Health Horoscope 2020 for Sagittarius moon sign

Health Horoscope

Sagittarius moon sign natives are ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being a dual sign, they like to take up too many responsibilities at a time. In their quest to excel in varied things, they tend to take up excessive work, which causes unnecessary work pressure resulting in mental stress. The physical health troubles also develop from emotional and mental instability. So, they are required to go at a slower pace and take up one thing at a time. Periodic vacations and holidays will help them rejuvenate and restore their energies.

During the year 2020, their healthcare needs will be largely guarded by the placement and movement of Saturn and Jupiter in their birth chart and the state of their moon sign lord.

Some important health periods in the year 2020 will include:

  • A decline in physical and mental well-being is indicated in the months of March-June and August. However, things will not be very serious and you will recover quickly from the ailment.
  • The month of January may require greater attention towards your father’s health. Your mother’s health will also need care, throughout the year as Saturn will have an aspect over your 4th

A chaotic start to the New Year will put pressure on your health

According to the health horoscope predicting s for the tear 2020, Sagittarius moon sign natives will get to start their year on a chaotic note, where they will be surrounded by a lot of hectic activities on personal or family front. During January to February, you will find yourself juggling between too many events and things in life. With Saturn and Sun moving into your house of finances on 24th January, some monetary issues may crop up. While you will be trying to take care of your financial matters, disturbance in domestic life will increase your worries.

You will need to put in extra efforts to maintain harmony in family relationships and balance your finances, simultaneously. These effort will tend to have an adverse effect on your health. To make the situations worse, an association of Saturn with your 3rd house will affect your general vitality, in this period.

Take the route to meditation to escape any severe implication on your mental and physical health, in these months. Keep a check on what you eat and drink, as stress is going to weaken your immunity.

Domestic matters will affect your overall health and well-being

From March to June, there is an indication of friction in family, as Jupiter will move into Capricorn sign along with Saturn. As Jupiter will be debilitated in this placement, your wisdom will get affected. A Sagittarius moon sign born person will find it difficult to keep their sanity and think straight. But, you will be required to put in extra efforts for explaining things to your family members with logical approach, in the event of disputes and misunderstandings. This will again take a toll on your mental health and your stress levels will aggravate. As stated that your emotional and physical well-being are connected, you will feel the consequence of this on your vitality and body strength.

During July to September, issues related to children may lead to some turbulence in the domestic life. Your career will demand greater attention, but you will find it difficult to put your focus on professional requirements. This will obviously put a pressure on your health and well-being, as you will be in a pensive mood and will be unable to concentrate on other important things in life. Some trivial confrontations with the spouse is also visible, in this period. But these won’t be too serious and can be resolved with mutual understanding and open communication.

Work load may prove detrimental for your health, if not handled wisely

In the months of October-December, your focus will finally shift towards fulfilling your professional commitments. Consequently, the work load will increase and this will lead to a rise in your anxiety and physical strength. A Sagittarius moon sign native will feel tired and weak and may develop a pessimistic outlook, in this period. You might need medical attention in case things go out of control, in this period. However, the best think would be to take proper precautions by maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Alternatively, you are advised to take rest and rejuvenate yourself with healthy diet and regular exercise regime, to overcome this phase.

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