Venus in Virgo

Venus is debilitated in Virgo, but this position of Venus is still average because Mercury, the lord of Virgo and Venus are friends towards each other. Venus in Virgo nonetheless does affect one’s marital life negatively since Venus is associated with partner and marriage and here it is in debilitated position. Overall, Venus in Virgo gives a cautious and careful personality. There is an undying desire for love and attention of the opposite sex. Mercury is mind and when Venus is associated, the native’s mind is always occupied by thoughts of love and sensuality. These people struggle to enjoy a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in their love and married life.

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Nonetheless, they are devoted in love. Their idea of love is commitment. These natives are capable of complete romantic involvement. They tend to be good lovers. As a person, the native is polite, mannered, attractive and neat in appearance. Venus in Virgo also gives a strong love for luxuries. Such a person desires to dress well and maintain a luxurious lifestyle. They have a strong penchant for material comforts such as vehicles, property and so on. They get attracted towards beauty and often times; they are professionally associated with beauty industry as well. They are also well versed in creative fields such as fine arts, music etc.

Rahu in Virgo

(Moon Sign Based)

Rahu or Dragon’s head is a shadowy planet that represents illusions and desire for worldly possessions, sudden changes, and the unpredictable temperament towards life whereas Virgo is the analytical sign with focus on perfection and accuracy in situations/relationships. When Rahu has its placement in Virgo, it offers the blend of insatiable desire with an enhanced sense of analytical skills to complete every endeavor with perfection.

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Ketu in Leo

(Moon SIgn Based)

You are generous at heart but do not allow others to walk over you. You enjoy leading others with advice, guidance and through support. You might be an example to others and influence them through your achievements. People never feel bored in your company, you can relate to any topic and especially love to discuss philosophy.  

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