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How 2017 Career & Financial Fortune report will help you?
  • It will be your guide to instinctively consolidate upon the opportunities and do the right things in the next 12 months for either - Growth or Stability at work place
  • It will predict the good periods when to push ahead to progress your career.
  • It will cover the advance knowledge of methods to adopt/ avoid and when to use them so as to make a difference in the next 12 months. Since your ability to spot the trends of caution as well as opportunities at work will hold the key to your success at work this year. These trends will be well covered in your reading.
  • Good period for relocation or change if favourbale would be given out along with remedies & cautions.
  • There’s an option to get lucky dates & periods in the next 12 months.
  • Career Predictions along with suggestions on how to maximize progress professionally while increasing your financial gains will be provided.
Significance of 2017 for Career & Finances

As we enter a new time frame with the dawn of the New Year 2017, the zodiacal cycle starts afresh, clocking in major transits (movement) of planets and the dasa changes. The combined effect of all of these is the Change/ Reversal in fortunes, either giving us growth or stability this year in Career. There are many key celestial events lined up that will take place in due course in the next 12 months. These include planetary movements the ‘giver’ planet - Jupiter in the sign of Libra from Virgo on 12th September 2017 and the movement of Saturn into Sagittarius early on in the year on 26th January 2017. This year will see changes in the growth levels at work.

How would 2017 make a difference to career and finances?

There some key planetary shifts lined up in 2017 which would start off a phase of major changes in the way our work lives need to be structured to make career progress in the New Year. This year would need us to prove our worth by acquiring and consolidating our knowledge base to remain relevant to our area of work. This is what the call of hour would be as Saturn changes its position to Sagittarius after two and a half long years of remaining in Scorpio. Jupiter would also get the aspect of moving Saturn which will roll down into a special fallen position this year, making things come through but with some hard work and planning.

Opportunities will be created at the existing businesses and jobs as well for relocations or change of jobs will become a possibility too. Therefore, in the next 12 months, you would be faced with the need to take decisions on changing your work place, work strategy and key decisions depending on whether its Growth or Stability that you aim for in career for 2017. There would, thus be a strong need for guidance for 2017 career fortunes. Given the complexity of the trends during the next 12 months, this report would guide you throughout & help you take decisions when you are at crossroads. Which could be more than once during the next 12 months!

2017 Career & Financial Fortune

2017 Career & Financial Fortune Report

2017 Career & Financial Fortune with lucky dates

2017 Career & Financial Fortune with lucky dates.


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