Venus in Sagittarius

Venus shares an inimical relationship with Jupiter, which is the lord of Sagittarius. This enmity however does not affect the placement negatively as Jupiter is the most benefic planet in Vedic Astrology and Venus is also a benefic planet. People under the influence of this placement enjoy a good financial status throughout their life. Venus in Sagittarius makes the person dutiful and helping. Such people like to help others and feel comfortable around their friends and partner. These natives are sociable and friendly in nature. Luck favors them and they are likely to be blessed with a fortunate and wealthy partner too.

There is a strong desire to make the family proud. Venus also gives them a fondness for decoration. Native enjoys a goof health and attractive personality due to the influence of the planet of beauty. These natives tend to be honest and open-minded. They speak their mind and do not sugarcoat the truth. Venus however gives them a polite manner and a tactful way of handling people and situations. This position of Venus also increases inclination towards religious books and places. Natives with this position love the sense of freedom in their life, and any threat to their independence makes them nervous and angry.

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