Aquarius Travel horoscope 2020

Travel horoscope

Aquarius moon sign natives are compassionate, yet unconventional people. Their idea of travel revolves around socializing, but no without a worthy cause. A string sense of social conscience makes them look for travel opportunities that not only provide great experiences of the nature but would also help them serve some good purpose.

Being an air sign, they cannot stay a place for long and are thus, termed as the true wanderlust. Everybody desires leisure time in their vacations and so does Aquarius, but they are happier when they get to do or learn something from their excursions.

In the year 2020, Aquarius moon sign natives will have ample opportunities to seek focused travel opportunities to fulfill their learning and social desires along with having personal and family time.

However, the year will demand you to trade with caution as it will be the beginning of your Sade Sati phase of Saturn (Shani). The period after 25th January 2020 will mark the beginning of your Sade Sati period, which as the name suggests, will continue for the next 7.5 years and will be full of challenges. Saturn is transiting in your 12th house, in this period. Though this placement will offer you many opportunities to travel to foreign locations, but Saturn’s less than favorable influence will not give you desired results from these journeys.

Similar results will come through the transit of Jupiter in your 12th house, post 20th November 2020. Being the lord of your 11th house, its transit in your 12th house will increase your travel prospects to foreign locations, largely to create or manage income related matters. However, since it is moving in its debilitation sign, the outcome will not be as per the expectations. This placement will also push for some spiritual and religious trips, but none will reap much benefits.

 Favorable travel periods in the year 2020, will be conferred by Mars, Venus and Mercury.

Transit of Venus: You will start your New Year with Venus’s favorable presence for your travel desires. This could be a signal that the New Year vacation which you must have been planning for long, will be realized now. During 1st January to 9th January 2020, Venus will be transiting in your 12th house, to offer you some exciting travel prospects to begin your year on a positive note. These journeys will mostly take you abroad and for some of you it could be the initiation of an impending settlement in the particular location. Indication of an unplanned travel is also there in this period. But, don’t worry, even if it is sudden, it will be for good, in the end.

Another period of Venus’s transit will take place during the end of the year, when it will be transiting in your 9th house. This will take place from 18th November to 11th December 2020 and since Venus is the lord of your 4th and 9th house and will be moving in its own house, a thrilling overseas travel experience will await you in this period. A connection with your 4th house also signifies travel opportunities with family members. Some of you may also need to travel for property related matters. And, as luck would have it, the results will be in your favor.

Transit of Mercury: When Mercury, which is the lord of your 5th house, will set to move in your 12th house during 8th April to 25th April 2020, you will see an increase in the number of foreign travel opportunities that will come your way. As a connection with your 5th house is established here, you will get to travel for education or love relationship related matters. So, if you are a student, pursuing higher education or a professional who is seeking to upgrade skills, prospects of travel to foreign locations will aid in fulfilling your learning objectives. If you are single, a foreign connection might take you abroad in pursuit of love. Those of you, who have children, this period will help you plan some adventurous vacations with your kids, to your favorite global detonation. These trips will strengthen your bonding and will also provide you the much needed quality time together.

Transit of Mars: Being the lord of your 3rd and 10th house, Mars will be transiting in your 12th house, which will be its exaltation sign, during 23rd March to 4th May 2020. This placement will obviously give you great travel opportunities to foreign locations with equally exciting outcomes. This period will specially be remarkable for your career expeditions. Some of you might be able to realize your dream of abroad settlement, in this period.

Mars will be transiting in your 3rd house, during 17th August to 4th October 2020. This placement will favor your domestic travel opportunities, with your siblings or for the purpose of enhancing career prospects. Weekend getaways and frequent travels to nearby cities or neighboring states will be the highlight of this period. You will be able to give your career the much needed impetus through these travel opportunities, which will open a whole new world of attractive professional breakthroughs for you. Similarly, you will find some precious time to hang around with your siblings, and relive your childhood memories with them.

The good and the bad phase of Sun

Sun, as the lord of your 7th house, will give you both favorable and unfavorable travel periods in the year 2020. Talking about the good phase, you will experience it from 14th April to 14th May 2020, when Sun will be transiting in your 3rd house. This will be a pretty goof period for you to embark on a journey with your spouse to a serene and romantic domestic location. Favorable business excursions also will surface in this period and the results will be as per your expectations.

The bad phase will occur twice in the year. First one will be from 15th January to 14th February 2020. During this time Sun will be transiting in your 12th house, in Capricorn sign of Saturn. And, since Sun and Saturn do not share a very healthy relationship with each other, this period is deemed unfavorable for any sort of business or personal travel, to international locations. Likewise, Sun’s transit in your 9th house during 18th October to 16th November 2020, is considered unfavorable for foreign travel, as it will be its debilitation sign.