Sagittarius Travel horoscope 2020

Travel horoscope

Sagittarius moon sign natives have an itchy feet and they can’t stay put at on place for long. They love to travel and seek freedom and adventure from their journeys. Planned vacations are not their cup of tea. They would rather be part of an impromptu trip than going on a trip etched on a set itinerary. Ruled by Jupiter, they make for one of the most intelligent and fun loving travelers.

Meeting new people and discovering new place helps sooth their curious nature while helping them grow on an intellectual level and also provide a sense of contentment to their souls. Short trips are not much of a thing for them and they are more likely to enjoy extended vacations across geographies.

In the year 2020, Sagittarius moon sign natives will enjoy numerous exciting travel opportunities. However, some precaution is advised through the year, as your Sade Sati phase (of Saturn) will be in its concluding stage. Till 25th January 2020 it will be at its peak and the effects will start to pacify, afterwards. You will start feeling better and will be less restless, but some caution is still advised as the effects will be there.

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Your key travel opportunities will come through Jupiter and Ketu in the year 2020.

Jupiter and Ketu will be transiting in your ascendant house since the beginning of year till 23rd September 2020. Through this placement these planets will cast an aspect on your 5th, 7th and 9th house. As, your 9th house is the significator of foreign travel, the influence of Jupiter and Ketu will help further your foreign travel desires. Most of these journeys will be undertaken to explore ‘self’ in more ways than one and gain a better understanding of life. Your philanthropic inclinations may also make you travel to abroad locations to serve your purpose of helping the global community. Spiritual and religious journeys are also indicated, in this period.

Short distance travel will be made available by Mercury and Venus

Transit of Venus: The period from 10th January to 30th January 2020 will witness the transit of Venus in your 3rd house. Being the lord of your 6th and 11th house, this placement of Venus will help boost your job-related travel prospects, within the country. These official journeys will also be quite favorable for your income generation prospects. You may also get to make some valuable connections, on the go. Overall, the expeditions in this period will be to short distances but quite frequent. These will bring you prosperity and abundance and some sudden monetary gains are also foreseen through one of these trips.

Transit of Mercury: Mercury’s transit in your 3rd house will offer you domestic and short distance travel opportunities. This transit will happen twice, in the year, so, even if you miss a chance in the beginning, you can leverage the opportunity in the upcoming months. The first transit of Mercury will begin from 1st February to 14th February 2020. Being the karaka of business, the transit of Mercury will aid your business expansion plans by providing you travel opportunities to meet and deal with clients and investors. Another favorable period of Mercury’s transit will commence from 14th March till 7th April 2020. Both these periods will offer you frequent but short-distance journeys, which will largely be focused on professional endeavors and will reap good results, in the long term.

Long distance travel needs will be catered by Mars, Mercury and Venus

Transit of Mars: Mars is the lord of your 5th house and during 1st January to 8th February 2020, it will be transiting in your 12th house. This is quite a favorable period for you to realize your travel goals, as you will have ample opportunities to travel abroad, in this period. Moving into its own sign, Mars will increase your love and education related travel. So, if you are thinking of planning a romantic vacation, this is the time for you to make all the arrangements of a splendid holiday for your loved one. On the education front, admission to one of your dream international universities may take you abroad. This may also involve abroad settlement. Traveling with children or for the purpose of meeting their needs, is also indicated here.

Transit of Mercury: The transit of Mercury in your 9th house during 18th August to 2nd September 2020 will bestow you with numerous international travel opportunities. Most of this travel will be business related or official. However, don’t expect too much from this journeys as any major outcomes are not guaranteed in this period. Another period of Mercury’s transit will start from 29th November till 17th December 2020. In this period, Mercury will move into your 12th house of foreign travel and settlement, too boost your travel prospects but the results will not be very satisfying.

Transit of Venus: Venus, being the lord of your 6th and 11th house will be transiting in your 9th house during 29th September to 23rd October 2020. You will see a surge of opportunities to embark on global expeditions, largely for job related and income generation matters. But, these journeys will not add much value to the purpose for which they have been undertaken. Similarly, period from 12th December to 31st December 2020, will have Venus moving into your 12th house, to give you enough foreign travel opportunities but low to moderate benefits.

The period of caution…

There are certain dates in the year 2020, when you should completely avoid traveling. The first cautionary phase will fall during 14th February to 14th March 2020, when Sun will be transiting in your 3rd house. This is not considered a very favorable placement of Sun in your birth chart and thus you should avoid or delay all your trips – whether personal or official in this period. Another travel warning will come during 5th May to 18th June 2020, when Mars will begin to transit in your 3rd house, making it an unfavorable period for any kind of travel.