Gemini Finance and Wealth Horoscope 2020

Gemini Finance

There is no such thing as being completely satisfied with whatever we know of our future. There is always this inner urge to know more about what our life in future holds, and our curious selves would always find ways to know about it. To put all your queries to rest, we have specially sorted out what the 2020 Horoscope holds for you as per your specific moon sign. Our expert group of Astrologers have successfully prepared the Horoscope reports for you to read and know what the leap year 2020 has in store for you.

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2020 for Gemini – What the Year ahead holds!

The Gemini natives here can rejoice as the year 2020 promises to bring new avenues of growth for you financially, and also sort out some difficult situations from the previous year. You might have to face some hurdles and difficulties during this year, but be assured that you will be able to cope up with them, and bring about overall good results for yourself. You would then be able to maintain your balance and strengthen your financial position, suggests the 2020 Finance and Wealth Horoscope.

Planetary Positions and their influence on Finance and Wealth matters in 2020

As per overall finance matters are concerned, it is advised by the 2020 horoscope for Wealth that you need to be cautious throughout, as this long period would be challenging for you, and would not allow you to be at peace without any chaos. It is thereby suggested that you try and keep you calm, and take decisions only after thinking it out, and giving proper thought to it.

The importance of Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn in deciding your Finance in 2020

Rahu is responsible for bringing about changes in everyone’s birth chart, and in case of all of you Gemini natives, after 23 September, Rahu would be transiting into your twelfth house of expenses. This would mean that you would have to incur loss of finance and might even have to suffer from lack of money, due to various reasons that could involve you and your family member as swell.

Ketu would transit into your Sixth house of debts and loans after 23 November 2020, and this transit would increase your expenses that might even force you to take loans and fall under debt. This phase would not be a good time to be able to clear your dues and debts, but on the bright side, you might get a loan ion order to pay for your expenses.

Saturn would be transiting into the eighth house of speculations and sudden gains, after 24 January 2020, ad being a slow mover it would stay there throughout the year. Therefore, from this time this year in 2020, you will be under the Saturn Dhayya period. You are advised to not take part in any kind of investment, or speculative acts of any kind, as chances of reaping successful benefits seem dim for you during this period.

Mars bestowing the best period for gains in 2020

The Lord of your sixth house, Mars, would be transiting into the Eleventh House of Income from 16 august 2020 to 4 October 2020. This transit is predicted by the Gemini Finance and Wealth horoscope for 2020, as the best time for gains and profits, as per your financial status is concerned.

You would get sufficient gains from your job and your career will give you good financial growth. You would be able to plan your finances, and save money for the future. It would also mean that you plan ways of multiplying your finances, so that it helps you increase your wealth and financial status in the future. Utilize this best period to increase gains and income in 2020, to rejoice in its after effects later.

The Sun and its influence on the Gemini natives in 2020

Sun is the Lord of your Third house, and would be transiting into your eleventh house of income, from 14 April 2020, and stay there until 14 May 2020. During this period, Sun will be in its exaltation sun, thereby making this transit a memorable period of favor for you.  

This period of the Sun would give you ample chances to increase your stable and base income apart from creating avenues for multiple sources of income. You will see yourself getting a hike in your salary, or earning bonuses and incentives. Even business deals would present you with better financial gains.

Your strong communication skills and people skills would impress your partners, colleagues, and bosses around you, and you would gain profitable deals and opportunities with its help. Expect travels for work in and around the country, which would further heighten financial prospects for you.

After this transit, Sun would then move into the Twelfth house of expenses from 14 May 2020, and stay there until 14 June 2020. Sun gives expenses as well, and being in the 12th house will further add on to it. Expect to spend lavishly on travels related to work and leisure, alone or with family.

You might even spend on things you wanted to splurge on, and it is thereby advised that you try to curb them down and only try to spend when necessary. You might even spend on your siblings, and try to fulfill their wishes by giving them things and gifts of interest to them.

Jupiter transit effects for Gemini natives in 2020

For all of you Gemini natives, Jupiter is the Lord of your Seventh House, and until 28 November 2020, it would transit into your Seventh house of business, while aspecting the Eleventh House of Income as well. This transit would thereby be a win-win situation for you, and you should get ready to delve in all the profits it ensues.

You should expect tremendous gains from your income sources, like making extra money, or getting new opportunities to earn money, or getting ideas and opportunities to start out with something new. With the transit of Jupiter, you would get new opportunities in your business, might be able to expand your business, get excellent deals, and even work upon ideas that seem profitable.

Your spouse might help you financially, and thus let your have monetary gains to increase your business or your financial status. Every gain in this period promises to take you a long way, and it is advised that you count every step and utilize it to the best.

Mercury and its effects in 2020

Mercury is the Ascendant Lord for you as a Gemini native, and is also the fourth house Lord. It would be transiting into the twelfth House of Expenses from 10 May 2020 and stay there until 24 May 2020. During this period, you would spend on yourself, and fulfill your desires and get things that interest you as gifts. You might even get a new car or any vehicle, buy land for personal use, invest in property, and incest in renovation and interiors of the house. Whatever it may be, it is important that you do not splurge unnecessarily, and invest your money in things only where you should actually be spending.

Venus in 2020 for Gemini

Venus is the Lord of the fifth house and would be transiting into the twelfth house of Expenses, from 29 March 2020, and stay there until 1 August 2020. This period can be counted as a time of expense, and as per the Gemini Finance Horoscope Prediction for 2020, you should try and control your urge to spend heftily. The expenses that might crop up during this time would be on children, education for yourself or your children, for your love partner and your relationship, apart from travel related expenses, for leisure and work related both.

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