Venus in Gemini

At the worst, Gemini can be fantasist, flirtatious, superficial and inconsistent, especially when a feminine sign comes in association. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which shares a friendly relationship with Venus. When the ‘air’ of Gemini meets the ‘water’ of Venus, all that remains is a ‘bubbly’ personality. People with Venus in Gemini are childlike, and at the worst, childish. They want to make the most of this life, and enjoy it in every possible sense. These people are open, direct, friendly, sociable, impatient and restless. They can be fickle and shallow too.

They always remain in an excited mood, quite like a child but they also lack a sense of maturity needed to sustain life without much damage. Their attitude towards romance is also childlike. They are too optimistic in love and approach every new relationship with new hopes and expectations. There is an undying need to speak out what’s troubling them in their heart. These natives cannot contain their feelings. They especially need friends and an active social life, so they don’t burst their mind thinking of the real and imaginary problems in their married life. Venus in Gemini gives a strong penchant for arts too. In fact, the native can be skillful in writing and poetry as well.

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