Venus in Libra

(Moon Sign Based)

Venus represents air & Libra represents imagination, so this placement will allow emotions to flow easily. Libra, being the quality of balance, will also provide proper justice & understanding.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra makes you naturally charming, graceful and influential. Venus represents your personality and gracefulness; you will always have a feminine essence. You will be gentle and will always like to dress well. Venus gives limelight and glamour to your life. You love to be in the limelight. Your beauty and pleasure are ruled by the goddess of love.

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Venus is a passionate romantic lover who adores and respects the values of the relationship with both finance and material possessions. You would deeply connect with others and would always have an internal connection with beautiful objects. You are a natural peacemaker and often play an empath role to resolve people’s disputes.


What happens when Venus retrogrades in Libra?

Your storybook kind of love life would get shattered; you would not be blessed in your marital life and will create conflicts and disagreements. This planetary placement would not provide luxury and comfort in your life. You will face struggles in manifesting your desire.

Venus Retrogression will put you into severe financial debt, which unknowingly will get you into the loop to maintain your lavish lifestyle. It will spoil your true happiness and put you in search of fake life.


What happens when Venus combusts in Libra?

When Venus is not well placed then you will maintain a fake personality and try to show off to maintain your luxury and comfort life. Venus rules attachments specially towards materialistic pleasure, which includes attraction towards opposite sex.

You become self-centered, superficial, and stubborn. You will not be happy with your spouse which might attract you towards making illegal relationships.


Venus in Libra: Effects in all 12 Houses

Venus in Libra in 1st House

You would be good looking and will have influential personality but might not have a good health and immunity. Venus in Libra in the first house makes you far-sighted and gives you immense knowledge. You would love to travel with your family and loved ones.

You would get new opportunities to widen your financial reality by consulting the experts. Venus in Libra will make you work hard to widen your networking skills.

If Veus is afflicted, then will lead to a struggled life, and might face financial loss. You just work as per long term plan which in return will be beneficial for your business.

Venus in Libra in 2nd House

You will be skilled in multiple fields and would accumulate enough wealth and happiness for the family. You would be hard working and determined to achieve the desired goal. You would be blessed with long life and might enjoy inheritance.

You would have an active social life and might face struggles in family life. If Venus is not well placed, you might have disturbed marital life and might face financial challenges.

Afflicted Venus will make you love deprived and dissatisfied in your relationship area. You must take care of your possessiveness and stop expecting things from your loved ones.


Venus in Libra in 3rd House

Venus in Libra would give excellent communication skills and make you actively participate in religious act. The position of Venus in Libra will increase your energy level by giving new opportunities but then you must recalibrate it and analyze it before acting.

There are even chances that you tend to get more inclined towards knowledge and research work for your professional growth. You would do short-term investments and earn good returns.

You will be determined to achieve your targets and will plan short business trips which might turn out profitable for you if you keep up the expectations.

You will be motivated to meet people and make financial growth. You will try and will be dutifully rewarded with life-changing experiences. You will work diligently to achieve success in your love life.


Venus in Libra in 4th House

You will have a harmonious relationship with your parents and will accumulate multiple properties and fixed assets. You will live a long life with a good relationship with your siblings.

You work hard for progress in life. You would get respect and honor from the government. You will do lot of business trips and meet new business associates to enhance your business. You will have many creative and innovative ideas to improve your business prospects.

Your willpower and determination will bear fruit by giving profitable financial gains. If afflicted, your mind will be filled with aggression and anger which will not help in enhancing clarity of thought to make a right decision for finances and personal.

Venus in Libra in 5th House

You will enjoy all types of pleasures and would like to be surrounded by an artistic and creative environment. Your personality and lifestyle will influence others. You are loyal to your partners and filled with enthusiasm and playfulness.

You would add fun to the social meeting and any gatherings. Everyone will like you for making exciting plans and for creating a lively atmosphere.

If afflicted, there might be aggression and disharmony with your spouse and other family members, it is advised not to get over ambitious and high expectations with your spouse. You might get involved in conflicts and create a destructive environment. You will have financial loss by spending money in speculation and share markets.

