Capricorn Travel horoscope 2020

Travel horoscope

Why knowing about your travel predictions are imperative? Because, travel is indeed important. It could be challenging sometimes, or may be forced, but none of it is worthless. All the journeys in life teaches you something, it is up to you to acknowledge those learnings and embrace the good things in life while letting go of the bad things. Whether you choose to spend a few months or just a couple days exploring this beautiful planet, it’s important to appreciate and accept what’s out there.

Capricorn moon sign natives have this inclination of knowing and understanding things through their travel endeavors. They are practical and responsible beings. They are also patient and organized. And, they have a unique element of fun and adventure, too. All these traits reflect in their nature as a traveler. Ruled by Saturn, they look at the bigger picture rather than focusing on the nitty-gritties. So, there journeys are well-planned, no doubt, but they will still have an element of surprise in it.

In the year 2020, though you will have some favorable travelling opportunities, you need to be careful throughout as you will be under the spell of Saturn’s (Shani) Sade Sati. In fact this will be the peak period of Sade Sati for you. Nonetheless, you can be somewhat relaxed as your moon sign is ruled by Saturn itself, so while the effects will be there, they will not be too grave in your case.

Your main travel opportunities in the year 2020 will come through Jupiter and Ketu.

Jupiter and Ketu will be transiting in your 12th house till 23rd September 2020 to offer you some of the best travel experiences of your life. You will travel to exotic foreign locations to attend to your spiritual and religious needs. Those of you who are into social work may get an opportunity to travel to global locations for creating awareness on critical issues or for the purpose of generating funding for your cause. Those who are into meditation may also seek some peaceful voyage to be with ‘self’ and embrace the deeper meaning of life.

If you are a teacher, lecturer or professor, this period may be full of exciting travel opportunities for you. There are chances of you taking up a trip to some international location for exchange programs or for conferences. Abroad settlement through employment is also indicated, however, its verification can only be established by analyzing your birth chart.

Some great long and short journeys will be offered by Venus, Mars and Mercury.

During 4th February to 29th February 2020, Venus will be transiting in your 3rd house. Being the lord of your 5th and 10th house, Venus will offer you quite a handful of opportunities to travel within the country for the purpose of education, love or children. So, there could be weekend trips, short tours with children, week-long vacations with your love partner or frequent ups and downs to nearby cities or states for the purpose if learning and development. Moreover, this will also be a very favorable period for any career-related travel. As Venus will be in its exaltation sign, therefore the energies will be positive throughout and outcomes will be highly beneficial, in this period.

Between 9th February and 22nd March 2020, Mars will begin its transit in your 12th house. This will be an ideal time to plan for a long due family vacation. Most of these journeys will take you abroad and there could be a chance of foreign settlement, for some of you. This placement of Mars will also favor your income generation prospects, through the travels undertaken in this period.

Another favorable travel period will come through Mercury’s transit in your 9th house during 3rd September to 22nd September 2020. Mercury will be exalted in this placement and will thus benefit all your excursions. You will be extensively travelling for business and professional endeavors in this period and it will open up some really amazing work prospects for you, at the global landscape. This would also be a favorable period for take up spiritual journeys to far-off places where you will be able to find inner-peace. Mercury’s transit in your 12th house during 18th December to 31st December 2020, will again throw up some travel opportunities, however, you can chose to avoid these as the results won’t be much great.

Your travel warning period…

Period from 8th April to 25th April 2020 and from 22nd October to 17th November 2020 will be your ‘No Travel’ periods. Avoid travelling on these dates, as much as possible. In April Mercury’s transit in your 3rd house will affect your travel plans and in the latter part of the year, Venus’s move into your 9th house will make it unfavorable for you to embark on any planned or unplanned journeys.