important factor while predicting an earthquake According to a Tidal Theory, the celestial relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun increases the circumference of the Earth’s equator and this produces high tides at New and Full Moon. This phenomenon is also believed to affect the earth’s crust. The Earth tries to increase the tidal heights around in its daily rotation, and the Moon tries to restrain it, which causes seismic disturbances.
Historical background of past Earthquakes & Astrological Analysis of Major Earthquakes of the Past
There have been numerous earthquakes of variety of intensities around the world. We have listed a few as below to illustrate the correlation between Vedic indications and earthquakes historically.

Earthquake of Bihar (India)(16/1/1934)

Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars and Rahu were in Capricorn. This time Saturn (is Retrograde) and Mars were in square to each other. Mars and Rah were together in lagan chart with Sun and Moon. It was also a new Moon day. Saturn (23 deg 08 min) – Mars (21 deg 58 min) and Jupiter(29 deg 30 min)-Mercury(29 deg 57 min) are in close degree.

Earthquake of  China   (28/7/1976)

Moon, Mercury and Venus are in Cancer.

In navamsha Sun is afflicted by exalted Saturn. Mars is in the Eighth and Saturn and Jupiter are in square from each other in navamsha. Saturn is squaring Moon and Mars in Eighth house.

Close degree of Moon and Venus are there. On new Moon day, Moon was in Punarvasu nakshatra in and on the day of the earthquake it entered Ashlesha nakshatra of Mercury and  establishes relation with Moon  in earthquake.

Earthquake Mexico (21/1/2003)

4/10 (houses) axis badly afflicted as Mars opposition against Rahu/Retrograde Saturn. Rahu/Saturn conjunction aspecting  4th house. Moon squared by Saturn and Rahu.

Earthquake of Gujarat (India) (26/1/2001 8:46 AM)

Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, 4th house of the horoscope and lagna of India’s Navamsha chart (D-9). This combination is aspected by Mars.

Mercury the eighth lord (house of destruction), with fourth lord Venus (house of land and property)  aspected by Rahu.

This is mentioned in our noble sculpture “Mahabharat “ that if there are two eclipses within fourteen days, there will be war or war type situation or massive destruction.
Like above there are numerous examples or earthquakes in past which justify our astrological analysis and accuracy of the subject. It’s difficult to mention and to give details of all the past events/ earthquakes that’s why we have mentioned only few.

Outlook for a significant Earthquake during 2020

Foundation Chart of India

If we evaluate the data describing the planetary positions that could bring on a significant earthquake, the below transits & combinations are relevant:

  1. The upcoming combination of Mars in Aries. Mars in Aries is extremely powerful & so its ability to do good as well as bad is multiplied.
  2. Mars is in Aries & Saturn is in Capricorn. Both planets will form a very hostile & strong angular transit between early August 2020 to middle of October 2020. Both planets are within the 1st degree of Aries & Capricorn as mentioned above.
  3. Mars would turn retrograde from 9th September & would remain in retrograde motion till 13th November.
Further combinations that should be taken into account are:

  1. Mars will be transiting the 12th house for India independence chart. 12th house suggested loses and so significant losses could come about.
  2. New Moon which is another factor to be noticed is also there, new Moon is on 17th september2020.
  3. Transit Mars is in Aries and Saturn and Jupiter are in Capricorn, Sun  and Moon  are in Virgo . Here we should notice that maximum planets are in earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) . When major and maximum planets are in earthy signs, high chances of occurrence of earthquake are there.
With the above position of planets in mind, we should be prepared for an earthquake or a natural phenomenon causing damage & loss in India between August & December 2020. If we try & pin point a smaller time window, we can suggest potential earthquake dates as:

  1. Between 15th & 30th August – minor chances
  2. 9th September to 1st October -significant chances
  3. Period close to 17th September -maximum chances
By predicting we are not promoting fatalistic thinking. It is actually an attempt to create awareness and thinking process that would help all of us plan to take adequate precautionary measures for such events. The dates mentioned are significant not only for Earthquakes but also other challenges that occur at any point on Earth. Sometimes earthquakes are replaced by other natural phenomenon and at other times the movement of tectonic plates is low down under the earth that doesn’t release energy to create any havoc. We can always pray to the almighty that we should be spared from such events and the blessings of god are always upon us.