Sagittarius 2019 Love and Relationship Horoscope

Sagittarius 2019

Sagittarius 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions: Love & relationship ruckus!

It is pretty difficult for the globetrotting Sagittarius to stay at a place for a long time. Your fondness makes it difficult for you to settle in any long term relationship. Ruled by Jupiter, you want everything in your life to be awesome & legendary. In 2019, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu would play important role in designing & influencing the events of your love life.

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There is a possibility that love & relationship might not work out the way you have anticipated. If you are riding single, get ready-steady to be on the roller-coaster ride of love. You need to take some precautions & maintain your cool; if you are married or in a relationship because there are great chances that you might feel dominated by your partner as per the 2019 Sagittarius love & relationship horoscope. The bossy & controlling nature of your partner could create such situation where you feel your freedom being trampled by him/her.

Sagittarius 2019 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Relationships might go astray!

Saturn channels the energies related to our desires & expressions. In 2019, Saturn aspects the house of love & relationships in your birth chart. It could increase the chances of your relationship being very disciplined & controlled. The communication between you & your partner could become very stressful & minimal during this time.

The Sagittarius 2019 love & relationship horoscope shows the chances of you feeling pressurized & tyrannized by partner. Saturn might dupe you to be okay even with the immoral behavior of your partner. There are chances that your honesty might land you in problem as in March, the conjunction of Saturn & Ketu is likely to create some indifference & detachment between couples. Try to be patient & listen to your partner. Efforts could start showing results in April 2019.

Sagittarius 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions: Love & relationships might have to pass through burning grounds

Jupiter increases your penchant towards religion & god. Feeling more disposed towards children is pretty common in such situations. Your partner might feel sidelined & awful by this change. Singles would prefer to invest time in enhancing their skills rather than just sitting & waiting for love. February 2019 shows the possibility of being occupied with work a lot. Your schedule would be tight leaving no space or time to interact with your beloved as per the 2019 Sagittarius love & relationship horoscope.

Mars could be helpful in bringing job offers to your partner from big organizations. The presence of Mars in enemy house & its aspect on your 7th house of relationships is likely to create some disturbances related to mental compatibility & expressions in love & relationships. It is advisable to be careful in the month of March as your relationship might have to go through a rough patch. There can be conflicts, confusions or misunderstanding among love birds leaving their bond strained.

Sagittarius 2019 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Venus bestows luck in love & relationship.

The archer would be able to shoot stars in February 2019. It is likely to be the best month to make approaches. Venus’s direct aspect on the 5th house forecast the possibility of loving & harmonious relationships. Sagittarius 2019 love & relationship horoscope shows the likelihood of receiving a proposal from a colleague or a new friend.

Express your feeling to your crush in January to expect desirable results. January shows pleasant prospects of spending quality time with your beloved. Your relationship is most likely to be deeply romantic & passionate as per the 2019 love & relationship horoscope predictions of Sagittarius. You both might join some physical activity together.

Sagittarius 2019 Love and Relationship Predictions: Rahu-ketu effect!

2019 is not likely to give you results as per your liking or desires. Love is supposed to be unpredictable & spontaneous and that’s how your love life would be in 2019 as per the love & relationship horoscope predictions. During April 2019, you & your partner are likely to experience spiritual enlightenment. You both would consider joining some spiritual institution.
The Rahu-Ketu transit in the first week of March is likely to help you uproot all the negativity. This period is prosperous to rejuvenate your relationship with your partner. Avoid getting into any relationship post-March as love relationships wouldn’t last long. There would be lack of compatibility & understanding between you & your partner leading to creation of stupid arguments & misunderstandings.

Your social circle is likely to bloom in 2019. You should avoid sharing details about your love life or relationships with friends. Ketu might give you illusions which can cause uneasiness & anxiety. It is likely you might feel cheated & mentally depressed during this time due to disclosure of secrets by your friend. It is advisable to keep tight-lipped and avoid disclosing any detail to anyone.