Libra career Horoscope 2019

Libra career

2019 Libra Career Horoscope: Follow this mantra for success

Libra, the ability to create something unique from ordinary things defines your inner self. At work, you are artistic and highly imaginative. You have a knack to analyze the pros & cons of every task before actually entering into it. Your smart & carefully analyzed moves have been protecting you from failures or unpredictable changes. 2019, is going to be a super busy year for you. ‘Priorities’ & ‘Strategies’ could become the mantra of your success in career in the New Year.

This horoscope forecast is based on Vedic Moon Sign. Are you Libra Moon Sign? If not sure, find it out instantly

Relations with the boss can be troublesome but adequate use of words can change things for you. In 2019, both actions and words are likely to define your success graph as per the 2019 Libra career horoscope. Chitchat and controversy have the potency to harm your clean image. Stay away from them to avoid being part of any ugly situation.

Libra Career Horoscope 2019: Major planets & transits in 2019

Your career in 2019 would be majorly influenced by the transits of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in your birth chart.

Venus, the ascendant lord will be in the 2nd house in your astrological chart. Venus will be in conjunction with Jupiter from 1st January to 29th January. Your speech would play a prime role in your career in 2019. Take care of your tone, articulation and pitch while conversing as it likely to determine what you would take home at the end of the day. Appropriate use of expressions could bring you gain and success in career. There are chances that Professionals would also get gain in career through eloquent speech as per the Libra career horoscope 2019.
Saturn transits the 3rd house of communication in your birth chart. It is likely you might get slow progress. Businessmen should remain patient as there might be delay in execution as well as accomplishment of plan. There is a possibility you might not get success in one attempt, so don’t lose hope and keep trying.

Jupiter is posited in the 2nd house and is also aspecting your 10th house of career. It is likely to increase your influence and power at workplace. There are chances you might get promotion or acquire a new position of authority at work.

Jupiter would dominantly affect your career till 7th November 2019. Jupiter aspects the 6th and 8th houses in your birth chart.  It would give a positive work environment. It is likely you would share a cordial bond with your colleagues at work.

Libra 2019 Career Forecast: Travel opportunities in job

Saturn will remain in the 3rd house till the end of 2019 and it will aspect the 5th house of planning, politics and speculation as well as the 9th house of boss and luck .The service person are not likely to get desired results easily. Senior or boss can be demanding and might push you to work harder.
You might get opportunity to travel for office work as per the Libra 2019 Career forecast. Jupiter’s aspect would reward your hard work with promotion at work.
From the month of March, Ketu will conjunct with Saturn. The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the 3rd house might increase the workload. Take care of your health as there is a possibility you would have a very busy and hectic schedule at work this time. Odds of travelling for work purposes for professionals, servicemen and businessmen are pretty high in March 2019.

Libra 2019 Career Horoscope: Professionals may witness major changes

From 6th February 2019 to 22nd March 2019, Mars transits in the Aries sign. Put your best foot forward as Mars is likely to bring profits as well as appreciation from boss. This year would be very good for the professionals because of Jupiter aspect.

If you are in the field of research, occult sciences or law profession, 2019 is going to bring major transition in your career. You would see a major rise in your career as well as financial gains. There are chances that your reputation in the market would improve as seen in the Libra 2019 Career horoscope.

Career Readings for Libra 2019: Unfavorable Periods

For business person there would not be much gains in the New Year on the work front. Stay away from making any major investment in business or speculation as Saturn would not favor your luck or bring expected results.
Presence of Rahu in the 9th house of your birth chart from the month of March 2019 is likely to create troubles at your work place. You might feel being unnecessarily troubled by your boss and seniors for silly works. Losing temper in such situation could become problematic for your career as per the career reading for Libra 2019.

Jupiter will get retrograde from 10th April 2019 to 11th August 2019.  During this time, Jupiter will also be in conjunction with Saturn and Ketu in the 3rd house of your astrological chart. There is a possibility that you might face obstacles while commuting for work. Take care of expenses as probability of loss or depreciation in finances is quite high in this phase. Your plays and usual strategies at work are likely to fail miserably. Proper planning and strategizing the work would be of much help you to get back on track.
Boss would not get easily impressed by your work because of Saturn’s aspect. From the month of March, the situation might get aggravated due to conjunction of Saturn and Ketu.

Mercury will retrograde from 5th March to 28th March. Turn down any new proposal you get to work on in this period. There is a possibility that you might face some financial losses in this phase. Avoid making investments in new projects in this month. Stay away from office gossips as it could lead to arguments as per the career reading for Libra 2019.

Career Forecast for Libra 2019: Best Time of the Year

Mars will be in the 6th house of service till 6th February 2019. There is a possibility that you would be able to overcome all your hurdles at work by this time of the year as per career forecast for Libra 2019.

Mars in the Aries sign of your birth chart is likely to take you to foreign places for work. The period between 6th February 2019 and 22nd March 2019 is favorable for professionals as they might get an exciting offer from foreign place or any other place far off from their current area of work.
Saturn will also get retrograde between 30th April and 18th September. This time is propitious as you might get appreciation for your dedicated work from your seniors. You might even get opportunity to travel to foreign places for work and leisure.

You like working in a peaceful and harmonious place. This ultimate feeling of bliss is most likely to be felt by you between 6th February and 2nd March in the New Year. Libra 2019 career forecast says that your working environment would be ideal and fulfilling in this period.
Sun exalts in the Aries sign from 14th April 2019 to 15th May 2019. Business person should utilize this time to earn maximum profits.

Venus will be posited in the Pisces sign of your birth chart between 16th April and 10th May. This period is favorable for professionals as there is possibility of monetary gains. Job holders would get chance to overcome the difficulties they have been facing in work since long. Business person might get proposals from overseas for associations or to expand their businesses.

Libra Career Horoscope 2019: Possibility of Government Job

If you are preparing for some examination to get job in government sector then there are fair chances that you would get rewarded for your dedication and hard work in 2019.

Libra Career Predictions 2019: Possibility of Job Abroad/ Foreign Country

In the month of March, there is a possibility that all your efforts of past might start yielding results. Libra career predictions 2019 shows chances of sudden work proposal from overseas for professionals as well as servicemen.
As there would be a lot of travelling involved in this period, you are advised to take care of your business and finances as there are odds of sudden obstacles and losses in business during this month as foreseen in the career horoscope analysis of Libra for 2019.

Career Horoscope 2019 for Libra: Odds of Getting Admission for Higher Studies

Students who are interested to go for higher studies or research have the possibility to get acceptance from some overseas university in 2019. There are chances that students in research might earn great reorganization in foreign places for their extraordinary work.

Libra Horoscope for Career in 2019: Chances of Job Switch

Jupiter’s aspect on the 6th house creates prospects of job change for Libra natives. There is a possibility there would be good growth in career after the switch. Try to change your job before April 2019 or after 11th August 2019 only as the period in between would not deliver desirable results as seen in the career horoscope analysis of Libra for 2019.