2019 Planetary Transits - Venus

  • Venus transits  Scorpio from 1stJanuary to 29th Januaryin 2019
  • Venus transits  Sagittarius from 29thJanuary to 24th Februaryin 2019
  • Venus transits  Capricorn from 24thFebruary to 22nd Marchin 2019
  • Venus transits  Aquarius from 22nd March to 16th April in 2019
  • Venus transits  Pisces from 16th April to 10th Mayin 2019
  • Venus transits  Aries from 10th May to 4thJunein 2019
  • Venus transits  Taurus from 4thJune to 29thJunein 2019
  • Venus transits  Gemini from 29thJune to 23rdJulyin 2019
  • Venus transits  Cancer from 23rdJuly to 16thAugustin 2019
  • Venus transits  Leo from 16thAugust to 10thSeptemberin 2019
  • Venus transits  Virgo from 10thSeptember to 4thOctoberin 2019
  • Venus transits  Libra from 4thOctober to 28thOctoberin 2019
  • Venus transits  Scorpio from 28thOctober to 21stNovember in 2019
  • Venus transits  Sagittarius from 21stNovember to 15thDecember in 2019
  • Venus transits  Capricorn from 15thDecember to 31st December in 2019
  • Venus will be exalted between 16th April and 10th May in 2019.
  • Venus will be combusted between 9th July and 19th September in 2019
  • Venus will be debilitated between 10th September and 4th October in 2019


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