Sagittarius moon sign Career Horoscope for the year 2020

Sagittarius moon

The year 2020 is going to be favorable for the professional prospects of Sagittarius moon sign natives. The planetary placements, during the year, will be such that will allow to leverage the opportunities in job and business.

Sagittarius 2020 Career horoscope reveals that the natives will be getting support of their ruling lord Jupiter in ascending their business, especially on the domestic map. This will also be a promising position for students who will get the necessary support in achieving their academic goals.

During the start of the year 2020, the placement of several planets in your Lagna or ascendant house is going to create an aura of uncertainties and confusions. However, these effects won’t be too big to be not handled well. The placement of other key planets will correspond with this scenario to give you a promising start to the New Year.

You will get to earn well – both in terms of income and status, as the year proceed, with some sudden events of approval and disapprovals on the job front.

The big game changers for the Sagittarius moon sign Career in the year 2020 will be:

  • The abode of Jupiter: This will be the year for Sagittarius moon sign to realize their true potential and prove it to the world, as Jupiter will be positioned in your 1st house till 20th November 2020, to give you recognition at workplace with efforts and dedication.
  • The moves of Saturn: The slow-moving planet Saturn is going to move into your 2nd house of wealth from 24th Jan 2020. It is going to stay put in this position for almost the entire year to bring about changes in your financial prospects and business scenario.
  • The backflip of Ketu: The shadow planet Ketu is not going to budge from your ascendant house until 23rd September 2020. Post this period you will be able to unveil new opportunities in work front and will do well as a service professional and also an entrepreneur.

Planetary positions that will redefine Career prospects of Sagittarius moon sign in the year 2020

Sagittarius 2020 Career horoscope gives out promising results for professionals, where certain efforts will be required post the initial period to sustain the pace of growth. The ups and downs will be momentary and will be brought about by the transits of Key planets throughout the year.

The first and foremost in this category would be the movement of the ruling planet Jupiter, which is likely offer excellent opportunities for recognition and appreciation at work to the Sagittarius moon sign natives.

Jupiter is going to occupy the 1st house of Sagittarius moon sign natives, for the larger part of the year 2020. This will put you right in the center of your work, where you will be in the limelight for your performance and productivity and your attitude at work.

Through the journey of Venus, which rules the house of daily job routine and colleagues, Sagittarius natives are going to get good leads from their refined communication skills and social abilities to provide a new direction to their career.

Venus will start its journey from 9th January 2020 and pass through some important houses of your horoscope which aligns their energies well with the professional aspects of life. This journey is also going to help you in starting your enterprise in the year 2020.

The movement of Mercury in your 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th house during the year 2020 is going to be rather critical for your professional growth. Since, this will be the time when you will have to apply your wisdom and sanity in taking effective decisions towards investments, savings and business deals.

Mercury’s movement will also bring about some changes in your life, and one of them would relate to change in job. If these changes are going to be good or bad, can only be ascertained by analyzing your birth chart for placement and position of natal Mercury.

Keeping a track of Full Moon and New Moon periods in the New Year will be crucial to identify the stages of high-pitched growth and low-key growth or restrain during the year 2020.

The transit of Saturn in your 2nd house of wealth post 24th January 2020 is going to diminish your savings in case you plan to invest in a new business or start a new venture of your own. While this will be an investment which could offer good returns and can take your financial status further up, there is always a factor of risk associated with it.

Guidance from seniors and mentors will be your key to success in the year 2020 as Rahu and Ketu’s presence is going to put you in a tight spot where illusions and confusions will loom large over your professional ideas and decisions.

Therefore, considering the advice and suggestions of managers and seniors is going to help you in getting the desired success at workplace, until Rahu and Ketu decides to change house, which is going to happen only during the last lag of the year.

Sagittarius Career 2020: The best phase

The month of February and September are going to be the best months in terms of professional growth and success for Sagittarius moon sign natives.

Sagittarius 2020 Career horoscope shows the period of exaltation of Venus from 3rd to 29th February 2020. This is a good period for you to work towards maximizing your wealth and material assets.

Business professionals can look forward to the period of Mercury’s exaltation from 2nd to 22nd September 2020, where they will have the gift of gab to present their ideas in a much refined way, which will help them getting good clients and investors for their trade.

This will also be a good time to approach a new idea, project or business opportunity, as your luck is going to be with you to get you success in your new endeavors.

Once Ketu is going to leave your 1st house after 23rd September 2020, the probability of getting success ij professional endeavors will increase for Sagittarius moon sign natives.

If you are an independent professional or someone who is into research and related profile or business, do keep an eye on the Full Moon and New Moon phases to grab the right opportunities which will help in furthering your career in the said field.

Sagittarius Career 2020: The period of caution

The period of planetary debilitation, retrogression and combustion will be critical for Sagittarius moon sign natives to identify the months and days of caution in career.

The first period of setback will surface during 7th April to 25th May 2020, when you need to be careful about investments in business and other ventures. The will be the period of Mercury’s debilitation and hence your intelligence and communication skills will be compromised to lend you superior benefits which can help you in making effective business decisions. Thus, care and caution is advised for all major professional dealings, in this period.

You must also avoid any changes in job, profile or location during the above mentioned period.

The retrogression of Mercury from 18th June to 12th July 2020 can spell some trouble between you and your seniors, colleagues and business partners. So, you have to be very patient and calm in your professional discussions during this period, to avoid any conflicting situations at the workplace.

Between 17th October and 16th November job change and arguments with seniors or boss must be avoided as debilitated Sun will not favor your initiatives and will also provide you an aggressive disposition.

The period of Saturn’s retrogression from 11th May to 29th September 2020 will be a subdued phase for independent professionals and for those who are in charge of home-grown businesses.

Sagittarius 2020 Career horoscope: Workplace relations

According to Sagittarius 2020 Career horoscope, Jupiter will play an important role in offering an amicable work environment where you are going to share good rapport with your seniors, colleagues and business associates.

You would require some precaution in dealing with your office staff, especially with your managers and seniors, during the debilitation of Venus during end-of October until mid-November.

The retrogression of Mercury from 17th February to 10th March 2020 may give rise to some disputes at work front, particularly with the business partner.

A word of advice for the beginners

If you are going to start your career in the year 2020, you are in for an advantageous spell as the placement of your 11th house lord Venus in your 2nd house is a promising sign for you to get good financial gains.

The well-positioned Mercury and favorable placement of the ruling lord Jupiter are going to bestow the Sagittarius moon sign natives with required intelligence, intellect, wisdom, eloquence and support from family, friends and seniors to launch their career of a high note.

Just take care of not ignoring your elders, mentors and senior’s advice and stay away from getting arrogant, as you achieve too much, too early.

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