Venus in Pisces

(Moon Sign Based)

Venus in Pisces represents the one who has the desire and willingness to achieve the highest of experiences in life that provide intense bliss and pleasure.

Venus in Pisces


Venus in Pisces brings you the potential and valor to embrace the highest experiences of life. Spirituality, devotion, sleep, imagination, hallucination, entertainment, sexuality, bed pleasures, aesthetic life, and finally death and liberation are some of the highest of experiences where you can feel lost and sacrifice yourself completely. Venus indicates comfort and pleasure, when comes to Pisces, gives pleasure from these experiences.

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This placement is desirable by both spiritualists and materialists. Whether it is spirituality, the union with God, or the sexuality, union with partner, both are possible by the placement of Venus in Pisces. Sleep is the most comfortable stage, and a good sleep is also provided by Venus in Pisces.

No matter whether the experience is good or bad, or real or illusionary, it falls under the category of Pisces Venus. Venus is the planet who wants to enjoy pleasure and Pisces is the sign that has the highest of pleasures, this is why Venus gets Exalted here. Venus in Pisces indicates purity of mind. It is a positive and pure placement.

You can be a traveler, spiritualist, painter, musician, artist, and healer. You can perform arts that can mesmerize everyone. It involves fields where you can influence the masses. Venus in Pisces can also means exploring life and the world.

As far as your health is concerned, Venus in Pisces can give issues related to impotency, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), slow learning, hallucinations, and addictions. Most of the problems are associated with mental health.


What happens when Venus retrogrades in Pisces?

You can take an interest in offering and teaching talents to the people when Venus gets Retrograde in Pisces as it becomes pure and innocent. If you have Retrograde Venus in Pisces, others could experience those pleasures even if you could not experience it.

This is the most kind and merciful nature that can be injected in you through the placement of Venus in the sign of Pisces.


What happens when Venus combusts with Pisces?

You can get the superiority complex that you are the best and all the people around you cannot compete with you in anything. When Venus gets Combust in Pisces, it creates ego and uncompromising nature of taking only best.

Combust Venus in Pisces also creates problems in marriage. The placement is good only if you give grooming classes to the people.


Venus in Pisces: Effects in all 12 Houses

Venus in Pisces in 1st House

You are beautiful, innocent, spiritual, and creative. You are driven by your desires and have courage to fulfill your dreams. You can have good knowledge of Mantra and Tantra. Your intuitive ability is high.

You are good at research and investigation. Venus in Pisces in 1st House creates Malavya Mahapurush Yog that can make you Malavya, means loveable and extremely knowledgeable. You are loveable among your people and extremely intelligent.

The placement is good to attain success in the field of business, arts, politics, and research. Venus in Pisces in 1st House can bless you with good convincing and diplomatic skills. You can attract and convince anybody through your work, speech and personality.


Venus in Pisces in 2nd House

You are polite and a good speaker. You were born and brought up in a very good family. Your speech is convincing and there might be a possibility that you would have blue eyes, especially if Venus is in Revati Nakshatra in Pisces.

Wealth is really good, and you will enjoy a lot of luxuries. You could have multiple assets, vehicles or property. Your parents can be religious and beautiful. Your mother could have expensive and royal tastes. Your father can be reputed in society.

If the placement is afflicted, you can face issues related to weak eyesight. You can do well in the field of business, poetry and teaching. You can become an advisor in a firm.


Venus in Pisces in 3rd House

You are courageous and good looking. People can be jealous of you. You always say yes to opportunities, and you will make your career through self-efforts. Your wealth will be good, if you have a female sibling, she is quite lucky for you.

You can be creative by nature. You can join theatre and sports. You can become a good mentor and coach. You love to travel near rivers, lakes and seas. Your presentation skills are quite good. Your life would become more comfortable after a young age.

You may fall in love with your neighbor, colleague or childhood friend. You can marry them, if the rest of the planetary alignments are favorable. You are romantic and can be famous among the people of opposite sex. Your spouse can be from a different caste as well.


Venus in Pisces in 4th House

You are good looking kid just like your mother. Your mother’s advice is always fruitful for you. You enjoy a lot of comforts, assets and vehicles. You are self-sufficient and self-satisfied. You could have more females at your home.

There might be a possibility that you will be living near a pond, pool, river, sea or even in a large water tank. Southeast direction is quite favorable for you. Venus in Pisces in 4th House creates Malavya Mahapurush Yog that can make you loveable and extremely knowledgeable.

You can do very well in the medical, fashion, and glamour field. Your dressing sense is good. You would enjoy good company of friends and people. You may take a loan in future. Your mother needs to take care of her health.


