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Capricorn 2018 Love Horoscope

The year 2018 would bring mixed results in terms of love, Capricorn. The initial months of the year might bring fights and quarrels between married couples. It seems, you would not be sexually much satisfied with your partner. However, the period after October 2018 would bring some harmony and happiness back in your life. At the same time, the period from 7th March until 2nd May is likely to bring some sensual pleasures for the love partners.

This 2018 Love Horoscope is for the Capricorn Moon Sign. Unsure of your Moon Sign? Check here instantly.

Level of understanding and bonding between you and partner doesn’t seem to be upto the mark, Capricorn. Some temperamental issues might prevail between married couples as well. Also, the health of partner needs attention. They might have to suffer some health problems during this period. This is the time to show your care and concern. Pamper them and make the best use of this time to strengthen your bond.

Love life will come into focus mainly after 11th October. As per 2018 Love Horoscope, you could enjoy foreign trips with your partner this year. However, you may end up concentrating more on making money & business from these trips. This could affect your relationship negatively. There will be frequent fights and arguments with partner, which could even result in loss of faith and trust. You need to control & exercise some caution, focusing on your relationship else there could be a possibility of break up too. If you face this trauma during the year, you would definitely take much time to resume your normal life. The chances of the separation are more in the first half. If your relationship survives this time, then the likelihood of separation or break up would go down as the year progresses.
Those who are ready to fall in love may indulge in new relationship after 11th October. The period is favorable so you can go ahead with positivity. You are likely to attract a person who is good looking, sensitive and emotional. They will be easy going with a calm attitude. They will be rich in both brains and pocket. On the other hand, if you are waiting to get married, period after 11th October is suitable. However, there is a need to choose your partner carefully and cautiously. Check their temper level before committing.

You get angry at times, which fuels your fights with partner. Therefore, in order to sustain your love life, you need to keep a check on your temper. Learn to make compromises when needed. Try to adjust and put efforts from your end. Express your feelings often. Love will blossom after 11th October which will bring much improvement and sync in life.

The year will conclude on a usual note. You may not be satisfied in terms of bed pleasures. There might be some temperamental issues between you and your partner. However, you will manage it well keeping the situation under control.

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