Venus in Leo

Leo is a fire sign ruled by Sun. Venus and Sun are inimical towards each other but this doesn’t affect this placement negatively. Sun is considered as an influential planet in astrology. The fire of Sun here evaporates the watery energy of Venus and creates a balanced personality. People born with Venus in Leo are warm-hearted, compassionate and determined beings. They have a zeal for life. They are here on this earth to make it large. They have a strong desire of self-expression. Venus affords them with the creative energy and Sun gives them the confidence. These people are natural showmen and do well in performing arts.

Love is what gives them happiness. The feeling of being in love keeps them over the Moon. With Venus in Leo, you have a magnetic personality that helps you lure your love interests to you. Your courtship is marked by charm, poise, romance, excitement and mannerism. You tend to follow all the dating rituals quite religiously. You are a loyal partner indeed, especially if your partner gives you freedom and power to lead the relationship. Your way of loving is quite lavish, and so is your lifestyle.

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