Venus in Pisces in 5th House

You are romantic, creative, fickle-minded, and artistic personality. You can be good at singing and reciting poetry. You can become a good actor as well. You may go abroad for further studies. Your career will be good.

Your kids will be beautiful and auspicious to you. There is a high possibility that you will be blessed by a girl child and your finances and luck will rise thereafter.

You will have a love marriage and if benefic influence is present. You can face issues related to diabetes. Initially, you can be distracted in education from the people of opposite sex, but later, you will come on the right track. You need to learn to control yourself.

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Venus in Pisces in 6th House

You are restless, argumentative, emotionally frustrated, and have a less immune personality. You can be bad at maintaining relationships, but your spouse will be managing and adjustable. You can create conflicts in your married life.

You can have issues related to lower abdomen such as pain in pelvic region, hernia, kidney issue, appendicitis, or pain in lower back. However, this issue can be long-term in span. You need to work on immunity and mental health to stay healthy.

You can face sudden loss in your business and can face problems at the workplace. Business in partnership is not good for you. If you want to do business in partnership, your share should be higher than the rest of your partners.


Venus in Pisces in 7th House

You are beautiful and romantic. You can achieve success in business through partnership, especially if it is your spouse. If malefic influence is present, there could be a possibility of two marriages. Exalted Venus in 7th House can give a spouse who is well-known to your family.

You can be good at learning religious texts. Venus in Pisces in 7th House creates Malavya Mahapurush Yog that can make you loveable and extremely knowledgeable. You will be loveable among your friends. Your spouse will be beautiful.

You may face issues related to kidney, lower abdomen, and impotency as indicated by the placement of Venus in Pisces in 7th House, if afflicted. The placement can make you fond of people of opposite sex. You can deal with many people in foreign lands. The export-import business is good for you.


Venus in Pisces in 8th House

You are spiritual and research oriented. You perform good deeds, and you are a good human. However, if malefic influence is present, character can be questionable. You need to stay away from the bad people and company.

This placement is good for spirituality and astrology. You can be fond of reading scriptures and ancient texts. You can be mysterious as well. You can be hard working too. You are passionate for reading mythological stories of your religion.

You can have issues related to lower abdomen and impotency. You can be frustrated sometimes or want to keep dominance over others. There is a high possibility that you will start worshipping your ancestors or other dark souls or deities.


Venus in Pisces in 9th House

You are emotional, kind, compassionate, and a good human. You are fond of learning religious scriptures and stories. You have faith in God, and you love to worship them. You can guide people about spirituality so well.

Your mother could be religious and a little bit strict as well. Your father can be handsome and religious. Your wealth is good, and it will keep growing. You will attain a reputable post in society. You will enjoy the company of good and rich people.

You can do well as a teacher, professor, businessman, traveler, and marriage counsellor. Venus in Pisces in 9th House is a good placement to become a navy officer, or otherwise an advisor for navy officers.


Venus in Pisces in 10th House

You are highly educated, passionate and powerful. You have the ability to become a famous politician, professor or an artist. This placement can take you from rags to riches. There is a high possibility that you would have a good sense of hygiene.

Your career will be directly proportional to your qualification. You can become a good doctor or a sailor as well. There might be a possibility that career will be related to one where water factor will be prominent. You will achieve success in your career, especially after your marriage. Venus in Pisces in 10th House creates Malavya Mahapurush Yog that can make you loveable and knowledgeable.

You can have good connection with foreigners. You can be involved in the export-import business as well. You love to travel a lot. You can rise in life through female luck. Your kids will also be lucky for you.


Venus in Pisces in 11th House

You are wealthy, luxury seeker, materialistic, and ambitious. You will have good contacts with famous, learned and reputable people. You can get success through the support of your elder siblings, especially through elder female sibling.

You need to focus on your health and immunity. You can be a bit fearful or maybe afraid of coming out of your comfort zone. You can have multiple minor health problems, especially related to lower abdomen. You should meditate daily.

Your spouse will be materialistic, and finances will rise after marriage through lady luck. If mars is afflicted, it can create the chances of two marriages. Horoscopes should be properly matched before marriage.


Venus in Pisces in 12th House

You are self-esteemed and self-respected. You value yourself a lot. You want to indulge in a materialistic life full of comforts and pleasures.

Wealth and savings can fluctuate. Earning money through foreign lands will give stability. Your spouse can be foreigner as well. If affliction is placed on Venus or 7th House, it can create more than one marriage. Do proper match before marriage.

You can face issues like weak eyesight, otherwise health will remain good, especially if Mars is strong in the chart. You can do well in your career, especially in the field of art, singing, fashion, export-import business, or spirituality.


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