Travel horoscope 2020 for Aries moon sign

Travel horoscope

Ready to step into the New Year, with some resolutions and travel goals, we bring you a closer look into your travel guide for 2020. Why travel? Because travel is an important aspect of our life. On the surface of it, it will come across just as simple as visiting new places, but delve deeper and it will be so much more. Besides giving you opportunities to explore the world and expand work and business prospects, it also helps you to rejuvenate, think, ideate, observe and unwind. It also gives a lot of time to introspect and understand life in a better way.

For Aries moon sign, specifically, year 2020 is going to be abuzz with lot of exciting travel opportunities round the year. Ruled by Mars, Aries ascendants will take on some incredible expeditions to domestic and foreign lands, in the coming year, pertaining to love, family, work, business and self.

These travel horoscope predictions are based on Vedic Moon Signs. If you are not sure about Aries being your moon sign, you can find it out instantly, by clicking here.

Some important astrological considerations for your 2020 travel plans are given below:

Transit of Rahu: Rahu, one of the most important planets for travel will be transiting in your 3rd house, for almost the entire year in 2020, only to be moving ahead after 20th September 2020. So, till September, you will get ample opportunities to travel within the country. Short but frequent travels will be the highlight of this period.

Transit of Ketu: Ketu will also transit around the same time as Rahu, in your 9th house. Thus, beefing up your chances of travelling to foreign locations. These journeys would largely be for yoga and meditation purpose and will allow you time to get in touch with your inner self, to know yourself better and take on the path of mental wellbeing. So, if you have an inclination towards these self-reflective excursions, you can pack your bags for a dreamy retreat in the Himalayas, or in Thailand, California or Ireland, to name a few.

Transit of Jupiter: You will also find Jupiter transiting in your 9th house, almost throughout the year until 20th November 2020. This planetary position again will favor your travel to international locations. However, these journeys will specifically be for spiritual or religious factors, as, the divine energy of Jupiter will enhance your transcendental predispositions to take on pilgrimages.

Significant planetary placements that will favor your travel plans in 2020

Mars will take you places

Coming to your ascendant lord Mars, which will be transiting in your 12th house from 19th June to 16th August 2020, you will find ample opportunities to travel abroad. For some of you these could be pretty long journeys, which may offer chances of temporary abroad settlement.

Sun will make you travel for a purpose

Then the planet Sun, which will transit in your 12th house from 15th March to 13th April 2020, will further elevate your chances of abroad travel. This times around, the journeys will not be so much for self as for others. To classify further, you will have pleasure trips with your love partner, travel with children or to attend to requirements of children and travelling for education related matters. These will be long travels, largely to foreign locations. You will again get a favorable chance to travel to foreign locales post 16th December 2020, when Sun will make a move into your 9th house. This could well be a part of your Christmas or New Year celebrations.

Venus will favor your business and pleasure trips

Another important planetary transit, which will allow you to explore business related matters on a global landscape, will take place from 4th February to 29th February 2020, when Venus will transit in your 12th house. Though a seemingly short period, it is going to be a remarkable phase for your business and entrepreneurial endeavors. The business related travel that you will undertake in this period is going to give you immense long term benefits.

This period of Venu’s transit will also be fruitful for your marital life. Venus being the lord of your 7th house, which signifies spouse, will be transiting in your 12th house. This will offer you some real good quality time far from your home land, with your spouse, may be cradling in the lap of Alps.

A word of caution

While overall, this will be a pretty exciting period for your travel longings, certain days from 8th April to 25th April 2020 will not be very favorable for taking up work related trips. During this period Mercury, which is the lord of your 6th house will be transiting in your 12th house. This placement is not considered very beneficial for pursuing any official trips, especially to foreign locations.