Libra moon sign Career Horoscope for the year 2020

Libra moon

Libra moon sign natives can look forward to a promising year 2020 as far as their career is concerned. The Libra 2020 Career horoscope indicates growth, promotions and appreciations at workplace.

The lord of Libra’s house of career is Moon, which is a quick moving planet bringing about changes in professional life at a swift rate. Therefore, you need to match your pace with the waxing and waning aspects of moon to bring about desired modifications on the work front, in the year 2020.

Saturn and Jupiter will be the key planets this year which are going to bring about major changes in your professional life. Through their retrograde and direct motions, both these planets will be bringing about fundamental differences in approach towards work and will test your character against the trials and tribulation of life.

If you fare well in face of challenges you could look up to getting recognition at workplace in the form of promotions and increments. There are also chances of some of you being moving to a leadership role in your current profile.

Luck will be smiling at you for the larger part of the year and your hard work is going to get you desirable results.

The big game changers for the Libra moon sign Career in the year 2020 will be:

  • The trade of Venus and Mars: Venus is the ruler of Libra and this year it is going to be extra special for people involved in research and wholesale business. The placement of Mars, on the other hand is going to be critical for entrepreneurs and business professionals, in general.
  • The Moon walk: For all the Libra moon sign born natives the movement of Moon throughout the year 2020 is going to be extremely significant, since it will rule the house of career for them. So, keep an eye on the Full Moon and New moon phases to identify the periods of growth and restrain.
  • The Rahu trail: The shadow planet Rahu is going to occupy your 9th house until September 2020. This placement is going to push you towards charting a new professional territory. Indication of starting a new business venture or job project is there in this period, which will take shape with your innovative and creative ideas that you have been holding in your head for long now.

Planetary positions that will redefine Career prospects of Libra moon sign in the year 2020

The year 2020 is going to fulfill many professional desires of Libra moon sign natives, illustrates the Libra 2020 Career horoscope analysis.

Most of the opportunities for Libra ascendants are going to be brought about by the placement and positions of Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Saturn, in the year 2020.

To begin with, Venus will start its journey from the 5th house of Libra moon sign to their 2nd house from 9th January to 11th December 2020. This entire transit cycle will touch upon your creative abilities, recognition, wealth accumulation, financial gains, logic, rationality and knowledge base.

There will be a shift in your materialistic and spiritual tendencies, during the year. You will also understand the value of paying attention to minute details and grasping valuable information, during the course of work or personal activities.

The next big leap will come through Jupiter, which will be placed in the 3rd house from your moon sign, during the year 2020. This is going to offer the Libra moon sign natives ample opportunities to travel and explore the world, but not without a purpose. You will gain from these expeditions on a deeper level than just monetary expansions.

The placement of Jupiter is going to be of greater significance for those Libra moon sign natives who are involved in writing and printing work.

Mars, which is the ruler of house of wealth and business for Libra moon sign natives is going to transit through the five key houses of Libra in the year 2020. This transit will bestow you with the courage and ability to express your desires and opinions to the world. You will get recognition for your work, in the New Year and some of you may also get to start their venture, during the year. Support from colleagues is also evident, in the year 2020, which will help you in moving ahead with greater confidence.

If you are a student, the year 2020 will bring forth many fruitful opportunities for academic excellence and growth and you will get a step closer to your educational objective.

Special attention will be required on the movement of Moon. While it will make a move every day and every month of the year, you need to focus on the Full Moon and New Moon days, which are going to offer strategic changes in your professional life, in the year 2020.

Libra Career 2020: The best phase

While this is going to be an exciting year for the career of Libra moon sign, there are some months or days in the year 2020 which are going to be exceptional for your professional endeavors.

One such period is going to be the exaltation of Venus, which is going to take place from 3rd to 29th February 2020. Through this event, you are going to start your New Year with some good news on the job. This could relate to promotion or salary increment or any other materialistic gain.