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Venus in Libra in 6th House

You would be lucky and clever and will win over enemies through wisdom and strength. You would resolve the problems easily and would also maintain a good lifestyle and lead towards happiness in life.

You would be inclined towards legal and judiciary cases. You might be deprived from mother’s love. You will be a successful politician, but this position of Venus might give you obstacles from government and society.

If afflicted, then pride or egoistic behavior will give high expectations towards your partner, which will create disharmony in your relationship.

You must take advice from a professional before involving in financial investment. You might go through health problems like tooth pain, mouth ulcers and eye diseases.


Venus in Libra in 7th House

You will be good looking and knowledgeable. But this placement will make you self-centered and will seek sexual pleasures. You will be a successful businessperson and spends lot of money on family welfare. You would be courageous, clever and a diplomat. Also, you would accumulate wealth through foreign collaborative business.

The position of Venus might strengthen your bonding in maintaining compatibility in relationship with each other.

If afflicted, you will not cherish the small moments. There might be growth in your flow of income through business projects.


Venus in Libra in 8th House

There will be some profit and losses from your investments in share markets. You will be inclined towards research work. This placement might give you financial stability, which will make you learn many avenues to invest your money to get good returns.

This period will bring many changes to your personal life. More specifically, you will not take the lead in your personal life through your growth and confidence.

You will pay back your financial dues and will save for your future. It will be hard to maintain harmony and good understanding with your family members and loved ones.

Your relationships will be close with desire and intimacy, which will lack balance and responsibility in your personal life. You will not be able to maintain a long-term relationship and fulfill your marital commitments.


Venus in Libra in 9th House

Venus in Libra suggests that you will be engaged in searching for knowledge and intellectual skills and will achieve it through searching and expanding. You would truly experience your life to its fullest by accumulating knowledge and wealth. You would connect with foreign collaborative businesses and can earn profits.

You would excel in academic studies, tourism, and sports. You might become a profound academician, might take an interest in tourism.

Your forward and positive thinking will help you to set and achieve goals. Your relationship will have a positive vibe and will increase your togetherness. You would be in the creative and innovative mode, to make good progress in your profession.

If afflicted, then you will have obstacles in pursuing higher education and foreign travel.


Venus in Libra in 10th House

Venus in Libra gives you accomplishment and success in your career to achieve your goals. You will achieve a respected position, to realign your inner strength, to achieve your financial goal.

The planetary positions would support you to delegate work to your team members to accomplish the targets on time, which will embark respect and gratitude in your work area. You will have determined and hard-workers in your team.

This placement will give you mental clarity, and you will have clear thoughts on making important financial decisions. You will be able to prove your point in an impressive and appropriate way.

If afflicted, you will not be successful in your career and will not have financial stability.


Venus in Libra in 11th House

You will have a harmonious relationship and will be generous to others. Your tastes in selection will be impressive and would apply creativity in every field, which would make your work attractive and impressive.

You would be famous in your social networking group. Your influential persona will attract everyone. Social values will be important for you rather than personal values.

You would fulfil your hopes and desires through multiple sources of income. If afflicted, you would do illegal business and would be egoistic. You will not get along with anyone due to your egoistic nature. You will have a dominating nature and would not adjust with others.

Afflicted Venus might make you a gambler and earn through illegal work. Your personal life will be unhappy and unsatisfied.


Venus in Libra in 12th House

The position of Venus will give you compassionate behavior in relationships, and a higher perspective towards life. It would activate your subconscious pattern and will provide a balance that you have established.

You would indulge in selfless service to others. You will have an interest in occult studies and will improve your psychic powers. You will serve the masses and will be generous to others.

You will travel or settle in foreign land and will achieve abundance and accumulate wealth. You will have a desire to travel and explore new innovative things.

If afflicted, unknown fear and psychological issues might damage your mental health. Involve yourself in a wellness program and de-clutter yourself. You might lose your spiritual identity and wander.


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