Leo 2019 Love and Relationship Horoscope

Leo 2019

Leo 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions: Friends turning into lovers OR lovers turning into friends?

Leo, you are a chimerically romantic sign. When you are in love, you want the whole world to know about it. Being represented by a lion, in love matters you don’t like settling for anything less than a fierce lioness. Your 2019 love & relationship horoscope shows the chances of a very amorous bond between you and your lioness. It is likely you would have the long due ‘mature conversation’ with your partner without any classic Leo drama. This conversation would be helpful in strengthening your bond.

This horoscope forecast is based on Vedic Moon Sign. Are you Leo Moon Sign? If not sure, find it out instantly.

Saturn & Mercury conjunction in your 5th house of love & romance would be helpful in enhancing the communication & understanding between you & your spouse in the month of January. It is likely to turn into a romantic as well as amiable relationship (not exactly, like the ‘Friends with Benefit’ one though!). It seems this combination would soon become a nudnik due to its feigned terms & conditions.

Leo 2019 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Sun eclipses the sunny relationships.

You are a very royal & regal sign. You prefer being treated in a very grandiose & dignified manner by everyone including your partner. It’s seen that most of your past relationships have failed to perform well due to your colossal ego & cockiness. The transit of Sun in your 7th house of relationship shows the possibility of history repeating itself. Your ego would be tyrannical and could possibly cause irreparable damage to your love life as predicted in Leo 2019 love & relationship horoscope.

Sun’s direct aspect on your ascendant could create ruinous situations in the month of February. It is possible that you would become short tempered & intolerant towards your partner. There are chances that you would be high on the “I & me” factor and your decisions would appear to be egocentric. You have always loved being centre of attention but this time it would be negatively taken by people around you. There is a possibility that you would like to control the actions of your partner, due to which you might acquire the status of a dysfunctional loser among your relatives & friends.
In February, Sun comes in close conjunction with the Mercury, which might cloud your sanity. There is a possibility that you might utter such words which have the competence to leave a catastrophic effect on your love & relationship. Chances of breakup or separation due to harsh speech are possible in this period as per the Leo 2019 love & relationship horoscope predictions. It is suggested to keep your calm & be polite to avoid situations which can sabotage your love & relationship. February could be perilous for your love & relationship if not handled carefully.

Leo 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions: Feeling of being with the wrong partner.

The month of March would be like a play with matchsticks. A single careless moment & everything would turn to ashes. Rahu & Ketu transit in your 5th house of love & romance is going to bring a lot of changes in your love life.
You would feel struck & irritated with your partner as suggested in the 2019 Leo love & relationship horoscope. It is possible that suddenly you would start feeling how your partner is not perfect for you & doesn’t deserve to be with a person of your stature. There are chances of breakup or detachment during this period.

If you are thinking of approaching somebody, it would be wise to wait for some time. Relationships started during this time are less likely to be stable or long lasting.

Leo 2019 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Jupiter’s jumbo rides!

April & May takes your love life few notches up with the Jupiter’s transit in your 5th house in the “Moola constellation”.  It would clear the air between you and your partner & might give you a chance to rejuvenate your love life & relationship. Even though April 2019 would be beneficial for working on your love & relationship but still you need to take care of you word that come out of your mouth. There are chances of relationships going to ruins if your snotty attitude is not taken care of.

In the month of May 2019, your family would be very understanding and supportive as per the 2019 love & relationship horoscope for Leo. There are chances that your friends would stand by you through thick & thin which would be very supportive considering your nerve-racking love life. It is possible that your mother would come to your rescue to prevent your damaging your love & life. It is possible that your elder sibling could create some problems in your love matters during this time.

Jupiter’s transit in the Scorpio sign in “Jyestha constellation” till October 2019 might create situations which would make it impossible for you to spend time with your partner. It is likely that during this time there would be sudden increase in work load & responsibilities. Chances are you have to stay away from your partner for long due to work or education emergencies which might create differences & problems in your relationship.