Your work environment will be harmonious, during the month of February. Libra moon sign professionals who are into wholesale business or work as independent professionals will see their career touch new heights, during the exaltation of Venus.

If you are in the field of research or related areas, the year 2020 will bring you success, achievement, growth and financial gains, shows the Libra 2020 Career horoscope.

The period of exaltation of Mercury from 2nd to 22nd September 2020, will get the Libra moon sign natives good gains from foreign connections and media-related work. This will be the period to put your communication abilities to best use and grab superior opportunities on the global landscape.

Libra Career 2020: The period of caution

Challenges and failures are part and parcel of life and success will not taste any sweeter unless you have had the flavor of some problems thrown in between. The Libra 2020 Career horoscope enlists few such trying periods which will obviously give you some stressful days, but will also make you realize your true potential.

Most of these challenging phases have planetary retrogressions as their background, and in the year 2020, retrograde of Saturn and Jupiter are going to have the major impact on Libra moon sign’s career growth potential.

While the presence of Jupiter in your 3rd house, during the year, is ought to give you success in a new job or in a new business venture, some struggles will come up in its retrograde period. The period of Jupiter’s retrogression is going to last from 14th May to 13th September 2020.

You are advised to avoid taking any major decisions or calls related to your career, in this period. It would be beneficial to postpone new business deals or investments or new project works for a better time.

Libra moon sign natives need to embrace patience and mellow down their approach at workplace, in this muted phase. Do not make any kind of work commitments, in this time of the year, as you will not be able to keep them. This could ruin your reputation and will put in a bad light.

Libra 2020 Career horoscope foresees some travel opportunities, during this time of the year. But they won’t give you any good results, so it would be sensible to avoid them, as long as they aren’t too essential to be undertaken.

Another crucial period of dormancy will surface from 11th May to 29th September 2020, powered by the retrogression of the mighty Saturn.

Being a slow-moving planet, the retrograde state of Saturn is going to further delay success at work for Libra moon sign natives. You will have to wait patiently to get the dues of your hard work. In case you are anticipating some recognition, rewards or appreciation in this time of the year, you will be a little disappointed.

The wait to change job or to get selected in a competitive examination could get longer when you will be under the influence of a retrograde Saturn.

But if you are going to lose hope, you are going to lose pretty much everything. Because, this is how Saturn test your determination, focus and integrity. You falter here and there goes your chances of growth down the drain. So, stay focused, have faith and time will duly pay you back with all that you deserve and desire.

Communication of all kinds – be it verbal or written, will require scrutiny. So, check and double-check before sending out any e-mails or letters to the internal or external audience. Also, be careful with your speech and verbal expressions, in the month of April.

Stay safe of foreign connections and investing in foreign businesses or deals during the debilitation Venus, which is going to take place from 23rd October to 17th November 2020.

Libra 2020 Career horoscope: Workplace relations

The year 2020 will be largely peaceful on the work relations aspect of Libra moon sign natives. Jupiter is going to be the savior of Libra moon sign, as it will ensure that you get to share an amiable relationship with your boss and colleges during the year 2020.

However, post 20th November 2020, when Jupiter is going to get debilitated, Libra ascendants will need to exercise caution with workplace associations. You might get to change your job and adjusting with new people and environment may prove a bit stressful for you, in this period.

Business professionals could also get some new partnerships opportunities, but some misunderstandings will crop up which could either delay or harm the prospects, reveals Libra 2020 Career horoscope analysis.

You should avoid getting into an argument with your seniors or managers, during the debilitation of Mercury, which is going to happen from 7th to 25th April 2020, as a seemingly small quarrel may take an ugly shape and might even cost you your job.

A word of advice for the beginners

The Libra professionals who are about to begin their professional journey in the year 2020, opportunities to prove their worth will be immense.

Advice would be to effectively utilize and display your enhanced communication skills and creative abilities to create a niche for yourself in the work world, during the initial stage, itself.

This will set a strong foundation for your future career prospects and personal growth.

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